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Moka Inuzuka
Moka Inuzuka
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Mission Record : Moka's Book
Familiar : Wildfire
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 500

Inuzuka Ninja Power Empty Inuzuka Ninja Power

Wed Apr 19, 2023 2:34 am


The girl woke up today full of energy as she always washed her teeth and finished breakfast that her grandmother so lovingly prepared - sneaking a few rashes of bacon underneath the table to Wildfire. That was her dog's name, essential to her abilities as a ninja. Despite having the routine of a standard girl her age, Moka was a young Konohagakure Genin, part of the Inuzuka clan, known for their ability to communicate and fight alongside their canine companions. 

As a Genin from the Inuzuka clan, Moka based her skills on a close partnership with her canine companion. The fiery relatives were universally known for their exceptional sense of smell and ability to communicate with dogs. This allows them to work with their animal partners to track targets and gather information. In addition to this, the Inuzuka clan is also known for its physical prowess, particularly in close combat. Moka and Wildfire can work together to create powerful, unpredictable attacks that overwhelm their opponents.

Together they set out to complete the low-ranked mission to progress Moka's career. She knew she needed to continue developing her skills and strengthening her bond with Wildfire. By doing so, she'll be able to take on more challenging missions and become a valuable asset to her team.

Moka found a C-rank ninja mission that interested her, as it appeared to require immediate assistance. A recent storm has toppled a power line leading to residential areas. It now blocks the road, and some neighborhoods have lost total electricity. Safely remove the tree so a tech team can replace the power line.

"I'm going out," Moka said to her grandmother, and as she headed to the exit door, she turned around and looked at a portrait; below it, a candle was lit. A man and a woman wearing Konohgakure Jounin Uniforms. "See you later, Mom and Dad," Moka said sadly, trying to remember their voices. They had both died during the Kirigakure Invasion of Konohagakure what felt like a lifetime ago.

As Moka left the house, memories of her parents flooded her mind. She missed them dearly and wished they were still there to guide her. However, she knew she had to be strong and carry on their legacy as ninjas. Moka's parents had been renowned Jounin of Konohagakure, known for their exceptional skills and dedication to their village. They had instilled in Moka the values of hard work, perseverance, and loyalty to their town.

Despite losing her parents, Moka remained committed to becoming a strong ninja and serving her village with all her heart. She knew her parents would be proud of her and her progress as a Genin. As Moka set out on her mission, she felt a sense of determination and purpose. She was determined to honor her parents' memory and make them proud by becoming a strong ninja and serving Konohagakure with all her heart.

Moka and Wildfire rushed to the scene and were surrounded by caution tape. A massive tree had damaged power lines that could be dangerous to civilians. As they arrived, they quickly assessed the situation and realized the danger of the downed power line. Moka promptly called for backup from her fellow ninja to secure the area and evacuate nearby residents.

While waiting for the backup to arrive, Moka and Wildfire worked together to scout the area for potential hazards. They also worked to keep any curious onlookers at a safe distance. Once the backup team arrived, Moka coordinated to develop a plan to remove the tree and replace the damaged power line safely. The project involved using special equipment and techniques to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Moka and Wildfire's knowledge of the terrain and their ability to communicate with each other made them invaluable members of the team. They navigated the area and provided crucial information to the rest of the group. Despite the danger of the situation, Moka and Wildfire remained calm and focused, working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the residents and restore their access to electricity.

Despite the best effort of the backup that had arrived, the complications had proven too much for them, and the tree remained unmoved. It was time for Moka and Wildfire to use an Inuzuka jutsu to remove it. 

Moka and Wildfire knew that their Inuzuka jutsu would be their last resort. They had hoped that the backup team would be able to remove the tree without needing to resort to it, but it seemed that the complications were too much for them to handle.

Moka and Wildfire quickly communicated with each other and began to prepare for the jutsu. They knew that the jutsu was risky and could put them in danger, but they were willing to take the risk to ensure the safety of the residents and restore their access to electricity. Wildfire took the lead and began to howl, signaling Moka to initiate the jutsu. Moka focused her chakra and performed the Inuzuka jutsu, causing her to transform into a wolf-like form with enhanced strength and agility.

Moka and Wildfire charged at the tree, using their enhanced abilities to deliver a decisive blow. The tree shook and groaned, but it remained unmoved. The girl and the wolf knew they had to put all their strength into the next blow. They howled in unison and charged at the tree with all their might. The tree finally gave way, falling to the ground with a loud thud.

The residents watching from a safe distance cheered as the girl and woman emerged from the dust, triumphant. The tech team quickly got to work, replacing the power line and restoring electricity to the affected neighborhoods. Their efforts were successful, and the mission was completed without any injuries or damage to property. Moka and Wildfire returned home, exhausted but proud of their accomplishment and happy to have positively impacted their community.

