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Emi Tanaka
Emi Tanaka
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Guarding some weak ass NPCs Empty Guarding some weak ass NPCs

Mon Dec 05, 2022 10:26 pm
"I truly do hate this shit." Emi was gesturing to the clothing. The hat. Even the SANDALS. That were still CLEARLY VISIBLE. "This was supposed to be tailored but... I think they saw my measurements and assumed it was a typo? Or just hoped the one from a previous kage would fit."

She picked at the sleeves, adjusted the hat, it was...

"I wouldn't be wearing this if it hadn't been requested by five different people. Only two of which work in the village."

She straightened the garb as best she could, trying to make the short robe seem intentional, maybe.

"It is an honor to meet you, Mizuki of Yugure," Emi said, having no idea what the flipping hell Yugure was supposed to be. She had seen names before, but honestly never paid attention to them. Hell, they may not have even said Yugure, just been similar enough to be tripping her memory.

As Emi approached the meeting point, she did one last adjustment of her clothing. She was excited to get rid of it later today.

The designated meeting place was a small bakery in...

Why the hell was there a bakery here? There was not even a road here...

Emi regretted what the answer would be if she asked it, so instead, she gave her cheeks a pat and went in.

"I see I am the last to arrive," she said after counting the people in the room. Six sat together, and two she recognized. One was the Head of The Northern Rice and Sake Trading Company. Another overlooked the largest trading company affiliated with The Northern Rice and Sake Trading Company. While Emi had not been introduced to the other four, considering she was here to meet six, and the 'bodyguards' were quite obviously sitting at another table, she thought this was a fair assumption.

"Shall we begin the tour of the country, as it has developed?"

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Mizuki Ohta
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Guarding some weak ass NPCs Empty Re: Guarding some weak ass NPCs

Tue Dec 06, 2022 6:38 pm
She had followed the girl falling into step on her right though the length of her stride might be hampered by the robes she wore it still brought her to a double pace to keep up. Standing apart at their first meeting hadn’t put into reality the height difference the women held, but now as they walked to their initial destination the difference was stark. Emi continued her rant of the clothing as they made their way through the familiar village, and the words perked her ears slightly enough to break her gaze from the outer world and bring them to gaze up in amusement at the woman. “Requested? Last I understood, the only people who were allowed to request things from a Kage were themselves… but perhaps things are different here. And please… Mizu is fine. I don't hold fondness for titles.”

As they entered the bakery and the scents of pastries and bread hit like a wave her senses snapped to the cluster of heartbeats outside of the two she had marked as Emi and Matsune. She kept her posture relaxed as Emi spoke to the assembled group - though her eyes roamed their personage in an intrigued manner. There was to be a tour it seemed, and as she walked beside the kage there was little to be assumed from her other than she herself being a bodyguard alongside Matsune’s un-imposing company. Truthfully she was fine with this assumption, the less others knew of her the better in her opinion and a formal tour was only beneficial to her in the long run. Keeping in step with Emi she kept marked knowledge of the group arranged at their back as they moved - naturally keeping her own back guarded as well as Emi’s.

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Emi Tanaka
Emi Tanaka
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Village Leader
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Guarding some weak ass NPCs Empty Re: Guarding some weak ass NPCs

Fri Dec 09, 2022 11:36 pm
Despite Matsune's incessant 'coughing' as Mizu spoke, Emi had stopped her walking when Mizuki had commented about the clothing. "Wait. Refusal is a thing? I-"

"Madam Komekage. Please."

"No I like the cut of that jib, I just-"


"Ugh, it's too late now, anyways. I will have to think on that later. Thank you."

Matsune sighed. A sigh of defeat. She knew, there was no coming back from this. Eighteen words had torn down what she saw as a "respectful Kage". Ruthlessly, and efficiently. There was no chance for recovery, now.

Really her first mistake had been in letting those hacks do the tailoring.

Then again she had not officially had a say in the matter, and spending her garnered good will and influence was perhaps something better saved for another time.

"Who is this child?"

