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Sebastian Loghain
Sebastian Loghain
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A Lot to Think About Empty A Lot to Think About

Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:10 pm
Why was he doing this? Loghain would walk the streets, a basic patrol of the area. He wasn't doing anything of any importance really. The village has felt peaceful as of late. Perhaps it was the nature of the season, or perhaps the village was quiet due to the actions taken against those who would threaten it. Whether those threats are external or internal probably did not really matter, as the full might of the village military could come down at a moments notice, striking harder and faster than most could even realize. 

Since it had been so quiet, the wolf would find himself walking up to a nearby restaurant and sitting down. It was a small hole in the wall kind of place, but that was not a mark against it in the eyes of the wolf. Such places were where the common man could be found, and that was where he felt he fit in best. His rank might have increased to that of Jounin, but the wolf still felt a bit out of place at times. Not having been born and raised as a shinobi he had a bit of a different perspective on the whole thing. Despite his unfortunate bloodline, we wasn't bred to become a military asset and weapon. A bit ironic when you consider that in the end, that is just what he was. He always wanted to have that distinction, the line he could draw to say that he was on his own path and that he was his own person. He wanted to be something other than the monstrous creature within, something he could say proudly. Jounin of the village was a prestigious rank, and it definitely was something that he should take pride in, but what did that rank truly mean? It was granted for his willingness to risk everything to defend the village that he calls home, but at the exact same time his rank was entirely due to his lineage. Not because he was some noble or highborn, given title purely because of wealth or political clout. His lycanthropic lineage is what molded him into a warrior, a combatant willing to throw himself directly into the path of danger and destruction. Would he even be the same person if he had not been cursed so? When one is capable of rapidly healing any wounds inflicted upon them, those wounds start to lack meaning. Was it truly courageous to fling himself into battle for the village, or did he simply just use his natural werewolf abilities like a crutch? 

He was really starting to ponder it all, and think back to each major scene of conflict he had come across. Each one was exactly like the one before it. He would allow the violence within him to awaken, taking over his body and flooding his body with biochemicals. Cutting down swaths of enemies, spilling their blood without a shred of mercy or twinkle of doubt in his eyes. Once the creature awakened, blood would be spilled. And when push came to shove, Loghain always let the wolf take over. He relied on its senses, its natural combat prowess and violent tendencies to pull him out of any situation. Without it, what was he capable of? His shinobi studies were very rudimentary, only having just started taking on more advanced studies in chakra manipulation and molding. Hell, even his physical training left much to be desired when push came to shove. The man came to the realization that he depended on the wolf entirely, understanding that without it he was practically nothing. Minimal true shinobi training, a lack of a real arsenal of ninjutsu to pull from. If he were to wake up tomorrow without the wolf... would he have any right to call himself a Jounin? Hell, would the village even still call him one knowing that he held no particular skillset that would allow him to come to the aide of the village in its need?

The cook would finally get around to the man, asking him what he would like to eat. "Some sort of meat based dish. Chef's choice. This place looks like it can cook up some good food, and the kitchen smells like it has all sorts of good stuff back there." The cook would smile and nod, turning around and making his way back into the kitchen. There was only one other patron at the establishment, and they seemed to be focused on forgetting the problems of the day with various alcoholic beverages, the glasses of such piling up in front of him. Two tall empty glasses that had the smell on them that hinted at beer, along with four shot glasses and a third tall glass still half full. It would seem as though they were slowing down a bit now, only sipping on it as Loghain waited for his meal.

The smell of cooked meat filled the air as the chef brought out the wolf's plate. On it was a piece of grilled chicken, smothered in spices and resting on a bed of rice and vegetables. Loghain would thank the man, grabbing his fork and digging in with gusto. He had a lot on his mind and still yet a great deal to think about, but those thoughts escaped for now as he focused entirely on the meal. 

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