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Satoshi Sarutobi
Satoshi Sarutobi
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Stat Page : Monkey King
Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
Wind Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 500

The Monkey King's Stats Empty The Monkey King's Stats

Fri Mar 10, 2023 8:44 pm
The Character

The Monkey King's Stats Android17

Name: Satoshi Sarutobi
Age: 17
Ninja Rank: C-rank Vagabond
Power Rank: C-Rank
Village: -
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135
Satoshi is fairly average in height with a thinner frame, a lighter tan complexion from time spent outside and lean muscle from years of training in those same outdoor settings. He has straight shoulder-length black hair that parts above his forehead, thin eyebrows, and narrow light blue eyes.

His wardrobe varies greatly, mostly depending on the day and the weather. For his day to day outings he would wear a short sleeve black shirt with an odd “R-R” brand logo on the left of his chest, and underneath dons a long-sleeve white shirt. Around his neck would be an orange bandana, which could be used as a makeshift face mask if he was aiming to not reveal his face for whatever reason. 

If it was brisk out he would wear a teal or brown jacket over his other clothes, and sport white gloves to keep his hands warm. 

Satoshi is a firm believer in not having to resort to conflict and violence to solve the problems of the world he finds himself in. He is more likely to use diplomacy and a softer approach to his dealings with others. He believes that direct conflict - such as war - should be the absolute last option. He prefers to follow a “live and let live” approach, not really wishing to interfere with the lives of others in a negative way. So long as their actions do not bring harm to him or those he cares about, then do as you see fit. 

Of course, that isn’t to say that Satoshi would refuse to pick up arms to protect himself or those close to him. Despite lacking desire for conflict, he is quite a capable warrior. 

Satoshi holds a deep fondness and respect for those ninja monkeys that swore fealty to his family in ages past, treating them like his very family. To insult or disrespect them is to insult or disrespect not only the monkeys, but Satoshi, and all of his Sarutobi ancestors as well. Satoshi isn’t one to sit back and allow people to disrespect his kin. The man will allow the opportunity to apologize, and is willing to forgive such a thing if the person is sincere in this effort. Should they refuse, the man would simply cut all ties with the person. He would act as if they did not exist and refuse to work with them or even give them the time of day. Should their disrespect continue beyond, then Satoshi would likely defend his clan’s honor by challenging the person to a duel. 

Satoshi holds a very specific relationship with those of the Uchiha clan. He is an ally to those of the Uchiha clan, his way of hoping to try and make amends for his direct ancestors' atrocities against the clan. 

The Statistics

Clan: Sarutobi
Bloodlines(s): Legacy of the Sarutobi (Earth Path)
Clan Specialty: Ninjutsu
Specialties: Weapon / Ninjutsu
Element(s): Wind
Advanced Element(s):

Current Stat Points 150/250
Current Health Bar 100
Action Points Pool 700 [500 base + 200 bonus from rank]

Vigor: 50
Chakra: 25
Speed: 75 [50+25 BL]
Strength: 25


The Jutsu Scroll

S-Rank (0/1)

A-Rank (0/10)

B-Rank (0/15)

C-Rank (Unlimited)

D-Rank (Unlimited)
Body Flicker

E-Rank (Unlimited)
Substitution Technique
Clone Technique
Transformation Technique
Surface Walking
Genjutsu Release

The Ninja Skills

Slotted Skills

Slotless Skills
Chakra Sensory

The Inventory


Inventory on person:


OOC/Event Items:

The Journey


Character Creation Application

Satoshi Sarutobi
Satoshi Sarutobi
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Stat Page : Monkey King
Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
Wind Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 500

The Monkey King's Stats Empty Re: The Monkey King's Stats

Wed Mar 15, 2023 7:03 pm
Character Replacement Wordcount Bank

Total WC Bank Claims: 46,375
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