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It Must Be Done!  Empty It Must Be Done!

Tue Jan 04, 2022 6:01 pm

“Lady Enyo, you have a letter. Looks official.” Saiya stepped into the office of the Goddess of War, handing her the letter from the mission beau; taking a seat before her. The one eyed woman accepted the letter, using her right hand to open and read with her left eye. She would sigh. “Looks like I’m being called into duty.” She said, closing whatever files she had already open before standing at her desk. She would then have a thought. “Saiya, would you like to come with me?” Saiya looked up at her with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe that she was being offered a chance to tag along. “Me? Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to get in your way, Lady Enyo.” Shaking her head and wailing her arms about dramatically. 

Enyo would smile at the sight. It was sweet. “I am. This is nothing more than a few low ranked missions, all within the village. So I think it’s fine. Besides, I’ll be bored without you there.” It was those words alone that gave Saiya such a light in her dark world. She smiled and stood at ready, almost soldier-like. Enyo chuckled, which was the first time she did so in a long time. “At ease, soldier. No need to be so regimental.” Her friend would close her eyes and stick out her tongue while scrunching up her nose. 

As they left the room they would motion towards the lobby where they would find Mai at her usual post, the receptionist desk. “Mai, Saiya and I will be stepping out for a bit. Please inform Dr. Sato of our departure when you get the chance.” Mai would smile and nod as she wrote down what was said to her, a reminder to do just that the moment she see Ichigo after dealing with one of his patients. 

Saiya would wave to Mai, and Mai to her. They women were now off to the first mission. “Lady Enyo, these missions, are they not classified?” Enyo would wave off the question with her right hand. “No, these are D and E rank missions. They are not considered classified.” She would take the letter from her pocket and then read the first mission. It would seem the for some reason, or another, a local’s purse was snatched by a vulture. Perhaps used to add to the nest it’s making for its young? Whatever the case, Enyo was tasks with retrieving it and bringing it back to the owner. “We have to retrieve a purse from a vulture.” That line alone made Saiya question the mission. “A vulture stole someone’s purse?” She had to emphasize to question it. Enyo shrugged. “You’d be surprised what us Shinobi have to deal with before we can actually step foot outside of these mountains. This is just one of the less annoying ones.” 

They would eventually find themselves at the foot of the mountain they set out to find. Enyo looking up would narrow her eyes as she search to locate the bird. Saiya pointing and shouting “Ah, found it!” Enyo looking to where her finger was aimed and saw it too. It was high up, about 90 meters high, nearly 100. She would look to Saiya.  “Are you going to climb this entire thing with just one hand?” Asked the nurse. Enyo would gauge the mountain for a moment. As if she was pondering it. “No, I’m just going to jump up there and bring it back.” Her answer was straightforward, but rather confusing to the other woman. “You’re going to wha-” Without wasting much time, Enyo would bend her knees and propelled herself from the ground. She rocketed up the side of the mountain at such a speed and and height that she could have scaled it all together. Saiya watching from the ground below would look on in amazement. 

The Goddess of War would tower over the nest and see the vulture, spooking it as she notice and snatched the purse. Descending at a great speed she would the kick off the side of the mountain to land a few meters behind Saiya with the bag. “Holy shit! That was amazing! You’re like a super ninja. Never saw anyone jump that high!” The praise was refreshing, the Assistant Surgeon couldn’t help but to smile. “Enough of that, you’ll inflate my ego. Let’s return this to the rightful owner and move on to the next.” They would do just that. Enyo and Saiya would find the woman waiting at the mission beau and handed over the purse that was her. They were thanked graciously for find it. Enyo was even hugged. The woman didn’t even seem phased by her wounds. That was nice, she must admit. After they returned the purse Enyo would pull the letter from her pocket. Reading it she would sigh and put away the note. “Come, we have to deal with some rot.” “Rot?” Saiya repeated. Only to be answered with a look and a shrug of the shoulders. 

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