"Where is the real Kage?"

"They did not even bother to fit the ceremonial clothing to her before sending this charlatan."

Emi's fist tightened. This was..

Actually it was getting to her far more than she expected. Was she... actually accepting this as her job? Maybe 'enjoying' it was still to much but...

There was a fondness for the way those of the village looked to her. Some hated her guts, but after she had taken over, and with the help of her friends and contacts, great strides had been made in advancing the land. Something that had been neglected for far too long.

Emi took a deep breath in, grabbed the cloak, and... As much as this was supposedly a special ceremonial garb, Emi had seen no fewer than 12 in storage, and she had confirmed, without letting some people know, that this specific garment was further not very special. It was cheaper materials meant for long distances that required decent appearance, but not much.

There was a certain freedom in all this. Something that she was so accustomed to before, and was happy to get at least a taste of back.

She tore the Kage cloaks in twain, throwing them from her body, then quickly moving out of the way of the hat, fast enough that it was left in her wake, falling to the ground, despite mere seconds ago having been firmly on her head.

Well, as firmly as a simple hat could be, at least. It was not as if it had straps.

Emi may not have been the strongest ninja, but these individuals, the six that she was here both to guard and to entertain, were not ninja in the slightest. She expected that one or two may understand that her little show just now was little more than a ninja had trick.

Pun intended.

But those were not the ones she was trying to convince. She might not know the other four, but that three of them would so easily accost and insult her, led her to believe they were... Perhaps not the most knowledgeable nor respectful of the Ninja Way.

"I am Emi Tanaka, of the Tanaka clan, known for taming the virus that threatened to wipe out these lands."

There was a sort of confidence here. It was feigned. The new woman would be able to easily surmise this from the absurd rate at which Emi's heart was beating.

This also was, however, rehearsed. Emi had practiced this. Emi had worked with her aide, with other ninja, and with the several civilians in her office. She was prepared. She was confident.

She was also SO fucking thankful that she had put on actual clothes underneath that fucking cloak. The plan HAD been to remove the cloak only after the tour was over, when she could return to comfort. So perhaps the clothes were a little bare.

Shorts, barely half way down her thighs. Not dissimilar in looks to compression shorts. A simple black with a vertical white line along the seems along the outside edges of either leg.

Her top was also very plain. To be totally frank it was just a sports bra with a bit more material. A loose fringe hung from below, doing little more than looking cute.

If they ever figured out that this reveal was spontaneous, it would be obvious that Emi was planning to go for a run after this event.

They may even figure out she planned that to destress from it all.

But hopefully, they would not. This, after all, was not THAT far off from how Emi normally dressed.

"If you wish to call into question the election which placed me as Kage, you are welcome to bring forth your well founded concerns." She looked now specifically to the second heckler. "If you would like to question my readiness, or ability, I would hear you out."

The silence hung in the air for a moment. Emi's hands were on her hips

Well, her wrists were. Her hands were curled up into fists, pointing down and away from her body.

As the man seemed to be about ready to speak, Emi jumped in. "But I first ask that you see the land, see what we are doing. Much has changed in the short while I have been Kage. While I cannot lay claim for it all, I would believe I have at least influenced much of it."

A bass drum. Emi's heart likely sounded like a bass drum. That is what it sounded like to her, at least, pounding away inside her ear, threatening with every badump to jump out of her chest and be the next appetizer for the rich fuckers sat in front of her.

"Bravo!" said one of the individuals. A man Emi actually recognized, who she had directly worked with to make sure Tanbogakure and the man's business worked not just together, but even in tandem.

He stood, clapping, and then faced his fellows. "I do not jest when I say Emi's foresight has lent much success to the ventures of the Northern Rice and Wine Trading Company. I further suspect that Sir William would say much the same for the company he runs."

"Ay, that I can confirm," said another man at the table. "We'av' not yet finalized ta deal, buy I don' see it fallin' through. Just waitin' on final preparations an' a formal arrangement proposal."

