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Vaera Vael
Vaera Vael
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A Busy Day - Page 2 Empty Re: A Busy Day

Tue Dec 14, 2021 3:09 pm
For the most part, Vaera resigned herself to being the stoic and silent muscle standing behind her companion as the other genin did the talking for them both. It was a little difficult for her to not interject, but Ichika had a plan, and she didn't want to spoil it by mistake. Besides, her heart was absolutely pounding away at her breast from within, and she didn't know if she'd be able to keep her voice as steady as Ichika was succeeding at.

After all, the man was absolutely gorgeous. Totally her type. Maybe, he could've stood to be a little cuter, but from behind her mask, her hazel orbs were absolutely entranced by the piercing and vibrant blue of his eyes.

She didn't realize she'd been staring so intently until Ichika had turned to leave the very worried-looking peddler. A small squeak escaped the cat-faced operative as she abruptly turned to follow her captain, thankful that the heat rushing to her cheeks in embarrassment couldn't be seen. Before she could say a word about how that had gone so well, the pair had returned to the seclusion of the alleyway, and in two distinct puffs of smoke, had returned to their own forms. Like her companion, Vaera wiped the beads of sweat from her brow on the back of her hand, but was otherwise smiling for the ease of their successful mission.

"I don't know. That was kind of fun." She chuckled some, and gently pat the girl's back to try and soothe her frayed nerves. She didn't know if it helped any, but it was the thought that counts, wasn't it? Whether it did or not, Ichika was up and walking again shortly, practically pulling Vaera along behind her via the invisible leash called teamwork. Vaera tried to spark up conversation again during their walk, but was quick to pick up on her companion's unwillingness to talk at the moment. So, their return trip to the Kage's office was made in near silence.

Vaera, of course, entertained herself along the way by thinking about the merchant some more. Maybe he'd still be there after they gave their report...

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  -126 WC extra.
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Mizuki Ohta
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A Busy Day - Page 2 Empty Re: A Busy Day

Tue Dec 14, 2021 8:33 pm
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