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Sasuke Daikou
Sasuke Daikou
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Clan Specialty : Space-Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

Sasuke Satoshi Empty Sasuke Satoshi

Thu Mar 23, 2023 7:02 pm
Sasuke Satoshi
Sasuke Satoshi 1a5664473185d71a5deffdba1ea53a5b

Basic Information

Age: 25
Birthday: March 31st
Gender: Male

Height: 6'
Weight: 188 lbs

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With a lean figure Sasuke stands at six foot with compact muscles. His red hair is shoulder length, and he trims it with a kunai so it looks choppy when it's not put back. Sasuke is a very handsome man, with deep brown eyes and a strong jawline paired with symmetrical facial features. His teeth are pearly white and it's obvious by the shine of his complexion that Sasuke takes good care of himself.

Typically Sasuke wears a fiery yellow and orange robe. It has purple flower trim and is pretty thick. He ties his robe with a cloth belt and he looks quite comfortable in his robe.

When Sasuke has official ninja business to handle he wears a battle outfit that was handed down to him from his great grandfather. Consisting of mostly leather and deep red cloth it is light armor, but it's woven with steel thread so it does have some degree of protection embedded within.


Clan Pride - Sasuke comes from one of Hoshigakures elite clans and he holds a lot merit in his place as an advisor of the clan. The Satoshi Clan means everything to him and he has laid down his life for them before. With such zealousness Sasuke can be easily manipulated by his clan and he has a fragile sense of power among his clanmates. Despite his talents he can sometimes come off as jealous of his peers.

Disorderly Conduct - With lots of hare brained schemes in his mind Sasuke likes to get in trouble. He causes lots of chaos in the village and has a name for himself as a problem child. Pure hearted fun in his eyes, Sasuke considers himself good despite the frequent fines he gets from the village.

Cheerful Friend of the People - Sasuke spends a lot of time doing community service, and as such he has made a name for himself among the common folk of Hoshi. He's known to be helpful, charming, brave and pragmatic.

Adventurous Outdoorsman -  The desire to find new and untouched places in little niches of life, filled with amazing creatures and rare natural paradigms fascinates Sasuke. He loves to spend his time outside and even spends his free time camping, hunting, trapping, fishing, and spearing.

Laid Back to the Extreme - Despite his pride Sasuke is afflicted by the hapful lifestyle afforded to himself. Sasuke likes to enjoy himself and to do that best he takes it easy. While he works as a ninja he is driven by pride and virtue, but deep down Sasuke is actually lazy. He likes to sleep in, and do the bare minimum.

Likes: Fruity Ice Cream, Cats, Smoking
Dislikes: Salty Foods, Bugs, The Uchiha Clan


Born to a middle class family of four, Sasuke is the youngest. His parents were older when they had him, and they raised him with a patient hand, and a heavy hand that was needed. Sasuke was named after his great grandfather, and he had an attitude just like him. A truly rough and tumble kid, it was hard to break Sasukes rebellious attitude.

Eventually Sasuke respected his parents and they were able to begin their sons life as a ninja for Hoshi. Both his mother and father were Chunins. Sasuke, surprisingly, found himself deeply enthralled with the ninja world. He loved shuriken, and ninjutsu. Sasuke was absolutely destined to be a ninja like all the men in his family had done since as long as anyone could remember.

Once Sasuke learned the basics he was allowed to graduate from the academy, and he was invited to be a genin. He had high scores in his academics, and his practical potential was rumored to be high. Many of the clan had been talking of when he would awaken his kekkei genkai, and the gossip had spread among higher ups. Most people expected the youth to see the light sooner rather than later.

Sasuke wasn't put into a team, instead he entered the ninja reserve force. He would wait for battle and conduct missions like any other ninja, but he would also spend six months of the year traveling Haven Country and dealing with conflicts in the country. A different sort of life, and a bit more difficult than the life of a typical ninja. Sasuke didn't mind he recommendation after his genin exam however, he liked the idea of traveling for half the year.

For many years Sasuke traveled around the country solving conflicts with other reserve ninjas. He didn't see much action but Sasuke developed a serene sort of charm and he spent his off time relaxing. Sasuke was happy in life and he was relishing the laid back life style he had six months of the year.

After ten years of working like that the clan began pulling strings for Sasuke, fearing they would lose bets on when Sasuke would awaken the Daikokugen. Using their pull the clan pushed Sasuke to new limits with harder missions and longer travels. Eventually they offered him a position as an advisor with the clan to lure him into a more active life. No one had expected Sasuke would take so well to the easy streets. In lieu of his talents Sasuke was almost lazy compared to other genin.  Despite this laziness he was driven by pride to lead his clan, and he wanted to push himself and awaken his eyes like others before him had. Sasuke graciously took the offer and agreed to begin training his kekkai genkai in private lessons.

Before he could study the dojutsu of his clan, Sasuke was tasked with understanding the clan history, order of power, holidays, and past reign of leaders; that was a big task. For a few years Sasuke studied only the boring aspects of his clan. But he eventually came to know it all about the Satoshi clan, and his real training would begin.

On the day he was expected to begin practical training to awaken his kekkei genkai Sasuke was surprised to be met with a knock on his door. He walked over to the door and gently turned the knob. To his surprise the clan leader was there. His name was Riki Satoshi.

Riki was an old man with a beard long enough it reached to his tits. The old man's grey beard was tied in knots and shook as he spoke. "As you know, today you begin training the Daikokugan. This is a hard and arduous journey Sasuke." Riki stroked his beard and Sasuke let him in. Riki walked over to the dining room table and sat down.

Sasuke walked behind Riki, listening carefully to his words. He nodded and Riki continued.

"Before you take he mantle of clan advisor I expect your eyes will see the light. Work hard, and know that there is pleasure behind this wall. Life is great Sasuke, don't forget that." Riki closed his eyes and placed his hands in his lap. He stayed like that for a second. "I want you to know your position as advisor is very important. You will be the liason between the clan and the ninja force of Hoshigakure. You will be tasked with many things. Some dangerous. Work hard Sasuke."

Riki stood up and then patted Sasuke on the shoulder. Sasuke replied to him, "I look forward to working with the clan in a formal manner."

Riki smiled warmly. "Good. Now let's begin your training."

Ninja Traits

Rank: D Rank
Village: Hoshigakure no Sato
Element(s): Katon
Specialties: Space-Time
Clan: Satoshi
Bloodline Bonuses: Bloodline passives of Clan if applicable


Health: 100
Vigor: 5
Chakra: 85
Speed: 5
Strength: 5

The Player

Other Characters: Kujaku Uchiha, Tora Haikai Hoshimura, Shinzo Kurofune
Faceclaim Name and Series: Unknown
Roleplay Sample: N/A
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