Moka's love for dango was well-known among her friends and family. After a long and tiring mission, she knew she needed to replenish her energy with her favorite treat. Moka headed to the local dango shop, her mouth watering at the thought of the delicious, chewy rice flour balls. The sweet aroma of freshly cooked dango filled her senses as she entered the shop. Moka eagerly ordered a few skewers of dango, paying for them with the money she had earned from the mission. She sat down at a nearby table and savored each bite of the sweet treat.

During the mission, Moka observed the tech team working to replace the power line. She was impressed by their expertise and the precision with which they worked. As the team worked, Moka approached the supervisor and asked if there was anything she could do to support their efforts. The supervisor smiled and appreciated her enthusiasm but explained that the work required specialized skills and equipment only trained technicians possessed.

However, the supervisor also mentioned other ways Moka could support their efforts. She suggested that Moka could help spread awareness about the importance of safety during the reconstruction process. Moka could also help distribute flyers and brochures that outlined safety protocols that the residents should follow while the work was being done.

Moka was pleased with this suggestion and immediately set to work. She went around the nearby houses, informing the residents about the work and the safety protocols they should follow. She distributed flyers and brochures and answered any questions the residents had.

Through her efforts, Moka ensured that the residents were informed about the work and understood the importance of following safety protocols. Her contribution may not have been as visible as the tech team's, but it was just as crucial for the mission's success.

As she ate, Moka reflected on the mission and the vital role she and Wildfire had played in it. She knew being a ninja was about physical strength, intelligence, teamwork, and determination. Moka finished her dango and returned home, feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever challenges lay ahead. She knew she had much to learn as a Genin, but she was determined to continue working hard and become a great ninja like her parents.

Moka had gained a valuable lesson from this C-rank mission. She had realized that being a ninja was not just about completing the assigned tasks but also about being prepared and adapting to unexpected challenges. She had also learned that the work continued once the mission was officially completed. She could often contribute to the mission's success by supporting the tech team and informing residents about safety protocols or other activities.

Through this experience, Moka had grown in her understanding of what it meant to be a ninja. She realized it was about physical strength and intelligence, problem-solving skills, and working well with others. Moka was excited to continue her journey as a Genin and to take on more challenging missions in the future. She knew there would be many more lessons but was eager to face them head-on and become an even better ninja.

She wondered if her parents had learned the same lesson during their times as Genin when they had first met. With that came praise and a specific mantle she was expected to live up to - Satoshi and Ai Inuzuka—prime shinobi, excellent at their respective class.  Moka often thought about her parents, Satoshi and Ai Inuzuka, and wondered what they had experienced during their time as Genin. She had heard stories from her grandmother about their accomplishments and the incredible feats they had achieved during their missions. She knew they were highly respected among the Inuzuka clan and throughout Konohagakure. Moka felt pressured to live up to her parent's legacy and reputation. 

She knew that they had set the bar high, but she was determined to follow in their footsteps and become a skilled and respected shinobi in her own right. She hoped her parents had also learned the same lessons she is learning now and that their experiences would guide her. Despite the pressure she felt, Moka was also motivated by her pride in being the daughter of such a renowned shinobi. Moka was determined to prove herself and continue her parents' legacy with each mission. She knew it would not be easy, but she was willing to work hard and do whatever it took to become the best ninja she could be.

The Neo Konoha, under Aokidanza Senju's leadership and the ANBU Root's resurgence, took over and would rule for the next hundred years. Moka had the goal of eventually making it to the ANBU Root to ensure that no other Konoha Ninja would have to go through what she went through when her parents died. Moka deeply desired to join the ANBU Root and make a difference in the village. She had experienced firsthand the pain and loss of being a ninja and was determined to prevent others from going through the same thing.

She knew that the ANBU Roots had a controversial reputation and that many considered them a necessary evil to protect Konohagakure. However, Moka believed they could use their skills and resources to protect the village without extreme measures. Moka understood that becoming a member of the ANBU Root was a challenging feat. It required great physical and mental strength and willingness to make difficult decisions and sacrifice personal beliefs for the greater good.

Despite the challenges, Moka was determined to reach her goal. She knew it would take time, hard work, and dedication, but she was willing to do whatever it took to become a member of the ANBU Root and positively impact the village. Moka was determined to honor her parent's legacy by using her skills to protect others and prevent future tragedies. She believed joining the ANBU Root was the best way to achieve this goal and was committed to making it happen.

[WC: 2008]

Claiming 20 stats for Wildfire [Companion]
2,000 words to learn Familiar Enhancer [2000/2500]

Mission rewards

4,000 Ryo / 20 AP for Moka

Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
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Inuzuka Ninja Power Empty Re: Inuzuka Ninja Power

Wed Apr 19, 2023 2:37 am
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