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Picking Flowers Empty Picking Flowers

Fri May 20, 2022 10:44 pm

The burning of the Black Forest that surrounded the village and had a mixed reception of those who lived in the village had destroyed a vast majority of the plants and foliage but it seemed that there was a valuable plant that thrived in all that destruction. A special Scarlet Flower that apparently was very important for those in the medical profession. The urgent mission was posted to the village mission board and it was here that Karro found the mission slip on the board and decided that it seemed like the perfect mission to do after getting done with his yearly check up with the doctor. Now it was time to do some actual work and at least this time he wouldn’t be handling the remains of someone’s cubed flesh.
A shudder went through his body remembering how weirdly jiggly the cube was made of pure flesh from what the old man had told him which not to surprisingly Karro had not asked for that information. Shaking the thought from his head he had went home to make sure he was in clothes he didn’t mind messing up and made his way to where the client had specified to meet. Karro assumed this was so they could send people out in groups or cover a section before moving to another to save time. Arriving at a building that sat on the edge of the Village just before the Forest lined with the burnt looking trees Karro looked for someone to speak to so he could get started on his job and maybe get some more missions done before he called it quits for the day. The toll of doing higher ranked missions that he wasn’t use to was a bit more rough then he had expected, though he could still feel the growth of his physical ability with every completion. “Maybe I won’t have to wait to get promoted as long as I thought.” Karro thought to himself as he knew that there were certain ways to get promoted to Chunin quickly if you had the strength and experience for it.
Finally locating a man in his late 20s wearing large rimmed glasses and had brown hair Karro called out to the man. “Excuse me, I’m here to help with the retrieval of the Scarlet Flowers growing in the area.” The man turned to him and squinted mistaking Karro for some lost child for a moment but then noticing the headband clearly showing he was in fact a shinobi of the village and not some academy student. “Oh welcome welcome. Yes so all we need is people to go to the marked location on these maps that we got for you guys and gather as many intact specimen of the Scarlet Flowers.” The man started to explain pulling out the maps he spoke off showing where they were and the location marked on the map, Going over in detail how to get there and any dangers in the area. “So for the best results as I don’t know how much knowledge you have on proper harvest of things like this, digging at the base of the flower and grabbing some of its roots will allow it to last longer and let us replant them for breeding and study so do your best to retrieve them as explained.” The man said as he had gone through the motion on how to do what he explained.
Karro nodded along taking in the information he was more ready for this to be done with so he could go do something else that wasn’t just gardening but he memorized what he was told because he would be damned if he didn’t produce top results from a mission he was undertaking. Karro’s Pride wouldn’t let him do any sub-par work when it came to anything though this was sometimes an issue for some things but that was a problem for some other day. So once the man had finished his explanations and given Karro the map, Karro made his way off to the location with a carrying bag the man had given him for transport of the flowers.
The journey to where the flowers were growing and thriving was a quite an annoying walk, Karro thought that if the foliage and underbrush had been burned away that the walk through the woods would be pretty simple but really all this did was cover any holes and roots with the ash and debris which caused Karro to be a bit more aware of where he put his feet when it came to making his way there. Though eventually as all things the travel and journey came to an end and he was in a field of blood red flowers that spanned the whole area. It was a sight to behold but Karro didn’t want to be awed for much longer as it was taking away his time to do more missions and get some more money.
So he quickly began his work, digging out the base of the flower making sure to get some roots and put them in his container that was provided to him by the man previously. It didn’t feel like to much time had passed but he was already a good way through the field and his bag was almost overfilling with the amount of flowers he had collected. He knew he could get a couple more in there but it was at the point he would start damaging the ones he had already collected if he kept it up. Karro made the decision that it was time to head back and turn in what he had and see if that was enough for the mission to be considered completed. So making sure to backtrack and a bit more sure of the path Karro arrived back to the building on the outskirts and found the man once more. “Where do you want these flowers?” Karro asked as he grew closer to the man to which the man looked up and recognizing Karro pointed over to the table against the wall. “Lets see how you did shall we?” The man said as they went through the flowers and despite it being Karro’s first time the worker was quite impressed it wasn’t high grade retrieval but for a person who didn’t have any knowledge or expertise on harvesting plants it was quite good and the man was happy with the work Karro did.

“Great job young man. Let me get that slip and I’ll throw my signature on it and you can go get paid.” The man said with a smile on his face as Karro handed him the slip to sign. Once it was taken care of and the bag returned to the man Karro left the building making his way back to where the building was located that for the turn in.
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Picking Flowers Empty Re: Picking Flowers

Fri May 20, 2022 11:10 pm
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