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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid! Empty You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

Fri Dec 23, 2022 2:37 pm

Tongue One: Another year, another idiot taking the challenge to lick a frozen object. How this always happens was beyond the doctor, but it was an inevitability. This kid was left by his classmates after the bell had rung and his teacher wondering where the bastard was saw him from the classroom window. After running outside along with the entire class panic within the adult ensued. Pulling the kid wouldn't work the ice would rip off bits of the boy's tongue before releasing its unrelenting hold on him. Fire would work if it could be contained and not hit his tongue. As they wondered what to do the tongue tied kid squealed for his friend Ralphie who had left him there. Now Akabayashi recognized Ralphie from the shopping mall he got booted down the slide after speaking to Santa Claus. Apparently he wanted a Blue Rider Kunai Launcher, but he'd probably shoot his eye out. The Terumi agreed with the fat man this kid looked soft. Taking action the Doctor began to heat water until it was warm, not hot and allow the heat to thaw the ice until the boy was unstuck. He finally had stopped his squeling and was thanking him and whoever else assisted, but for some reason he spoke as if his tongue were still frozen to the pole as he never put his tongue back into his mouth. The Doctor just looked at him like an idiot and walked away. He'd have to come back shortly.

Tongue Two: It was just all the rage now sticking your tongue to a pole. Apparently all the cool kids were doing it. Even some kids stepmom was joining in on the latest fad. Getting stuck on things that were easily avoided. He ignored the woman she should have at least known better. The poor idiots that were young, but should still have known better were his concern. Luckily, there was more than just him to remove the ice from this glue eaters tongue. This girl thrashed about as if she were trying to remove more skin and taste buds than she had brain cells in her head. "I got the legs, someone get the arms." He would say leaning down and gripping her legs to stop any form of movement she could muster. She still wiggled with the ferocity of a voracious catepillar, but she was much less a danger to her self now than moments ago. When she was released from the pole she flopped to the ground and had a tantrum in the snow. "I really don't like kids." This one was quite annoying after being stopped from furthering her own foolishness she was upset that she was stopped. Even told them as soon as they walked away she was going to lick the forbidden popsicle again. This made him chuckle, he hadn't expected her to call it that at all. "Have fun with your frozen treat of choice then. There are plenty dumb enough around here that still need help.

Tongue Three: And just like that and right in front of them another kid placed his tongue onto the forbidden popsicle. It was Ralphie it seemed his friend wanted him to suffer as he had as the original kid laughed and chorkled at his friends discomfort. It was almost like there was an epidemic of stupid virus going around the school were the poles delicious and taste like candy and not frozen metal? "I think we should leave him. If the goal is to go through what his friend did then thats what we should do. Hell we should start teaching how to remove their tongues from poles because its such a common occurrence at this school and even parents are doing it." He would say pointing to the stepmom and the group surrounding her. The Terumi would leave and go find what he hoped was a responsible adult working in the school. If the group hadn't already freed Ralphie then the man would be asked to watch and learn. As he would be given step by step instruction and be removing the tongue of the next victim? No victim wasn't the word here this was willingly causing harms to ones self. Remove the tongue of the next masochist. With Ralphie's tongue removed it was time to remind him why he wasn't responsible enough to get a weapon. "Don't lick frozen metal kid, you'll shoot your eye out." To that he slumped his shoulders and just looked sad.

Tongue Four: Finally, onto the last imbecilds a stepmother and stepson it seemed now the son was stuck to the same pole as his parental figure. "Getting her unstuck not go too well for you? Whats the matter pole got your tongue?" He would snap his fingers at the teacher to pay attention and start explaining the process of how to remove the tongue without jutsu. Which required a stove, pot, and water. It was stressed whether by the Terumi or others in the group that the water could not be too hot or they would burn the tongue of the person they were helping. Not like some of them didn't deserve a burnt tongue. You touch a stove once and burn your fingers and usually lesson learned. These window lickers seemed more than capable of repeating the mistake of licking the forbidden popsicle. Once, one of two was unstuck from the pole the Doctor would ask if the teacher could try his hand at freeing someone. Any mistakes he made would be corrected by the Terumi or another in the group until he got it right. The Nova would even help the teacher learn the steps using other people if necessary, but hopefully this was all for the day. He didn't need to attend to this anymore with a trained person on the scene. Dusting his hands the Nova walked off to collect his pay it was an easy day, but a lack of intelligence from people frustrated and exhausted him all too much.

