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Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
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Sat Jun 25, 2022 9:11 pm
There he was, a lone teenager in a world filled with various threats and pleasures. One built on the body and blood of those fallen prior, one where the ones laughing and living owe their freedom to those who have come to pass and to those who give their lives in sacrifice for them. No one asks those who give it all for those who just want to live but in the end there is something different about those who are willing to put their lives on the line for those around them in some way, shape or form. So why was Crom here? Why did Crom decide to become a Shinobi? He disliked being around others, he felt no closeness to his family as they had felt no closeness to him. Crom had and has simply been going with the path that was put in front of him because he had no desire for anything else. He was brought up to view the lives of others slightly more important than his own for one reason or another and at the end of the day he didn’t have anything that clashed with that point of view or mindset.
So everyday Crom trained himself in seclusion or separated from others, avoiding those who he could be paired with on any mission or teamed with on the battlefield of any war or conflict that might arise. It didn’t make sense to most as a cohesive team was always going to do better then one that couldn’t mesh or function together on some level. Knowing this Crom trained more, He practiced his skills and techniques. His ability to fight hand to hand would always be sub-par compared to those of the Uchiha, Hyuuga or Kaguya, those clans were known for excelling in Taijutsu. Crom could simply fight as well as you would expect from any Shinobi but he would never be classified as one of the best at it at any point in his life. This was something that Crom knew as well, he was aware of his flaws of his shortcomings and he trained some more. Nothing was pushing him to train except that he was aware of what he needed to survive. If he slipped or slacked on the skills and abilities he would need to survive against an enemy then he wouldn’t simply have lost some fight like between children or be let off because he was younger then the other Crom would lose his life and from there would lose all futures and possibilities he could have had.
Maybe that was the reason why he trained so much. For what could be and not what is. Crom enjoyed reading and learning, the letters on a scroll or in a book flowed into his brain as he gained a wide variety of knowledge on some important things and somethings that would never be brought up again after he closed that medium. It was a soothing activity for the young man, his mind focused on a single topic transported to lands far and wide and different but sometimes similar to his own. Living through the lives presented to him by the ones who wrote these articles, Crom was sure that even if his clan itself wasn’t already naturally paler then the moon he would have still been lacking in melanin from his homebody habits. Outside wasn’t worth the extended effort it took to deal with on various factors and while inside his own area he could simply do what he wished and the books never caused him issues except when it came to being completed. Only then did Crom have to truly venture outside his home, to collect more literature to devour and complete tasks to sustain his way of life. Crom doubted he would ever truly grow beyond this kind of lifestyle, he at times wished to be those in the books he read, running off on grand adventures defeating obstacles and enemies of great difficulty and strength but he would pass by mirror or a river and see his reflection and he would be reminded at where he was and his own lacking.
So he trained. He strived for excellence in what he could, obeying orders, finishing missions quickly and efficiently, resting when needed to keep from injury and training his body and mind to stay sharp. Crom knew there would always be some hole in his life, one that he would chase a variety of things to see what could or would fill the spot there. Some day he might become more then what he was right now but for now and in the present Crom knew that he had to simply continue through every day doing what he could and thought was the best course of action for himself, only through this constant drive and effort would he be able to have the options of the various possibilities that the future could have for him.
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