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The Flames Still Roar (Enishi) Empty The Flames Still Roar (Enishi)

Wed Apr 19, 2023 5:32 am
The Dragons Hour.

One of the few blacksmith and general goods stores to grace the village hidden in the stars. Once owned and operated by Morio Ametsuchi, he took a step out of the light to allow his children reign of the business to see how they would fare but also to have some much needed time to himself. There had been a lot going on for the male and it finally took its toll on the Dragon. Now stood in his place Ryouma, his son and in most cases a spitting image of him personality wise. The white haired male stood in the front of the bustling shop taking in most of the order slips while his sister had greeted and showed wares to the onlookers. He had been wearing his smithing attire for the moment as he would be the one running the forge. In the back with him had been some of the weapons that his father had left in his care but more importantly a sword left in his fathers care by one of his so called brothers. The Hawk. The one who had came to their father broken but emerged from the fire whole, a new man. He had wondered if the male would come back for the sword, but even if he did Ryouma had pondered on not giving it back until he had a turn with it. He had never seen his father swing the blade, not once. Instead he studied the blade almost intently trying to see what he could learn of it. Truthfully Ryouma had found himself staring at the bandaged blade but only once had he honestly swung it. It felt...different. Not like swinging Cassian or Raizel. Those felt natural to him. Since they were extensions of his father and thus by extension him that came natural. But this felt surreal. Shaking the thoughts from his mind he would grab the hammer and begin slamming it down on some material. He began to focus much like he had seen Morio do when he was in the forge. He was often compared to his foster father, Mercuio when it came to smithing but if it came down to talent and skill? Most would believe the raw talent of the Ametsuchi reigned over the old man.

Whatever the case he would continue on with his work getting into a rhythm as the echoing of hammer and metal filled the forge. After a few hours the forge and the shop itself would close for a moment for lunch and to go over the specialty orders. This gave them both time to figure out what needed to be made quickly and what could be made with time. Lately many specialty orders had came through but the sheer number was nothing they were bothered by. They had seen more in their father's day of running the forge so this was...child's play compared to it. Whatever it was that needed to be made Ryouma would find it just like breathing. In and out.

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The Flames Still Roar (Enishi) Empty Re: The Flames Still Roar (Enishi)

Sat Jun 03, 2023 9:30 pm
Monochromatic lucent light broke through the sky, allowing itself to reflect upon the shimmering dew of the Hoshigakure midday. It was noon in the Village Blessed by the Stars as businesses flourished, the common populous relaxed, and even some shinobi saw it as a great opportunity to fraternize with their superiors, likely to put themselves in their good graces. Strolling through the common scenery with a blank expression, the Understudy's wandering eye looked at the people with vague disinterest. It wasn't because he disliked this scene, but rather, it was because he had seen the same events unfolding over and over again. For Enishi Kurosawa — Wraith of the Nova Corps — he had seen this very scenery incessantly. He had become accustomed to this sight, having witnessed it countless times before. It wasn't that he opposed the peaceful ambiance, but rather, he was keenly aware of the underlying darkness that was soon to taint this idyllic setting. Nothing would change. People would continue to mindlessly frolick about, unknowing of the blood spilled and impetus needed to vest them in a situation where they didn't need to worry about problems. These people didn't know that they were in a perpetual cycle of pleasure and bliss, ignorant of the vileness that would soon begin to plague this day and age. After all, this was simply his foreknowledge...right? The foreknowledge of one who planned too far ahead, and began to see the present and future as all the same.  Yet this bubble of foreknowledge, an endless cycle of a world that Enishi had already foreseen, would continue. If he didn't put his foot down now, Hoshigakure would enter an eternal stupor, unbeknownst of the developments outside of the world that would soon cause its demise. 

That is why he searched for the Dragon, Morio Ametsuchi, or more accurately, his brother-in-arms. 

Morio and Enishi had developed a strong relationship of understanding and brotherhood, not to mention that Morio also had "children" of sorts: Raimei and Ryouma, who were both shaping out to be capable blacksmiths and possible shinobi. After Suguru passed, Enishi had no other family, so the friends he made along the way — while they could never replace the place that Suguru had in the heart of the Sage of Pleiades — were still the strongest bonds he would ever have... Not to mention that Hiramekarei was still in Morio's possession, and since the Hawk was finally ready to begin his plans, he'd probably need it soon. Stopping by the Dragon's Hour in casual clothing which consisted of a jacket and a pair of pants, the store would actually switch to lunchtime, which meant it was on break for the time being. Exiting the store was a white-haired boy, and Enishi could recognize the face from anywhere. Exposing his signature smile, he'd try to catch the attention of the exiting worker,

"Hey, Ryouma! Long time no see! How've you been?!"

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