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Izuna Uchiha
Izuna Uchiha
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Duty (Solo) Empty Duty (Solo)

Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:34 pm

He had just left the Hokage's office and was making his way across the village, Two mission scrolls in his hands. He already knew the details to them for the most part, he had been debriefed and he had already read over the two missions before setting out from the directory. He was currently making his way down the streets of Konohagakure no Sato. His first target was an old classmate, a Yamanaka girl named Yao. She had been displaying cold feet since graduating the Genin exam. Her clan had reported the situation to the Hokage and they had decided to send a trusted classmate to deal with her hesitation about being a shinobi. At least that's what Izuna made of the situation.

He thought back to his academy time with Yao. She was a social girl, like most Yamanaka's were, she was also naturally gifted in most subjects and was at the top of the class with him and Katosu Sarutobi. They were also the main clan kids in the class so they had spent a lot of time together, although since graduating he hadn't seen much of either of them. Everybody is busy on missions and training nowadays. He couldn't think of anything that would cause the girl to want to drop out of the shinobi program so soon after becoming a Genin. He knew she hadn't taken on any missions that may have resulted in death or even injury, plus if that were the case they wouldn't have sent him to take care of the situation. So he would have to gather the information when he began talking to her, hopefully he could set her doubts to rest and move on to the next mission without much incident. He ended his internal monologue as he came up to his former classmate's house, he knocked on the door and waited.

The door opened and Yao looked him up and down before saying anything, she didn't seem very happy to see him...

"Uchiha? Why are you here, and how do you know where I live?" She seemed to know the answer to all those questions already and was asking him to make him feel uncomfortable or something... Izuna wasn't about to let her hostility get to him, she would open up after a little small talk he hoped. The reintroduction of an academy friend that she had been through a couple of adventures with should loosen her guard.

"Name's Izuna, you know that right?" His sarcasm was meant to lighten the situation. "I just wanted to drop by and visit a friend I haven't spoken to in a while... Is that so surprising? Besides I heard that you'd be home right now." He ended his statement with a hint to the real reason he was here. He was sure she caught on because her eyes narrowed in response. "May i come in? The visit would be less than comfortable if it was just us talking through your doorway."

Yao's expression had gone from annoyed to somewhat angry after his snarky responses, yet she opened the door and ushered him in all the same. Looks like she wants to sit through this conversation as well. He made his way into the house, removing his shoes at the door and following Yao into her living room, where he took a seat on a couch while she walked into the kitchen.

“Would you like some tea? I just finished preparing some for the afternoon?” The offer was genuine, despite her hostile countenance Yao did want to speak with him. He accepted the offer and she left the living room to go and pour them both some cups, he decided to wait in silence and after a couple minutes Yao came back into the room, two steaming cups in her hands. He took one of the cups before leaning back into the couch. She opened the conversation.

“So why are you actually here Izuna? I don’t believe you sentimental enough to come visit your classmate out of the kindness of your heart. You are here for something.” Her faith in him was incredible, Izuna kept his expression neutral.

“Our superiors have been noticing your withdrawal from proper missions or training, they sent me to see what's wrong. You’re a promising shinobi Yao, this kind of behavior is concerning.” He looked his classmate in the eye after saying this, she should understand the importance of improving as shinobi by whatever means necessary, one as gifted as her could be a powerful asset to the village. But he was curious on what the cause of her hesitance was.

Her voice was soft but composed. “I know Izuna, but ever since I graduated, I've been realizing more and more of what this kind of life is going to require of me. Everyone wants to learn new techniques and do the “cool” parts of shinobi life, but we ignore the death and destruction we will cause until it stares us in the face.” She finished her speech, looking at his face for a response to her qualms.

“What exactly brought this on I wonder? Were you sent on a dangerous mission, did you see someone you care about die?” Izuna needed to know the exact nature of her hesitance before he could convince her to change her mind.

“It’s just, I was introduced to what would be expected of me in the future, they want me to make a career out of T&I and, i just… I don’t think I have it in me to work in a place like that. I feel trapped because that’s exactly where I’ll end up, ya know, my clan and their speciality, that's the kind of thing we do.” She paused at this point, looking desperately at Izuna to give her a way out of the situation. Izuna intended to do so.

“So you don’t want to learn your clan’s techniques? That’s fine, you should come and train Ninjutsu with me in the mornings, and I’ll introduce you to some people at the hospital you can learn medical jutsu from. I know that something you’ve always been eager to do. Your clan and the village will realize your value in these other fields and won’t pressure you into T&I.” Izuna had been given permission to make mild promises like that in order to get her back into the system it seemed to be working.