TWC: 1013
Claims: Completing the mission four times. 8000 ryo and 2000 winter equinox tickets. Rank reward of 7500×4=30,000. Using 206 WC to complete Naraka Path other WC found Here. 807 WC toward Asura Path putting it at 807/1875 using max stat 25% discount.

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Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
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You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid! Empty Re: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

Sun Dec 25, 2022 9:49 pm
Tongue 1: Sticking your tongue on a frozen pole was just asking for trouble, just how could you be so foolish to place your tongue… covered in saliva, something that can easily be frozen around that of a frigid pole if you’re not careful. Shiro wasn’t expecting a mission report to signify that people were doing it… in fact a lot of people were getting their tongues stuck on poles it seemed. They had to deal with at least one child, someone who was left there by their friend it seemed not to long ago. Shir couldn’t really help much with this… Cutting the pole wouldn’t really work… nor could he really sever the child's tongue. He had to allow the Terumi that was with them, the same one as before with the same snowman competition and snowball brawl… He seemed to be a very experienced Shinobi. Someone that he could rely on for right now when it came to getting through these missions… people were certainly stupid today. However, the child calling out for his friend had Shiro act with urgency, while not experiencing much… he knew when a frozen tongue could become unstuck from something at least. Kiri was rather humid, all things considered, yet that didn’t mean people would create ice like contraptions as pranks on the local villagers. However the way Terumi went about it had Shiro surprised he thought of the same thing. Boiling up water was the easiest way… as to allow it to become simply warm would make it easier to melt the ice connecting the tongue and pole together. Shiro was comforting the child somewhat, checking to see if the kid had anything else, any frostbite on his fingers. Pinching the kids tongue slightly, making sure the kid knew well not to place his tongue on a pole again.

Tongue 2: This time it was a fucking grown ass women, Shiro kinda noped out of that one, even as the Terumi had commanded him to hold down her arms, which he only did after the women kept on screeching to have the Terumi let go of her. Shiro’s hands held her like a vice for a moment, allowing for the third of their group to grab the boiling water. How people could be THIS stupid he had no idea about. This step mother was even complaining after they had saved her from her supposed forbidden popsicle. Shir was half tempted to threaten to cut out her tongue if she kept on licking the forbidden treat. Metal was certainly on her diet, why not something much smaller and more bite sized then? The thought passed by the shinobi before rolling his eyes. He was not about to go through this shit again, hopefully the stupid epidemic was gone before they had to leave this place. Christmas was meant to be festive, yet all he could think of was how stupid everyone was being on this day of holiday and cheer. The Hyuga could only roll his eyes at how the mother was complaining towards the two shinobi. The A-Rank and D-Rank seemed to have similar opinions about this matter.

“Do it again, if ya rip off ya tongue then don’t blame us lady!” He said, walking with some sense of Jolly as he’d go and grab himself some kind of treats before coming back here. A nice cup of Hot Chocolate could help him with the slight amount of cold he was feeling build up upon his ears and nose.

