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Gin Akimichi
Gin Akimichi
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 500

Oh No - Our Genin - He's Broken. Empty Oh No - Our Genin - He's Broken.

Wed Dec 22, 2021 8:36 am

Gin was starting a cold winter day in his bulk cycle which effectively meant that he had to consume more than 10 thousand calories to maintain his body weight. Today, he was returning to active duty as a Chunin of Kumogakure. He hadn’t performed any missions in quite some time nor had he kept up with village affairs – to put it plainly, he had his head in the sand for quite some time and it was finally time to shake off any rust and get straight to action. Rolling out of bed, he grabbed his standard attire – it was comprised of XXXL combat trousers that were created in such fashion that they adapted to the Akimichis quickly growing body; a rather large Kumogakure vest and a forehead protector.

He didn’t bring anything else other than the Jagged Claw sword gifted to him by the Raikage in light of his Chunnin Exam victory. The Sword was strapped to his back with the hilt extending past his right hip. It was strapped in such fashion that it didn’t prevent any of his movements intended not obstruct him as his overly large body was more than big enough enough to compensate for the size of the sword. Armed and ready – he made his way into the village, his first stop was the Mission Office.

Nearing the Mission Office, he quickly realised that it was busier than usual despite it being well past the time of regular mission allocation. Promptly passing the group perched at the entrance, a small argument could be heard. Inside – a woman was arguing with the clerk as well as another Shinobi. She droned on about how her son went on a mission with the Shinobi by her side and has yet to return. Gin rolled his eyes before pushing his massive body into the building. His eyes slowly wondered from the whining female to the slender Shinobi.

“Please – .” – the women darted to the fat mans side – “Please, Sir- Akimichi. Please find my son.” He pled to Gin. It was quite a strange experience; he hadn’t really been active in his role as a Shinobi but had become familiar with a lot of the villagers in the meantime. Without as much as a hesitation Gin responded with a, “Sure.” to which the Mission Clerk rolled her eyes.

“You will be accompanied by someone else Mr Akimichi.” The clerk gestured Gin over before handing him the mission brief. “I’ll call ahead – but you’re to meet your partner at the gates.” – Gin flashed a toothy grin, gently pushed the thankful mother to one side before making his way towards the gates. The instant he left the building the clerk picked up the phone to the gates – “Please ask Lord Sato to stand by for Gin Akimichi who will be joining him on this mission.”

The clerk conveyed the message to a guard who would in turn convey it to the Deputy Kage at such time that he got to the gate. Without much hesitation Gin darted through town in the direction of the humongous gates that fortified the Kumogakure.

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