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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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Go Away Ana! (Open) Empty Go Away Ana! (Open)

Thu Dec 22, 2022 9:04 pm
Please only join if you want to do the mission 5 times in a single go.


Snowman One: The middle of Winter the perfect time to build a snowman and the best time to do it with people you know. The Terumi liked the warmth of a hot spring as he was very sensitive to cold. So, when the first girl approached and in a sing song voice asked "Do you wanna build a snow man? It doesn't have to be a snowman." His immediate response was "Go away Ana!" How he knew her name was beyond him, but it seemed to be her name as she left moping and said  "Okay, bye." She asked many other adults until people he knew or didn't know started to help her. Seeing that the Terumi would help too manifesting black rods to use as the eyeballs and mouth instead of rocks.

Snowman Two: His hands did not touch the unforging cold of the first of the snowmen, but now another child requested help with a second. You can't make a snowman twice the exact same way. Like a snowflake its uniqueness is what makes it special. The first had black reciever rods what would this neck one have? An eggplant for a nose? A massive pipe for it to smoke tobacco? Be made of many elements? The Terumi used his wood release to give the sticks used in its arms massive biceps. This kids snowman was now ripped and it looked amusing enough. Just a power lifting snowman with an odd smile.

Snowman Three: Two snowmen wasn't enough for his current group as more people wanted aid in building these frigid constructs. If only there were a Yuki around to make these on demand the Terumi thought packing snow with hands before placing it onto the snowman hastily. He would blow on raw and red fingers for warmth afterwards. Along with a low level fire style jutsu to keep himself warm and not undo the work they had done. As more and more snow was added the snowman was finished what strange feature or non abnormal feature was added the Terumi was not focused on. He needed gloves if this were to continue. He really abhored the cold. His place as a Terumi was in the warmth of the Earth's crust not in a tundra packing snow.

Snowman Four: A fourth person wanting to utilize the talents of the group of ninja. It was almost like it was a competition to have the best snowman and whoever had the ninja were going to be the winner. Starting off the doctor made a clone it wouldn't be his hands freezing now. Of course he would have the memory of that cold, but as long as he needn't feel the bite of winter that was enough. The wood clone would roll a ball of snow until it was round enough to serve as a base for the fourth snowman of the day. The others would be placed on top of it and the features would be added.

Snowman Five: The Terumi stated this would be his last one. Using wood human the giant would roll massive balls of snow avoiding people and their creations. This would be the world's largest snowman. The features for this thing would have to be proportionate to be perfect. So if someone utilized Earth release they could gets rocks large enough to serve as eyes. Maybe even make giant ice cycles for the nose. When it was all done people were clapping at the making of the largest snowman. The doctor's energy left the wooden titan and it shrank back to Earth from wence it came. It seemed people enjoyed the sight of all the snowmen team ninja had made. It was nice to see his and the others art appreciated and even more appreciated they were awarded for creating each of these snowmen.

TWC: 644
Claims: Completing the mission five times for a total of 5000 ryo and 1250 winter equinox tickets. 7500 per mission for rank reward 7500x5=37,500. Using 644 WC toward Naraka Path bringing the total to 1669/1875. Other WC done Here.

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Crom Tokage
Crom Tokage
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Go Away Ana! (Open) Empty Re: Go Away Ana! (Open)

