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Rizuke Uchiha
Stat Page : Stat Page
Genjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 500

A ninja's woes Empty A ninja's woes

Mon Jun 20, 2022 10:10 pm
A Ninja's Woes:

It was a warm summer's morning in Kumogakure, the sun was shining bright, and the people had flooded the streets in a desperate hope to accomplish whatever goals they had set for themselves that day. There was shinobi training at the training grounds, the academy students were inside the academy learning to become sharp tools for the Raikage's mission, whatever that may be. There were hundreds of people crowding the streets at this point, the only way to move around if you were a shinobi would be on the rooftops. They were getting hot so if you couldn't handle the heat, you may not want to be a shinobi in Kumogakure. The birds out here were raptors which meant they were big and just like the villagers if you were small prey you could be swooped up. Kumogakure was a ruthless place, you had to be tough and always vigilant. This was a village that allowed for missing ninjas to walk openly through the city gates. The environment was unforgiving as the people who inhabited Kumogakure.
Rizuke was wandering around the village by the rooftop, he had a disappointing chat with his mother earlier in the day, but he didn't want to dwell on it, being appointed as Kumogakure's military force meant he could take his mind off of the current problems in his life and worry about something else for a while, give him some time to put things into perspective. Riz was pretty bummed out, he didn't like his parents being upset with him. He thought a trip around the Village would do him a favor, but it wasn't working. Rizuke thought about ways he could make up what had happened at home and was just coming up with a lot of blanks. The day reached its apex as Rizuke decided he would do a mission for the village. He was going to make some money and maybe buy his mom something nice. He arrived at the mission board just afternoon and he decided he didn't want to do something too easy, but he didn't want something too stressful. He looked around there wasn't much to choose from, one of the raptors had stolen a purse, not that one again, patrolling the village headquarters, not today. None of these missions seemed to peak Rizuke's interests. One had come in while he was standing there though. Apparently, there was a shinobi going through it and decided to drink his pain away, except he was becoming belligerent. Maybe if Rizuke could help this guy, he could help himself find an answer about what he should do about the problems he was having in his own life. 
Rizuke headed for the Drunken Kage bar. This bar was beautiful, it had radiantly colored lights outside beckoning all who approached. The fragrances of the women that would enter the bar would entice any man to try their luck at leaving the bar with a dame by their side. While some men would use charm to lure the ladies, others would use their power either in the city or as a shinobi to woo the women, while others sat back and enjoyed the show. This was a bar that everyone in Kumogakure would want to be at every night after a long day's work. The drinks were stiff, but the ladies were limber, and the music played in the background to men showing off their physical and mental, or powerful prowess to each other. With so much testosterone in one little building things usually escalated to barbaric rapidly. Tonight was no exception, the crowd inside and outside was already rowdy with five fights that had already broken out between patrons. Rizuke was astonished he approached he was stopped by a huge man. "Boy, I know you're not eighteen state your business. This is a privet bar and children aren't allowed." He would say making himself appear bigger to the sixteen-year-old. "Listen, sir, I'm not here to partake in tonight's festivities, I'm here on official Kumogakure business. There's a patron inside that it's time for him to get cut off, and for him to go home, may I retrieve the aforementioned, individual?" Rizuke would ask trying to speed things up with the bouncer who didn't seem to care Rizuke meant business and didn't want to be there longer than he had to be. "Alright kid, but if you mess around, just know it'll be me pulverizing your sorry ass.." He would move to the side to escort Rizuke into the crowded and violent bar. They were able to find the sorry sap that Rizuke was sent for immediately, as he was covered in his own vomit trying to corner the waitress, with five or six men trying to pull him away. "Listen to my words Aikama, I have been sent here by order of the Raikage to get you out of here by any means necessary, but I would like to do it the easy way. Want to go get some food? I'm underage so I can only be in here temporarily." Rizuke would finish extending his outreached hand to a comrade to help him through the bar. The men that were pulling on him let him go, and he joined Rizuke. "Thanks for the assist little buddy, I could go for some sushi." The older drunker shinobi would say to his younger counterpart, "You buying? I spent my stipend on sake." The man would say with a deep laugh. Rizuke had no option but to oblige. It had seemed that Rizuke had already cheered up his comrade this was worth the trouble. They walked to the sushi restaurant laughing and talking about life. Rizuke would realize he could probably talk to his mom in the morning about his troubles and she would forgive him for his transgressions once she had some time to recuperate from the quarrel. They ate some sushi and finished their night Rizuke would take his mission slip to whoever accepted the finished slips.

[Finish Claims]
Ryo: 2000 AP: 10
WC: 1003

10 to vigor

Sharingan 2000/2000
Great Fireball 134/2000
Hayato Yuki
Hayato Yuki
Stat Page : Frigid Blade
Remove Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
Wind Water Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 21270

A ninja's woes Empty Re: A ninja's woes

Wed Jun 22, 2022 4:08 pm
approved, but in the future please link the previous thread you accrued word count from so the approver can find it easier.
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