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Roy Goka
Roy Goka
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Musu Uzumaki(RIP)
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Jumping Off The Edge - Page 2 Empty Re: Jumping Off The Edge

Sun Feb 12, 2023 5:41 pm
Musu nodded in agreement to Kota and added a slight chuckle. First, the Uzumaki was impressed that the Hunter had developed such an amazing teleportation technique, but was curious it required such a elaborate method of carrying more than one person, surely there was a better way, but Musu wasn't the expert on such things. Perhaps there was another motive but at this moment only the mission mattered.

"Very well, I don't think princess carrying me would be the best move here, seeing as I'd be prone in your arms, but I will get on your shoulders." Musu would say to Kota. Anyone who could sense would begin to hear his heart beat a little faster. The two ninjas were close but they had never shared contact like this before. As Musu got on Kota's arms he couldn't help but feel a certain way, a certain warmth about the whole ordeal, and Musu couldn't help but feel comforted on his back and in his arms. He could feel the chakra from his armor starting to flow into him, a technique to make him invisible, which also made Musu remember that he had sand techniques to counter this. The Uzumaki was taking mental notes of the different powers his comrade possessed for his next spar with him.

A few moments would pass and the signal would be made. Musu wasn't too keen on being teleported considering his past but Kota's embrace made the moments bearable. As Musu looked around at the room he began to asses the situation. Still invisible it was clear that the guards in this room didn't notice the two ninja near the corner of the space. The small area inside this warehouse held three Guards surrounding a table which held a tightly wrapped object, clearly the baby in question. Thankful that the kidnapped child of the new year had not been injured, or at least was alive considering the immense chakra signature it was emitting, it was time to get to work,

The guards were a few feet away from the baby, none of them holding any weapons, and clearly not expecting anyone would get this far. Musu would wait until there was commotion from beyond, the start of the battle with the other guarding ninja. As soon as he heard the start of the brawl Musu, still holding on to Kota, would unleash six chains from his arms. Two would be sent to each of the three guards, clearly un prepared for such an ambush, and were helpless as the chains began to wrap around them, mummifying them alive. One chain would start from the head, the other from the feet, coming to them at speeds faster than they could react to.

Their role would begin as quickly as it ended. Musu, finally realizing that he was still holding onto Kota, would leap down and inspect the three bodies as they attempted to squirm out of them.

"Kids... not even kids, Babies, how could you." Musu would say to one, waiting for them to stop. After a few minutes passed the movement within the chains stopped, passing out due to lack of air.

Should Musu not be stopped the Uzumaki would have Kota complete the mission by picking up the baby. Musu would tie the ninja up with rope, gag them, and leave them next to the table to be dealt with by somebody else. Once complete, Musu would hop back on kota's back, and the three would meet at the meeting point to celebrate the beginning of the new year.


Exit unless stopped.

Claiming Mission Rewards: 12,000 Ryō / 60 AP (converted to 3,000 AP)/ 2,500 Winter Equinox Tickets / 1x Blank Dice (d4)

300 WC to Complete Mastery of Chakra Chains Previously trained Here

1100 WC to Master Adamantine Sealing Chains
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
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Jumping Off The Edge - Page 2 Empty Re: Jumping Off The Edge

Sun Feb 12, 2023 7:11 pm
All was set and ready to go, the eyes of the madkat grew sharp upon seeing the group of Yakuza nearby. However, Asuka beat him to the punch and too first blood. He watched as Asuka decended upon the prey, the massive shockwave expanding away from the shinobi.

Katsuragi nodded, while retriving his psir of problem solvers. It was gis favorite weapon. A few knocks from his brass knuckles and out goes the light. He too advanced onto the battlefield. A group of foot soldiers stepped up, they were ready for battle. Katsuragi’s eyes widen as he ran towards the cluster of men ready to dance with his suger rush enhancement. Now, 5 meters away he stomps the ground with his foot and send the group flying upwards. His attack was out of range to cause any bother with Asuka.

He fires off a few rounds of fist sized blasts with his taijutsu puncture technique.



Thud! Thud!

Each made its mark, while giving off loud yet distinct sounds. While the men decended down to earth. A new group arrived. The commotion caused earlier was enough to get their attention. Katsuragi was sucessfull in getting the attention of the guards, but he wasnt forgetful about his back up plan. He took a few glances towards Asuka, making sure the shinobi was easy to get too.

Moments later, the damaged caused by the duo left, well no one. Katsuragi looks side to side, giving off a slight chuckle. “Well, I guess I didn’t need a back up plan after all”, he glances towards Asuka, watching the shinbi head back to the roof. He too follows, wiping the sweat off his face while gathering his composure. Not a bad turn, and no Yakuza torture techniques for Katsuragi either.

Getting back together with the group, he agrees what what needs to be agreed with and ventures off to get his Northpole money. “Not bad, Boys! See ya around! You too, Asuka”, he giggles while looking at Asuka. He wondeted how it would have turned out if he went along with his back up plan. Would he have gotten away with it? Asuka seemed like she would be a bit to handle, especially with those glowing hands. Katsuragi watched her do work while he was taking care of business too. Who knows…, perhaos they might meet up again in the future with yhe rest of the gang?
Exit twc/1302

Claiming: 12,000 Ryō / 60 AP(converted to 3k ryo) / 2,500 Winter Equinox Tickets / 1x Blank Dice (d4)
Kota Apollon
Kota Apollon
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Jumping Off The Edge - Page 2 Empty Re: Jumping Off The Edge

Mon Feb 13, 2023 11:17 am
The archer was happy to have Moose back with him. He simply warped back to the meeting location and let everyone down. It was only by the strength of pure luck that he was able to move with that many people. Kota was good at a lot of things but he was not the strongest physically. Musu was also not the lightest person so it was a bit of a struggle. He kept it down and moved on. The mission was a success and the baby was retrieved.

WC: 88
TWC: 1,317

Roc Flight - 100 plus 50 to move Musu +50 per baby

Senses Beyond - 40 AP

Total: 240                                               676 /1,250 AP Left


Claims - 24,000 Ryō / 120 AP / 2,500 Winter Equinox Tickets / 1x Blank Dice (d4)

Putting 13 points into Chakra for Delphi as well as the ap. The words will also go toward learning blindspot shooting that I started learning here.      2,717/2,750  (So close)
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Jumping Off The Edge - Page 2 Empty Re: Jumping Off The Edge

Mon Feb 13, 2023 11:52 am
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