Fri Dec 23, 2022 1:40 pm
Snowman 1: With the Snowball fighting tournament finished and Crom wondering what to do next it seemed that the following tasks would be helping people with building snowmen. It was another thing that Crom excelled at, guess everyone has something they are good at and it seemed that snow or ice themed tasks were Crom’s highlights. The first person to ask for help on a snowman was a small child with red hair and had an almost singing voice, her name turned out to be Ana which apparently Terumi had seemed to know off the cuff and dismissed her so Crom decided to help her out with building her snowman. Terumi seemed to want to help with the use of these long black rods that seemed familiar to rods that Crom had seen used in the Nova Tournament. More questions seemed to pop up when interacting with this Terumi character but before he could get swamped with those thoughts he was already being asked to help with other snowmen.
Snowman 2: Now it was time to make this second one different to the first as it had some strong arms Crom wanted this one to have a more unique face putting some more work to make it more human looking and using his ice element to give it some unique features on its face. Crom wasn’t much of an artist but he had a good memory and now this snowman reminded him of another Shinobi he interacted with Morio, though this snowman was quite a bit taller than its real life counterpart. “I wonder what that guy has been up to with his weird sword.” Crom thought to himself as he finished off this snowman and was more then ready for the next person or people to ask for help because he knew it was going to happen.
Snowman 3: For snowman three it was about time for Crom to really put his all into the work being presented here, he was getting more into the groove of modeling some of these creations after people he knew or interacted with on the more daily. Like the shopkeeper down the street that sold fresh fish to Crom at a discount all because Crom would help with keeping things cooler longer at that store with his clan techniques. He even modeled one after the librarian which he frequently interacted with almost every day due to his fast pace reading and desire to know more and learn more. Crom was quite proud to get that snowman’s likeness down almost to the most minute of detail. He was enjoying himself though it seemed that the others might be feeling the cold now that it was going into the evening and they had been making snowmen for so long for so many people.
Snowman 4: Now the crowd around them was starting to form and realize which people were good at making these snowmen, it seemed to somehow have turned into a competition among the folk here though it didn’t seem they would be winning any prizes themselves it really sparked a flame inside the Yuki as he started making groups of snowmen for people and even tried his hands at modeling the snowmen after the people requesting them to be made. He was having a right good old time and it seemed so was everyone else. Crom wasn’t even paying attention to what the others were making and just focused making as many snowmen as best he could while he was here. It was one of the few and probably only times he was more then okay with interacting with people and having to socialize, a very weird and odd thing for the typically shut in shinobi.
Snowman 5: It was about time to call it a day and it was time to move onto something else but there was one more group of people that wanted a snowman made for them and it seemed that Terumi had plans to make this snowman the biggest snowman possible so Crom helped out the only way he really could which was to give it stability with his ice, he made sure that he froze the parts in place so that they wouldn’t fall or crumble till it got warmer and even then it would simply melt from top to bottom with the ice containing it. If the villagers were smart with it come summer they could use this water to cool off in the heat depending on how hot it actually got here wherever they are.
WC: 760

Only claiming rewards for 4 of these 5 missions as I have done 1 of them already.
4000 Ryo, 20 AP, 1000 Winter Equinox Tickets

750 WC towards Mastering Water Release: Starch Syrup Capture Field for reduced Handseals
Discarding the rest of the WC
Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
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Go Away Ana! (Open) Empty Re: Go Away Ana! (Open)

Sun Dec 25, 2022 8:41 pm
Snowman 1: It was kinda nice to help a small girl with a snowman with a bunch of other people all around him, it was a community effort afterall to help with something as simple as a snowman. This small child named Ana, with bright ginger hair and a beautiful voice was able to get most of the others together to help build a simple snowman with her. Something that didn’t seem out of the ordinary for someone to ask of, especially given that it was a child. Helping with rolling up the snow itself into the largest ball with two others helping the small child. Shiro didn’t mind the cold seeping into his hands, only a small amount of chakra was needed to jolt the life back into his own body. It seemed that those within the tournament that he had helped were here as well. His hand waving towards the both of them, with the Terumi in particular already looking pissed off, did it have to do with the small girl that had asked for help? Shiro was joyful that Crom had decided to help with the girl, even if the making of the snowman was incredibly simple in comparison to what he had done previously. It showed off that the people were willing to work together. Even the almost grinch-like Terumi was willing to help, making long black rods protrude out of the snowman's eyes and mouth. The girl was so happy to see the snowman was complete, and she seemed to also know that the doctor had something to do with it. Yet she had thanked everyone all the same, a small girl, slightly taller than Ana with flowing blonde hair would run towards her sister, noticing that the snowman was already built, yet it seemed the two girls had bonded over the creation of these snowmen.

