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Vulture Empty Vulture

Sun May 08, 2022 10:14 am
That's My Purse! I Don't Know You!

Just another mission to complete as Karro stared at the board looking for something to do that didn’t involve bird shit, flesh cubes or dead bodies as his recent streak of missions seemed to really deal with a lot of the disgusting side of the world or things in general. So Karro really strained himself to make sure the next mission he took didn’t involve any of those things, finally he spied one that talked about birds which he at first was against just cause it might be another clean up mission and he had no interest but he noticed it talked about purses too so out of curiosity Karro snagged the slip and read it over again.

“So some bird is stealing purses and disappearing up onto the cliff nearby.” Karro mumbled as he talked to himself. “Just got to get the purses back and that’s all.” He thought to himself as he went to the listed place on the slip and went to find the person who had put up the mission. “I’m here to get some purses back from some pesky bird!” He called out loud enough for the people around to hear him, a door opened as a older lady peeked out at him. “You the one who took the request?” She said with some doubt, “Tsk…its up on that cliff next door.” She said as she slammed the door thinking that the boy wouldn’t be able to complete the task as the vulture looked big enough to carry him away if it wanted too.

Karro could feel the annoyance and anger rise in him as he was sick of people thinking he was some child. He was a Genin, people should be listening to him especially civilians, This was Kumo Might makes Right. He had an urge to bust in the door but decided to take out the annoyance on the cliff and stupid bird. So he went outside and looked next door as told and there was a large cliff but Karro wasn’t sure if any birds made a nest up there or if the vulture was there anymore but that question got answered as he watched a large vulture fly past him with another purse in its mouth. “Well that answers that.” Karro thought to himself as he slowly but surely begun to climb the cliffside with its many hand and footholds. He could have simply used the tree climbing technique but he was more then confident in his ability to climb and the strength in his hands and fingers as he scaled the side of the cliff face.

Just as he was about to poke his head over the edge he listened for any movement and not hearing any of it he looked over the edge and saw a large nest laid with purses of all kind but the common factor was how shiny they were, glinting and glittering in the sunlight. In the center laid the culprit asleep and unaware. So Karro snuck as much as he could before he jumped the sleeping bird and using his strength snapped the birds neck. Snatching up the purses and climbing back down the cliff face he banged on the old ladies door, it opened slowly with her eyes looking out from the crack then drawn immediately to the large pile of purses opening the door fully. “So it had stolen so many purses over the years. Seems looks can be deceiving.” The old lady said rethinking her impression of Karro. “Thank you, you’ve done your job here.” She said as he took care of his paperwork from her side and sent him on his way.

Karro returned to the building that housed the mission board and finalized whatever paperwork he needed to get his reward.

TWC 632
Stat Claims 6: 6 to Strength
632 Words to Armor of Bone 1500/1500
Claiming 1000 Ryo and 5 AP for Mission Completion
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Yagi Raitenno
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Vulture Empty Re: Vulture

Tue May 10, 2022 12:19 am
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