That was William Biggs, a shorter, stocky individual. He ran a large trading company in Moon Country. Well, headquartered in Moon. Apparently he really wanted to be somewhere that was not directly controlled by a ninja village.

Emi had pretending to understand his reasoning, which he left vague, but also succinct? At least, that was the impression Emi got.

"Thank you, gentlemen. Shall we begin the day?"

Despite the disgruntled, well, grunts, of several of the individuals here, they stood to begin the tour.

"This is the newest building of the Northern Rice and Wine Trading Company. It-"

"Terribly sorry for interrupting, but would you mind if I introduced them to the buidling?"

Z"Certainly, go right ahead."

This was for the best. And, quite frankly, it was rehearsed. He knew far more about the Northern Rice and Wine Trading Company, and its operations, than she did. It was simply no contest: he was the best for this job.

And he showed it.

This was technically a tour, but he was very obviously making it a sales pitch.

Not the sort of sales pitch you sign up to listen to because you get free stuff out of it and you highly overvalued the free stuff when compared to your free time. Rather, it was one these men were here to listen to. One they wanted.

While the many favilities were talked up, particularly the river that had easy access to the oceans, and the assistive unloading devices, Emi stepped back and found a tree to lean on. The business types were busy talking shop.

And comparing crane girth and length. Because of course that was something they would do.

The bodyguards, though once sharing a table and seemingly enjoying each other's company, now stood apart. Some looking primarily outwards, others primarily inwards. In one vein, Emi knew this was supposed to be a tour of the country. To get them to buy in to the country, and feed it money, so it could prosper.

In another, she knew this was potentially a dark day for someone, or somewhere.

Most of the guards were not hired by the invididuals standing before her, but rather by the village. Every single one of those individuals had motive, and very likely means, to kill another. They each held great power and influence, and if their death could be interpreted as accidental, or their death be delayed long enough such as through poison, than many gains could be made, scooping up the dreges in the wake of the company.

Well, some were like that. Others, like William, were likely so "on the top" of their companies that, quite frankly, Emi expected he had nothing to do on most days. Just sit there and look rich.

"And that concludes my overview of the Northeastern branch of the Northern Rice and Sake Trading Company. While I would love to hear your thoughts on this, I believe it is time for us to move to the next sight."

Emi returned to the group, and began leading them through the countryside again.

Emi had taken them to see multiple sights around the Moon country. It was painful, in a way, to acknowledge that most of these things were not 'good' but rather, 'good enough'. Even the pinnacle of the tour, overlooking the village itself, felt bad. Worse still was having to cut it short. Emi had been worried about rain all day. That had come true. And worse still were the tendrils descending from clouds in the distance, threatening tornados.

Matune, who had been silently fuming with rage ever since Emi's derobing, was the one to speak up and end the event early. To tell them to get home quickly and safely, or return to the village for temporary shelter.

The 'sightseers' by and large decided to find other accomodations.

Emi was ready to end her day. She wanted to return to the village, and fall into a bed for the next twelve hours.

But no, she had to learn more about this Mizuki woman. Try to get the last of the big deals through the thick heads of the elders and her negotiators.

And respond to that dreadful message from a place she had not even fucking heard about.

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Mizuki Ohta
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Guarding some weak ass NPCs Empty Re: Guarding some weak ass NPCs

Sun Dec 11, 2022 1:53 pm
Her gaze shifted from the gathered people to the sudden uptick in Emi’s heartbeat, and just in time it seemed, as she was able to witness the woman’s true spirit come out. As if the garb she shredded under her hand was nothing more than tissue paper she ripped it off her body and in turn exposed her true grit. The smile that crept on Mizu’s face was something akin to sinister approval - the girl was far more than the initial meeting had shown and the woman who declared herself was closer to the kind of people she would rather deal with. Even in the apparent upheaval of her heart she stood fast and stern in front of those who openly spoke ill, it took a certain character to be able to do that without getting overly emotional. The smile she wore toned itself down into a smirk almost instantly as her gaze returned to the group to watch their reactions to her display.