Snowman 2: The second snowman wasn’t that much more difficult to deal with either, more children clambering on the shinobi in question. All of them seemed to want to make a snowman at this point. Shiro was happy to help, at least for the moment, he could feel his hands begin to grow raw with how much snow he was actually picking up and hastily palming onto the main body of the rotund figure. Even as someone who was a part of the Yuki clan, he couldn’t handle this much cold within his system all the damn time. The help from both Crom and the Terumi certainly helped with the creation of said snowmen. Yet the sudden wood sprouting from the snowman to give the snow much more shape around the sticks, creating a much bulkier snowman than what was first imagined, the children found the display of wood release to be absolutely fascinating… Someone with wood release, and someone who had a super funky purple eye that he could see… Just who was this person? This Terumi seemed way too strong for their own good… But that only made the Hyuga more appreciative that right now, he didn’t want to fight against the man who could easily make wood sprout from the ground itself.

Snowman 3: It seemed that as of right now, they were growing into being the popular sort to ask for help regarding snowmen. Shiro’s dexterous fingers went to work, slowly beginning to clump the snow together with the help of Crom and Akabayashi. Chrome seemed to be especially enthusiastic about helping the creation of more snowpeople. The group was getting much bigger crowds, Shiro acting mainly as the front showmen for the two behind him to help with most of the work. It was certainly fun to see everyone else react to their own snowmen, especially this most recent one done by Crom involving what seemed to be someone with glasses, Shiro didn’t have any idea who this was, yet he could infer that Crom had met the likeness of this person in the past. It showed that Crom was ready to make a likeness of someone within his own village to show as a snowman and make it into his own. Shiro’s fingers still being slightly raw, his tolerance to the cold was becoming slightly better. The warmth he could feel from seeing his fellow shinobi get into this certainly did help him. Yet upon seeing the finished product, Shiro could only smile, this was certainly a very eventful day, especially as more and more people were asking for the group to help with making Snowmen.

Snowman 4: The request for a snowman to be built for a competition had the Hyuga pumped up and ready to go. His winter jacket hanging over his shoulders, he almost never thought he’d have to wear one, but here he was with a slightly puffy jacket covering most of his features. Shoveling up snow to be used for the basis of their snowman. Noting that his fellow shinobi, specifically Crom, seemed to be much more of a lively sort then what he had first expected of the boy. He just chalked it up to having a shell that needed to be broken out of. Shiro focused mainly on his own snowman for the competition, watching as Akabayashi made what seemed to be a clone of himself, and Crom was easily making a lot of snowmen for individuals. Shiro helped with adding some form of stability, his hands packing the snow right underneath so that no feeble winds could knock over Crom’s own creations. Shiro smirked as it seemed that their work here was beginning to come to a close… Hopefully not a lot of people were left after this.

Snowman 5: Shiro eyes widened in surprise, the shock to the system upon seeing a 50 meter wooden golem with the darkened wood surrounding the area had the Hyuga dumbfounded… A massive beast like that. Just what kind of power was this man packing who could control one like that… And use it without seemingly breaking a sweat! Shiro was curious, perhaps too much so to see what this Terumi had to offer… Crom also surprised him. The use of Ice Release made the Hyuga slightly proud that another Yuki was around… Maybe he could visit the village they stayed at… perhaps there would be more Yuki in there if possible? Not only that, but they were able to make possibly the biggest snowman that Yukigakure had ever seen in the land of snow. At least now, Shiro could pop his knuckles and finally get some kenjutsu practice done. Shiro's smile widened at the thought, noting that at least for right now, things were going great for him.

+1 to speed + 10 to Chakra
Flying Swallow:1000/1000 (Previous WC Here)
Gentle Blade: Moonlight: 815/1000
Completing the mission five times for a total of 5000 ryo, 25 AP and 1250 winter equinox tickets.
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Ayato Hyuuga
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Go Away Ana! (Open) Empty Re: Go Away Ana! (Open)

Tue Dec 27, 2022 10:32 am
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