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Baruga Ryoinsatsu
Baruga Ryoinsatsu
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Rules of Nature (Mission/Duo) - Page 2 Empty Re: Rules of Nature (Mission/Duo)

Sat May 28, 2022 1:35 pm
'Where her current limits lay'...?

Tch. So he really did expect her to have a life revelation about understanding her weakness and place in the world, didn't he?

...Fine. She wasn't one to turn down a bit of zen philosophy. And if his way of thinking was truly necessary to becoming powerful enough to defend oneself in this cursed world, then who was she to argue?

Once he left, she had enough feeling in her body to call upon her chakra and summon another whale.

However, instead of the hospital, Baruga growled out a peculiar order.

"Take me to the village monastery, then relay an message to those concerned that I'll be taking leave for a month. It's time I did some self-reflection."

So Dr. Sato wanted her to realize her weakness and her futility in this world, did he? He wanted her to get off her high horse and work hard, dedicating herself to some greater good, some common cause, in order to truly become one with nature?

Let the world know that Baruga Ryoinsatsu never did anything in halves.

(In the month that followed, Baruga dedicated herself to this particular monastery — it worshipped the Bishamonten, the Vaisravana, the god of war. It taught her, truly, that she is currently nothing, that her doubts and secrets will be her downfall. As she subsided on bowls of rice and meditated on her worthlessness and learned of the guiding philosophy of war, of conflict, of defense, of peacekeeping — she fully embraced her newfound religion.

And at the end of the month, she considered herself worthy.)

Exiting Thread.

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Crom Orochi
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Rules of Nature (Mission/Duo) - Page 2 Empty Re: Rules of Nature (Mission/Duo)

Sat May 28, 2022 4:37 pm
Approved for both!
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