Tongue 3: Revenge of the Brat seemed upon them as the kid who supposedly was the other kid's friend from earlier had also gotten his own tongue stuck on a pole. The fuck were people on to try this. Shiro only took a sip of his hot chocolate. Already grabbing a pot ready for some water to be dumped into it and boiled. Even without him using Fire Release, he at least knew that he could be a bit of a help with the process. His other hand holding the pot steady as a fire was set a light to it. His eyes peered over the water as it slowly began to bubble up due to the heat surrounding it. Shiro giving a small smile as the use of Chakra to weave elements wasn’t exactly his strong suit. But what he did know was that he certainly had an edge in close combat. But enough of thinking of fights. This kid currently had to have his tongue slowly but surely warmed up to where it could easily disconnect from the pole itself. Shiro slowly poured the water with one hand, while the other hand was sipping the Hot chocolate around his fingers. The people around here seemed either really stupid, or entirely too trustworthy with one another. Shiro didn’t know which one was worse. His mind only trailing off that the townspeople might need some help with their own heads in the near future if this were to continue. How could people be so stupid as to continue licking poles until their tongues began to freeze? Was this some kind of stupid challenge? Cause if so it wasn’t one he’d do unless he had a friend along that would actually bail him out of it.

Snowman 4: It was the step mother again, although this time she roped in her stepson this time around. Shiro takes the last sips of his drink before helping Terumi with the process of the boiling water showcase for the teacher. The poor guy looked just as dumbfounded as they were with how he kept on taking small looks here and there of surprise, shaking his head at the two who were trying to pull their tongues off of the pole. Shiro standing around, his small smile turning into an annoyed frown, he almost never lost his confident smile, yet here, faced with the overwhelming stupidity of the situation. He found that a smile could not cut it anymore. The frustration that both the Nova member and Genin felt at the sheer stupidity of people was felt. Shiro shoving his hands into his own pockets before collecting his pay as well with Akabayashi.

“Stupid people? Am I right?”

+10 to Chakra
Gentle Blade: Moonlight(B-Rank):1500/1500(Previous WC Here)
Quickdraw: 855/1000
Completing the mission four times. 8000 ryo +40 AP and 2000 winter equinox tickets.
Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
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You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid! Empty Re: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