“Yeah… that actually sounds fine, I think i'd be best in a support role as a medic… I guess you already knew that about me, didn't you Izuna.” Yao gave him a pleasant smile. “I’ll report back to the missions directory tomorrow, i'll also join your training sessions, maybe you got a few new tricks to teach eh.”

Yao laughed at that, Izuna was pleasantly surprised at how receptive she was to his ideas. Seems like convincing her wasn’t the hardest. He had gotten her to agree to come back into the shinobi program, which was the extent his mission required him to do. He excused himself after finishing his tea and made his way to the poorer section of the village to carry out his next mission, this one was a bit more… Unpleasant.

He made his way back across the village. Going from the rich clan districts to the poor downtrodden slums aws somewhat of a culture shock. Especially since Izuna never really visited this part of the village. The people looked hungry and hopeless, there were few children here though, orphans and the like tended to join the shinobi program quite quickly rather than live on the streets in squalor. It was kind of predatory but the village’s manpower needed to be constantly replenished and this was a good way of doing it.

Izuna thought about what exactly he would do when he confronted the family. He expected there to be protests and tears even, but the law was the law and Izuna wasn’t about to jeopardize the career he had been working his way to his entire life for one impoverished family. He hoped they would give him some options though, he didn’t want to simply cast them out onto the streets. Thinking of this he wondered how aggressive he should be initially. Being too soft with them might make them protest too much, Izuna didn’t want to get violent whatsoever.

He made his way to the apartment that had been marked out on the mission description scroll he had been giving. It didn’t look run down per say, but it wasn’t a very high quality building either. Izuna steeled himself and walked up the flight of stairs to the apartment in question. He assumed his Uchiha expression, preparing his best emotionless monotone, and even debated flashing his sharingan for intimidation. A genjutsu might be needed if they become too distressed, if only to save himself some brain cells.

He knocked on the door, three times, firmly, and waited. Someone opened the door, it was a man, alcoholic by the look and smell of him. That might explain their inability to afford this place anymore. He pointed at his Shinobi headband, and the man paled at that gesture.

“My name is Izuna Uchiha and I’m here on the behalf of your landlord. You are several months overdue for your rent payment, I have been ordered to either collect the money or evict you from this property.” He kept his voice emotionless and detached as he delivered his demands. The man seemed to have gotten over his fear and had been getting angrier as his speech dragged on. Izuna prepared for some half-drunken foolishness.

“What’s a half-assed brat doing here? Has the landlord lost the balls that they sent you? Not even bother with a adult, just send the brats to do the dirty work.” The man was aggressive and angry but almost disappointed in the fact that they had sent a kid. Izuna didn’t have the patience to deal with it right now, but he would not escalate if he could help anything.

“Sir, please comply with the demands made by your landlord before more vigorous action needs to be taken.” Izuna wasn’t going to deal with anything more than the man’s verbal insults. “You will remove yourself and your family from this apartment if you cannot provide the money for the months missed, and the money for the next month. Your landlord has lost his patience and will not accept anything less.” Izuna was trying to spell out to his fool just how deep the shitpile he finds himself in is.

“Damn it, you shinobi fuckers… Argh.” The man seems to slump in defeat, he isn’t quite drunk enough to refuse a shinobi’s orders, despite Izuna’s young appearance, even the most inexperienced shinobi brat that had graduated the academy was going to win a fight against a civilian. The man called for his family and began the packing up process. Izuna gave them all the time they needed. He already felt quite bad about evicting them, so he wasn’t going to rush them, instead he simply leaned against the wall next to the door. Watching the family pitifully packing and attempting to hide their despair at the situation.

Before long they made their way out. No words were spoken and Izuna locked the door behind them. He simply told them that more drastic action would be taken if they were found inside the building again before making his way back to the mission directory. It was about time for him to collect his pay and make his way home for a nice night of rest after this messy day. He had training with Yao tomorrow and would have to prepare for that. He really was invested in helping her succeed and enjoy being a shinobi again.

He arrived at the Hokage building and turned in the two mission files, saying both were complete and subject to confirmation. He went through the standard paperwork before leaving. What a day that had been.
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Duty (Solo) Empty Re: Duty (Solo)

Mon Jan 23, 2023 9:42 am
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