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Vagabond (C-Rank)
Vagabond (C-Rank)
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Sabin Empty Sabin

Fri Apr 07, 2023 9:00 am
Sabin Orochi
Sabin F0332cb4d1e9893fd265cbeac29731344e656562

Basic Information

Age: 17
Birthday:  9/25
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs / 70.3 kg
Sabin has a unique appearance that sets him apart from other people in Kirigakure. Sabin has medium length dark dreadlocks, which he keeps neatly tightened, and in some types of lightning they can even appear purple. Upon his face he most times wears glasses that give him a somewhat intellectual appearance; and although they seem opaque to those looking at Sabin head on, they actually allow him to see very well. His eyes themselves seem to change with the lighting as well, most times appearing as a deep brown, but similar to his hair they can come off as having a lilac tone.

In addition to his notable glasses, Sabin is also known amongst Kirigakure for his attire. He wears a white haori, which is a traditional Japanese overcoat worn by highly ranking officials. Sabin's haori in particular is adorned with the symbol that his father was bestowed during his time of service in the Land of Iron. Underneath the overcoat Sabin wears a standard uniform characteristic of the less heavily armor samurai of the Land of Iron, which is a black kimono equipped with a white sash.

His build is athletic and lean, and quite muscular. Unlike most in Kirigakure, his skin tone is dark which could be attributed to his nativity to the Land of Iron which is geographically close to the Land of Lightning. Both countries are relatively known for shinobi with darker skin and unique facial features. To any native of the Land of Water though, it would be evident that Sabin was a foreigner. 
Sabin is known as a shinobi who is calm, cool, and collected at all times. His demeanor suggests that he is always level headed and boasts a tough exterior that is difficult to crack. However, all of this masks his true personality, which is heavily focused on anger and resentment towards the injustices of the world he's lived in. Ever since he was a child, he always had a mentality that reflected these inner feelings. Though also as a child, Sabin was never able to express himself. He lived a youth of little to no physical attachment nor emotion. Instead his life had been devoted to being a shinobi, almost as if he was bred for that role in life.

And so the Orochi has a deep belief for justice, and will go to great lengths to achieve it. Even if this means sacrificing innocent lives in the process. Resultantly his ideology could be best described as that of a consequentialist. He uses the end to justify the means of getting there, which aids in his overall lawful neutral morality. And expectedly Sabin puts the wellbeing of his village and his mission over his and his teammate's own.

The genin is a character of conflicting motives, seeing how he was taught his entire life how to be a shinobi though his true self wants much more. This is the fuel behind all the pent up anger and pain that Sabin feels, although he'd rarely give someone an opportunity to observe or discuss that side of him. 
Likes: Justice, Law, Order, Schedules, Silence
Dislikes: Chaos, Disarray, Commotion, Clamor, Ignorance

Sabin has always been a child filled with pain and sadness. 

Though born to a very wealthy and successful family in the Land of Iron, his family amassed their riches through years of dedicated service as mercenaries. Both of Sabin's parents were highly skilled shinobi, formerly hailing from Kumogakure until retiring after Sabin's mother became pregnant. After birthing Sabin, his parents had moved to the Land of Iron where they built an estate. But upon retirement from Kumogakure, Sabin's father continued to serve as a mercenary to Kumogakure to still generate some level of revenue. This meant that his mother had spent the bulk of the time preparing the estate for a child and making sure their affairs were in order. And when the time came for Sabin to be born, both of his parents were initially joyful. They had been excited to have a baby boy and teach him about the ways of the shinobi world. However, Sabin's birth would mark the beginning of his difficult life. 

He came into the world with complications and a short life expectancy. And his parents struggled immensely with this reality. All in an instant, they thought their dreams of raising their son to become the perfect shinobi had withered away. But alas they restored their determination in training Sabin, and so that would become the definition of their parental style. Harsh, strict, and with high expectations...all to counteract the shortcoming that the young Sabin was born with. 

And so his early life had been difficult. His parents pushed him ever since he was a baby to grow faster, to grow stronger, and to grow more durable. And as a result of their strict diet they fed him, the tough regimen they forced him to follow, and the principles he was raised on Sabin knew little about what an actual childhood was. Instead he was essentially bred to be a shinobi. This meant little time for affection, care, or love. But from their intense efforts, the doctors reevaluated Sabin and saw that he had grown out of the complications that he faced. Nevertheless his parents' strict lifestyle persisted. And on top of that, Sabin only got to see his father at a rare frequency since the man had always been performing work for Kumogakure. That is until one day he had been killed in battle, and the only thing that Sabin was left to remember the man by was his white haori. 

His father's death hit him hard, which caused Sabin to internalize his feelings more and harden as a result. His mother recognized this, but out of fear of her son lashing out or worse, she decided it was time he was to become a proper shinobi. And so she paid for Sabin to travel to each of the major villages of the world, and study each's culture for a week long period. When those months of traveling were completed, his mother inquired to Sabin on which village he felt he connected the most with. His selection had been Kirigakure. And although she was disappointed that he did not align with Kumogakure, she supported his decision. By this time Sabin had grown to resemble his father more, along with his frame. And so she packed him with his father's uniform and haori, then sent him off to Kirigakure. 

His aptitude, intelligence, and capabilities landed him a spot within Kirigakure's ranks as a genin. Because his entire life had been devoted to training, the academy test was simple enough. He breezed through it, showing that he was more than able to perform at least as a genin. And although he felt he could be trusted with even more, he was nevertheless grateful to be given a chance where he could start to live on his own.

Ninja Traits

Rank: D
Village: Kirigakure
Element(s): Wind
Specialties: Iryojutsu
Clan: Orochi
Bloodline Bonuses: Serpent's Bite


Health: 100
Vigor: 25
Chakra: 25
Speed: 50 (+25 from BL)
Strength: 25

The Player

Other Characters: Guren, Auron, Lucian
Faceclaim Name and Series: Kaname Tousen from Bleach
Roleplay Sample: Stop it
Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
Stat Page : The Coming Storm
Taijutsu Weaponry Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Kirigakure
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Sabin Empty Re: Sabin

Sat Apr 08, 2023 11:07 am

Welcome to Kirigakure
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