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Nagisa Honemushi
Nagisa Honemushi
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Nagisa Honemushi Empty Nagisa Honemushi

Thu Jun 09, 2022 11:05 pm
Nagisa Honemushi

Nagisa Honemushi 135191
Basic Information

Age: 19
Birthday:  3/26
Gender: Female

Height: 5'2
Weight: 99lbs
Appearance: Nagisa is a thin, short, small and frail looking girl. Her skin is tanned and her hair is long, wavey,  and dark brown. She is rarely seen without an animated look on her face. She smiles big, she poses hard, and she makes a big fuss when things aren’t going her way. Her clothes range with how she’s feeling sometimes it’s androgenous other times very feminine or masculine. She does care about how she looks if she’s going out, but what she chooses from the closet is anyone’s guess. If she’s not going anywhere in particular, she might just show up in jeans, sandals and a blouse. Her eyes are dark chocolate that pierce into whoever they look at unless her Sharingan is active then of course they are a deep red with black patterns that one would expect.  

Personality: She loves all animals, but likes cats and dogs the most. She is very friendly with other people and animals.  Being raised during the harsh times Konoha faced, Nagisa isn’t oblivious to hardship, but she often chooses to have fun and look on the brighter side of things instead of dwelling on the past. She tries to bring people up though she is also a little mischievous in her methods of encouragement. She’s goofy and fun loving and cares little of what others around her think of her. She is an impatient person and tends to rush herself and others through tasks. She has a heart of gold and wants the best for everyone.

Likes: Animals, coffee, shy people, ice cream, 
Dislikes: cowards, animal abusers, bullies, sour foods, green tea

History: Born to a young woman, Nagisa lived a simple life with her mother, and grandparents. She was told little of her heritage besides her mother once lived in the land of lightning before coming to the village hidden in the leaves. Nagisa’s family runs an animal shelter, and kennel that she helped out with often while frowning up. She was going to continue the family business, but decided to try her hand at the ninja academy. She made this decision after a shinobi patrolman helped her when being followed and harassed by visiting shinobi. While she was able to mostly handle herself in a battle of words, she wasn’t intimidating enough to a full fledged shinobi given her small stature. The patrolman walked her home and his presence was enough to deter the men from pursuing further. She decided that, while helping animals was great, it would be great to help people and her home as well. Her family was against the decision citing the inherent danger of the career, her age, 15 at the time, and the difficulty of the academy, but Nagisa wasn’t deterred. She could feel that there was something they weren’t telling her. The real reason they didn’t want her to enroll was being hidden from her, but she continued with her goal anyways. Nagisa was a stubborn girl so once she put her mind to it there was nothing to be done.

During her time in the academy, Nagisa met a girl by the name of Lynn that she had fun teasing and talking to. Lynn was a bit reserved, but Nagisa seemed to know how to push her buttons and get her to act in the way she wanted. After bringing her out of her shell, the two became friends. Nagisa even gave her the nickname “pine tree”. Lynn helped her with her studies, learning genjutsu, and kept her out of trouble with other kids. Nagisa helped defend Lynn when she got too hurt, and kept her spirits up with her antics, like the time they released lizards into the boys restroom. It was a nice relationship that Nagisa quite enjoyed. She invited Lynn over to hangout after the academy when she was able. They both loved animals and playing with them at the Honemushi shelter and kennel. Lynn did well enough in the academy despite her hardships and graduated before Nagisa. It was only fair since Lynn had started before her as well. Nagisa was excited for Lynn, but she was given the cold shoulder and told that Lynn “needed some space”. Nagisa could feel the cold in her voice that her friend was serious. Nagisa would usually push back and she did, but Lynn was firm. Nagisa didn’t bother her anymore, and the minor heartbreak fueled her studies. Though she had been struggling with her academics in the academy, her desire to not get left behind and fulfill her own dreams helped push her though and finally she graduated at 19. 

Now as a newly minted genin, Nagisa would take the task head on. She knew she had a lot to learn, but she felt she was going to like the life of a shinobi. She would set out to help as many people as she could with her brand new headband wrapped tightly around her head.     

Ninja Traits

Rank: D-rank
Village: Konohagakure
Element(s): Fire
Specialties: Space-Time
Clan: Uchiha
Bloodline Bonuses: Sharingan, Uchiha Gentics(Chakra)


Health: 100
Vigor: 30
Chakra: 30 (+25)
Speed: 30
Strength: 10

The Player

Other Characters: Hayato Yuki, Ren Kagura, Yusuke Sarutobi
Faceclaim Name and Series: Inukashi from No.6
Roleplay Sample: N/A
Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
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Nagisa Honemushi Empty Re: Nagisa Honemushi

Fri Jun 10, 2022 6:15 pm
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