Sat Dec 31, 2022 1:17 pm
Snowball fight and tournament done and won. Snowman building fully enjoyed and completed to the joy of the villagers. Crom was quite enjoying himself, it was a turn from his normal introverted way of life and it did make him wonder if this was something he was missing from his life or was this simply the cause of being in the country of his clan’s beginning. A place that they had thrived and grew though that was quite ancient history. Regardless it was time to move onto the next task that needed the group’s help. It would seem that with the coming of all the snow and cold that some people didn’t know that if you stuck your tongue to a frozen metal pole it would in fact get stuck to it. So now there were more then one foolish individual stuck to the poles around the area.
“You got to be kidding me right? They are at least all children right? Those without the knowledge or reasoning skills.” Crom asked but had a sinking feeling they were about to find some not so bright adults also stuck to the poles.
Tongue One: The first person who they had to help was a small Academy student who had been dared to put his tongue against the frigid pole and when the bell had rung the rest of the class had gone inside leaving their stuck comrade outside in the cold. Crom was reminded that children while seemingly innocent could be some of the most heartless people out there. It was a wonder not a single child told the teacher about their fellow student who was crying and whining and frankly quite scared as to be expected. It seemed Terumi had a good idea on how to properly release these people from their frozen state and he was quite happy to know someone else knew how to unstick tongues from frozen objects. Crom’s own parents had taught him how to do so only after he had gotten his own tongue stuck while a child. It took him weeks to heal from the tearing of the skin and it was the first sign that Crom had learned that his parent’s only took care of him enough to keep him alive since they had known it could have been released with heated water or a nearby flame contained as to not burn the victim. Regardless they freed the child and moved onto the next one.
Tongue Two: The next person they were to help was more of a group of people then a single person but this time an adult was with the group. A woman who seemed to be the children’s stepmother, maybe she was simply trying to be the hip and now mother to her children as to gain their favor. A sentiment that Crom was sure would simply be brushed over but at least there was an attempt though they were more focused on getting the children first leaving the woman for later. The main person they were trying to help was the young girl who was fighting them almost tooth and nail needing to be restrained by the group as they were able to unfreeze her tongue from the pole though it seemed they were wasting their time with this one as the child was heard even saying they would do it again as soon as possible and while it was one of those, “These dang kids.” Moments it was not up to the group to stop stupid people from doing stupid things but to help them remove themselves from the situation at the time. Regardless if the child chose to do it again at a later time they would still be rewarded for the work they already did.
Tongue Three: It seemed that people were just almost doing this out of spite for the group of helpers as one of the children from the class earlier got his tongue stuck to the pole they had freed the young girl just from. “Maybe this time we should simply remove the problem at its source and take their tongues from their heads.” Crom offered as he stared daggers at the children and adults nearby. He was remembering why he didn’t interact with people now as it seemed that the intelligence of the populace was lesser than the wild animals. With a much more noticeable sense of annoyance, Crom helped out with the removal of this child’s tongue from the pole and noticed how the child from prior seemed to be happy at this child’s own despair of being stuck. It seemed that it was an internal thing between the two but was still more annoyed that it was so boldly done in front of the group. Regardless the work was done and they needed to move onto whoever was next.
Tongue Four: It seemed the strain of dealing with these less then average intelligent people was wearing on the group of helpers as more adults were being stuck to  poles along with children and it was like watching flies and gnats stick next to each other in glue. At least these people were pulling hard enough to tear off their body parts like those insects, though that was barely passing. Terumi was clearly fed up as he started cracking jokes at the people stuck and then showing how the properly remove people in this situation to others so that more people knew how to fix this once they were gone. It seemed like enough people were understanding on what they needed to do and how to stop this from being a weird sort of pandemic as it was turning into but Crom had a sinking feeling that all this would do is just make people feel more comfortable with doing the act of getting stuck since they would assume more people would be able to help them out. Anyways it wasn’t up to the Yuki to stop people from being stupid only to help them as directed and that was what Crom did, he showed people how to properly release people from the frozen hold of the pole and instructed on after care for those that decided that ripping the skin from their tongue was the better option.
“I think I still would rather be at home instead of out and about with all these people.” Crom said to the group as they finished up their work in the area. His prior joy of building snowmen and throwing snow at others was dwindling and being replaced with a very clearly annoyed feeling.
WC: 1103
Claiming 8000 Ryo, 40 AP and 2000 Winter Equinox Tickets for Completing the mission all 4 times. 
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You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid! Empty Re: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

Fri Feb 10, 2023 7:49 pm

This morning started like many recent mornings have for Yukihime- there was no actual start. It was just a continuation of the night prior because she was on a hyper fixation working on designs now that her sister was ‘translating’ them. Every morning for the past week, like clockwork, her last remaining sister would come to the Red Light District where Yukihime and her Teahouse resided and give her some translated designs so that Yukihime could lock them away safely and give Baliquis more designs to translate. The plan was to make books when they had enough, but with Yukihime all over the place, she struggled immensely to focus on one subject alone to make designs for and simultaneously made designs across the board. 

Today, Baliquis came with a complaint: “I need you to go on a fucking mission or something.” 

“What?” Yuki demanded as she pulled down a design now that the ink had dried, “Why?”

“I still have other designs to translate, and you are making them faster than I can translate them-” Bali retorted as Yuki shoved yet another pile of newly created designs into her younger sister’s arms, “What the fuck is this!?”

“The newest batch.” Yuki squeaked excitedly, then pointed to one of the dozens of newly-inked pieces of parchment, “This one? I call it a ‘Radio Tower.’ It’s like those little radio collars the shinobi have but better because the signal is better and clearer. Goes farther.” She chittered excitedly, then held up a set of 3 designs, “And these? They’re a set. They allow materials to be collected and processed.” She put them down and picked up another pile, “and these? All together, they make the machine and working parts for equipment to mine more efficiently. We just- We need space, that’s all.”