All seemed to be going smoothly after that minor corrective action and Emi seemed much more comfortable in more normal attire - tradition was too long held onto in her opinion and it was heartening to see another take up the mantle so readily. As the tour continued through the countryside it felt like a walk through memory lane, while her guard wasn’t completely up she still kept at least most of her attention to the hired guards and the rest meandered through her ideals on traditionalism as a whole. Finally though as Matsune dismissed the group she returned her attention fully to Emi, a smile of approval marking her face as she held her hands clasped behind her back.

“Quite the strong display of will there Lady Komekage, I can’t say I wasn’t pleased to see it. It’s good to know the merit of a potential ally, and yours seems to be true to your colors with a distaste toward outdated traditions.” As she turned her face toward the shops at either side of them on the lane her interest peaked at a familiar looking bar, and her features softened in remembrance. “After the days events I could use a strong drink, do you agree?” She would wait for the woman's agreement, if she didn't receive it she would bow her head slightly in respect and head off alone.

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Guarding some weak ass NPCs Empty Re: Guarding some weak ass NPCs

Sun Dec 11, 2022 5:22 pm

"...I could stand to get really drunk right now."

But Emi could not. She had work to do, and, most importantly...

She had Mizuki here, now. She matched the descriptions, and while technically, this was the world of ninja...

Emi needed something to go her way.  She did not think this Mizuki was some random shapeshifter. Certainly not one pretending to be Mizuki.

A lot matched up. Emi had, admittedly, let the happenings get the better of her more than once, and had spent far more time reading up on this Mizuki that other, important village tasks.

She was... not entirely sure she could trust this woman.

But she was the equivalent of a fucking child invited to speak with giants.

So, perhaps she was wrong to think this, but, in her belief, she needed someone strong on her side.

And that was something her village, her home, was lacking.

That was something that Mizuki was not. Not to the same degree, at the least.

She would go to the bar.

"Just get me a big glass of normal water. Charge it as a club soda or whatever, I just want normal water."

Emi had let her sensibilities get the best of her, even if the rich fucks had all already left. She had ordered at the bar, then gone to sit at a booth in the corner of the room. This WOULD look to be the 'sketchy' corner. But it was where Emi sat, and the handful of side eyes she got be damned.

Nearly as soon as she sat, she crossed her arms and laid her head upon them, sideways, so as to not completely cut herself off from the world.

Matsune had basically forced herself into coming with, but at the least she was willing to sit at another table, waiting for the two to have their conversation.

When Mizu joined her, Emi would begin the talk. She needed to explain the situation, and the only reason she would NOT talk is if someone was in earshot.

She explained much. The disappearance of kages, the letter from a land thought destroyed, a summons to a most terrifying event.

Emi spoke of a hope. She was weak. Very weak. She knew this. She tried to live up to her role, her position. She hoped she was doing well. The events today perhaps supported that belief.

She wanted a bodyguard. A good one.

Mizuki was well regarded by her formers, and she had little reason to think this regard was misplaced.

Money. A financial transaction. Pay to act as a bodyguard for the foreseeable future. At least until Emi was back

At the same time, Emi sought to do things herself.

She was trying, she truly was. But it was just... eluding her. The simple knowledge she seeked.

It was annoying, explaining all this to someone she had met only hours ago.

At the same time, it was somewhat freeing. These things had been bothering her for a LONG time. She felt below par, unneeded. She...

"WHAT? You deny the greatest Architect of ALL TIME, I, The Great Jamil Proctor, another drink!?"

"Ye've not paid for the last three 'et! Pay 'or dos' and 'e ca' ta'k!"

Emi fought the urge to cry. She had heard this guy was 'eccentric' but nobody said this.

"I'm good for my word! I've got a big job next, and I shall pay you in full!"

"I ain' know you fa' sheet. Pay uh or get."

Emi was out of the chair perhaps too quickly.

"This is coming out of your paycheck, Jamil," she said as she looked to the bartender.
"How much does this guy owe?"

