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Doctor's Visit Empty Doctor's Visit

Sat May 21, 2022 10:57 am

Of course it was that time of year once more. It was time for Karro’s yearly check up with the doctor that was required by the Kage for all people to maintain the populace and stop any unknown disease from spreading to fast. The minimum was at least one doctor’s visit a year for this check up but it was encouraged in the long run to go whenever something was off about your body to mitigate any underlying issues as Kumo was a village built on maintaining its strength and improving those in the village so they can be strong on their own thus bolstering Kumo’s Military power overall.
It was actually quite nice that even though the higher ups will run you into the dirt while training, working or anything else they will also make sure you get paid for your work and plenty of benefits on the side after completing the tasks given to you. Another incentive they put on this visit so more people would go is that they do pay you do go see the doctor, nothing like a quick visit to the doctor for an easy two thousand Ryo. Maybe if he was lucky Karro might have grown a couple of inches since he last visit though as he eyed the markings on the wall of his constant measuring. He knew deep down he hadn’t grown at all in height though he was sure he had put on some more muscle as he had felt that he was getting stronger from the missions  he had done so far.
Something about the Kaguya bloodline in him spoke to him about being stronger Karro was sure that the biggest reason he was so set on being better then everyone was because of his heritage and genes. From how his parents explained it the Kaguya have always been known as frontline fighters that were almost like borderline berserkers. So fighting and being powerful was something that he was just going to aim for no matter what, though his short height seemed to make the fierceness of the Clan that much worse as he took his anger and desire to be better then others on those he found weak and worthless. A lot of people definitely whispered behind his back that he had what they called “Short Man Syndrome” which poked and prodded Karro whenever he heard it as it was true. Karro hated being so short for his age he was constantly mistaken for some lost child and it didn’t help that his features were very baby face in general.
Shaking his head to stop that train of thinking, Karro got ready for the day and the visit to the doctor. Cleaning up his room and getting dressed Karro was ready to head off to the doctor’s office to get this check up done and over with. The trek to the office wasn’t to bad the weather was nice today and in the long run the office wasn’t to far from his own house, so he enjoyed the stroll. Just as he was really enjoying himself with the stroll he was at the office building and it was time to get check in. Moving inside to the waiting room and then to the front desk Karro stood there waiting for the receptionist to acknowledge him. This ended up taking some time and Karro was slowly getting more and more upset until he heard someone speak up, “Excuse me little one? Are you lost?” The receptionist said over her glasses looking at him with some concern. “I can call for your parent if you guys got separated.” Karro smiled with a strained look on his face. “No I am here to do my yearly check up. I am a Genin.” He said as politely as he could manage as he could feel his blood boil.
The lady looked at the young boy in front of him and looked up who had appointments for the day and seeing the picture of the boy on her files she looked over at the boy, “Oh I’m sorry, you just look so young.” She apologized to the boy who looked like he could be the same age as her son. “You can take a seat right over there and the nurse will call you back.” She explained pointing to the seats in the waiting room.
Karro nodded his head and turned stiffly towards the seats as he silently fumed to himself and tried to calm down as if he made a scene here they wouldn’t pay him for his check up and he could get in trouble with the highers. It wasn’t long till a woman from the back came out to the waiting room, “Karro? Is there a Karro here?” She called looking around. Karro raised his hand and stood up, “Right here.” He walked towards her as she looked him over and shrugged leading the way to the room that Karro would be getting his check up down in.
“Pop a squat on that seat over there and the doc will be in shortly.” She said as she pointed out the seat and left Karro to wait some more in this little room. Though again it wasn’t a long wait as a man in his early 30s came in and was looking over what Karro assumed was his chart. “Mr. Karro?” He said as he looked at this child in his room. “Yes I am him. Just here for my check up.” Karro said with a hint of disdain.
“Very well, lets make this quick and get you out of here.” The Doctor said ignoring the hint of disdain in Karro’s voice as he was use to shinobi having an attitude, it was like it was a requirement for them. “This won’t take long so bear with me.” He said as he begun going through the various tests and check up that was needed and finding nothing wrong he gave Karro a clean bill of health and a slip for Karro to turn into the people in charge of paying them for the visit. “Alright you’re all good son.” He said as he directed him towards the door. Karro was glad to be done with the check up and was more then ready to be on his way to get paid and possible knock out some more missions before the day was over.

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Doctor's Visit Empty Re: Doctor's Visit

Sat May 21, 2022 11:05 am
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