“” Bali echoed in confusion as Yuki nodded and looked around the room- all along the beams and the rafters of the vaulting and traditional roof were twine strings with wooden clothesline pins, holding up designs to dry. She walked along the walls and the maybe dozens of precise places hanging lines to check them and see if any more could be handed over. If any more were dry. “What…kind of space?”

“I need a lot of space; I have big ideas, Nozomi, but there’s no just- unclaimed land here. I need that.” Yuki said and began mumbling to herself about unclaimed land, “I can look some more.”

“You will have to make do with what you can find in Hosigakure, Zuzu.” Bali said sympathetically, “We must build within the village.”

“But why?” Yuki demanded as she whipped around onto Bali, “Why do we have to build here? Of all places? There’s no room.”

“I- What do you suggest we do then, leave the village and build outside of it?” Bali demanded, and Yuki’s eyes widened,

“Can we do that?” Yuki murmured, and her younger sister hissed, 

“We can’t leave.” Baliquis said, “We need the protection of the village until we can both get strong enough to stand on our own, and part of that starts with you getting the fuck out of your house and going on a mission to get experience- Which is why I brought this.” Bali said and handed over a parchment paper of her own, “It’s a mission that needs another person-” “I needed to be there two hours ago?” “Oops,” Bali said mischievously before helping her sister pull herself together and rush out of the home.

Once more, Yukihime made her way to the mythical and delightful land of snow to help with another winter festivity; however, she came in knowing the amount of help she could provide was minimal at best- considering that even the people involved in her mission was already there and doing what they had been asked to- “Fuck.” Yuki muttered to herself and made her way over regardless. She could at least try to help someone or offer first aid, but honestly, she didn’t know anything ‘first’ about providing ‘aid.’ At her age and position, she was more open to paying someone with a better experience.

Regardless, she saw several children not moving from poles as their classmates seemed to disappear back into the school from whence they came. Each person is already there- oh god.

White. There were two men with white hair, and she hesitated greatly as a pole near her had a child stuck to it. They were helping others, but she moved towards the pole closest even as she left her eyes on the two white-haired men while her mother’s voice, in its snarling, growling foreign mother tongue, said, 

“Those without color bring nothing but tragedy and death omens.” U’Da’Kai had said, and she suddenly reverted to the child she had been while her mother was pregnant with her next upcoming sibling, “Avoid them where you can. There’s no good reason why the Goddess, in all her glory, would leave those- especially men- so glaringly unfinished” 

“Why wouldn’t she finish them, mama?” Yuki could remember herself asking her mother, who frowned, 

“We do not question the Goddess or her motives when she is the fate weaver.” Her mother said bluntly, “The world must have balance; for all good, there must be bad. Surely they are half-finished and half-wise to ensure the balance is kept.”

Now she was idly standing by and temporarily frozen standing next to a pole where a child was stuck- brought back to reality as the child stuck to the pole tucked on her sleeve, and she looked down at the child who stared up at her helplessly. Yuki looked up to see the pole had some type of ball on a string. She grabbed it right above the girl’s head and crunched the pole entirely with a flex of her wrist, fingers, and palm, just using brute strength. There was a metallic hiss and as the other half fell over towards the ground and snapped, Yuki smiled. She grabbed both sides of what was left of the pull and pulled it apart- giving enough vibrations to free the child from the pole, and she smiled. A job well done! She took off as quickly as she had come to go and report back to her younger sister.


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Entry/Exit Claims

  • 200 WC towards Shimi Daikon: Feeding Roots ( 800 / 1000 ) to ( 1000 / 1000 )
  • 500 WC to claim Feint ( 500 / 500 )
  • 346 WC towards Iron Wall
  • + 10 stats to Strength ( 63 ) to ( 73 )
    Claiming all mission rewards as well
  • + 16,000 Ryo (Double Mission Ryo for Beloved Presence Skill)
  • + 40 AP
  • + 2000 Winter Equinox Tickets.


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You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid! Empty Re: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

Sat Feb 11, 2023 11:27 am
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