Even as the bartender was starting to say the amount, some absurd number that should have been way higher than the cost of three drinks (at yet Emi somehow believed the poor guy), Jamil spoke up.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Emi Tanaka. The Komekage. Your next job is supposed to be in my village. Now shut up, I'm trying to pay for you." Emi said this hushed. The bartender may have heard, but it was unlikely anyone else in the bar, unless they had followed her closely, had heard.

It was this point Emi noticed the not insignificant amount of people gathering around her and Jamil. Fuck she hated this.

"We should leave."

"Nonsense," he said. "These are my bodygu-"

Emi literally shoved him to the floor. The axe had nearly cut his head off.

"Hey fucker, we are supposed to take him alive!!" said on of the other thugs. They swung, and Emi blocked the punch, jumping in the way.

But she did not just block the punch. As it came flying in, the way her arm shifted... a blue dust like cloud came into being, and the one who had punched her fell unconscious almost instantly.

Emi noted to herself that there were civilians in this group. Best to not go too hard in case they were all civilians.

That, however, was very quickly alleviated.

"She's a ninja! Run!"

Quickly, most of the thugs, who were apparently Jamil's 'Hired Guards' fled as fast as they could. That left only three individuals. Emi made the assumption that they were also ninja.

Or they had a death wish.

Three handseals were formed before Emi held out her hand towards one of the three. her pointed finger was extended, and, fittingly for the pointer finger, pointed at one of the three 'probably a ninja's.

With a quick movement of her thumb, a beam of light, similar in color to the dustlike cloud from earlier, shot out, finding its way through the knee of one of the three assailants.

She was right, they were a ninja, as she watched a green glow appear on their knee at the site of the wound.

The other two, however, had thought better of it and run. The only one remaining could not run. They were not particularly strong as Emi threw them to the ground and pulled their hands up, holding them tightly, until someone brought her a rope to tie up the poor fellow.

"So help me Jamil we are leaving NOW. I am tired of today, we are going back, and you are talking with the mission board about those hired 'guards'."

Emi would literally slam a fist full of money onto the bar before leaving. The only reason she was not dragging Jamil was because she feared that would be the straw that broke the camel's back for this conceited fucker.

She walked home, hoping that Mizuki, who she had just explained so much to, was following.

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Guarding some weak ass NPCs Empty Re: Guarding some weak ass NPCs

Sun Dec 11, 2022 9:41 pm

Crom in disguise
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Guarding some weak ass NPCs Empty Re: Guarding some weak ass NPCs

Mon Dec 12, 2022 11:02 pm
She was pleased to have company and the small smile that adorned her face as they entered and sat down remained, maybe even growing as the girl ordered a large glass of water. Ordering an aged bourbon on rocks herself she watched the emotional state of her companion closely - waiting. The girl took a moment to herself with her head rested on her arms before she began, the story she weaved was indeed a tale that made her mind buzz. Sipping at her bourbon she sat back with an ease to her body language, one leg up on the bench and knee propped against the table with her arm slung easily over top.

To hear of the upcoming events, another summit - it made the embers of her rage relight with a small burst of recognition that the game of politics was entering a new round of play; this time with new unknown players. The pondering in her mind was interrupted by a disturbance at the bar - an unpaid tab seemed to be riling up the bartender. Squinting her eyes she moved to stand but Emi was a breath ahead of her and already moving to the bar - sighing to herself she quickly drained what was left of her drink and followed a step behind the woman. She hadn’t agreed fully to the idea of being a bodyguard but it would do her no good if she lost the chance to say yes from a drunkard’s actions.

Glass still in hand and ready to be thrown if a brawl erupted - she watched with elation as the woman handled herself as easily as she hoped. Not as helpless then are you… Instead of stepping into the mess of bodies and shouting she simply set the glass down and followed the hissing woman and the drunk Jamil out the bar - a devilish smirk lacing her lips. Bringing up the rear she felt at ease, violence always seemed to soothe the itch in her soul - and this woman had enough rage in her that just waited to be released.

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Wed Dec 14, 2022 1:13 pm
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