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Toran Uchiha
Toran Uchiha
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Tue Dec 14, 2021 6:23 pm
Taking the smallest of steps when travelling around the city square. Toran was in awe of the bright lights and the festive decorations everyone had put up during this year's holiday. It made him slightly worried. As he hadn’t gotten a gift for anyone that he knew, Toran was running with emotions about what he should get. Especially for his mother and father, A new eyepatch for his dad would be pretty funny. Although Toran didn’t know whether or not he’d enjoy the gift all together. His mother was someone that always loved reading books. This was especially true when it came to this time of year when she had less work to do around the house when Toran or his father weren’t around. However Toran felt bad about only thinking about his parents. Isemori was a good friend that he should probably visit sometime soon and ask him what kind of present he would like. He had gotten an amazing gift for his birthday thanks to his father pulling some strings and acquiring a rather fascinating scroll that Toran still hadn’t opened.

Toran continued to take the slowest pace possible. His mother would surely be wondering just where he was right now. His breath was visible inside of the cold winter evening. However it made him rather happy that he could at least feel the cold. Asking his father about the Uchiha and who they were was a pretty good idea at first. Until his father started talking about why the Uchiha clan was considered cursed. They seemingly would lose out to emotions over everything else. That was true for the most part when it came to Toran. But his Father said that Toran was simply acting as any child would, that Toran had simply tried to help his comrades in the best way he knew how.

“What am I gonna do? Everyone seems to be able to easily get a gift for me. While I’m here stuck trying to find out what I should get for everyone. Why don’t I get Isemori a custom made Kunai from Morio? He did say that he could make a weapon for free when talking to Hotaru. Speaking of Hotaru, maybe I should get her a dinner date with Toneri…. Na they wouldn’t look good as a couple anyways….”

He held a soft smile on his lips as he continued to ponder over whether or not he should actually go through with that dinner date. Thoughts of the couple made Toran burst into a fit of giggles. It was a rather pleasant sight to be sure. However Toran wondered if this was all he could do right now. That perhaps he could be doing more for himself and to others for this specific type of Holiday. What was he even going to do for himself most of all? That question rang in his head as he sauntered off towards where perhaps he could find Morio. Maybe then he could ask him whether or not he could get a Kunai or weapon of sorts.
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