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It's cause I'm on a visa aint it? Empty It's cause I'm on a visa aint it?

Mon Nov 29, 2021 8:09 pm
The past few days weren’t quite eventful for, Katsuragi. What was supposed to be a simple package drop off a certain goods and vices, ended up turning into a fight for his life. In fact, to this day, he has yet to figure out who put the hit out on him. It could have even been a set up, who knew. The fact remains that he was still alive, strolling the streets of Suna once again. Only this time, he veers off the path towards the downtown market center, and heads towards the training grounds.

Katsuragi's attire consisted of a thin black polyester jacket, which underneath he wore a solid sleeveless navy blue shirt. His belt, designer's choice, had a MK emblem as a buckle. The pants he wore were a fresh pair of black stretch jeans. His boots on his feet also being solid black of a leather material with an emblem labeled "EU", it's made of metal stitched to the tongue of the boots. His hair, still vivid, was a solid dark purple. His hair would have went in contrast with his pale skin, however, his arms torso and hands bore a mural of mostly assorted prison tattoos; all black ink in color. He himself stood at a height of 6'2 feet with a thin frame. His tools and such were all assorted evenly along his attire, given no hint to their whereabouts yet allowed him easy access with a little bit of technique.

Raleth was the first suna ninja to gauge Katsuragi’s fighting strength, a beat down our young thug would never forget. Overpowered and out matched, Katsuragi learned quite a bit. But now all victories ended in same. If it wasn’t for that beatdown, Katsuragi would have been killed by that assassin few days back. Still, all of this “shinobi fighting style” was still new to him. He looks down at his two bare unclenched hands as he made his way towards the training fields, “This is all I know, yet mothafuckas cant shoot out waves of whatever from their hands and shit”.

Katsuragi thinks back to his fight with the assassin

It was a really close fight, a bit too close for Katsuragi. Fists alone was not gonna do the trick, he needed something more. The more he kept thinking about the assassin, and with the fields just a mere few feet away from him, it was time to step the fuck up. As he reached the gates, he takes note of all the current individuals around the field. Each minding their own business it seemed, perfecting their craft. “Damn, this place is packed as fuck…, this shit wasn’t like this before!”, he says while scanning the area for a good spot. The training grounds all looked run down compared to the upper level training grounds, due to heavy use. But the ones reserved for shinobi personal were well kept, clean to satisfaction. Katsuragi didn’t like that one bit, being boxed out of the good facilities; he was left with the slums to work with. “Nah man, I aint doin this”, he attempts to skip training grounds 1-4 and head for 6, but was quickly cut off and told to turn around by one of the groundskeeper.

After failing that little task after flashing his suna visa card snobbishly with no success, Katsuragi wondered off towards the path less taken, a path known for company a bit more feral for the ready to test their mettle. Katsuragi is seen taking such path towards suna training ground 5, failing to notice the caution sign laying flat on the ground covered debris from past construction work. the scene was well placed away from the more open viewed grounds 1-4. It was more, jungle like.

As he travelled through the jungle, wondering just how he would get back, he stumbles upon an old woman, pushing a cart of ethnic things. “Yo, what you got”, he asked ever so bluntly as usually. Was the lady about to get robbed? She feared for her life, ready to run. But she wasn’t ready to part with her things just yet, no matter hope fearsome Katsuragi looked. Perhaps maybe, if she played her cards right, she may be able to make a sale.

“I, am lady Akasuki. I am a traveling salesman with items from all over the world. Take a look at my wares, that is if you have the coin first”

Katsursagi walked over closely, examining her wears. It was quite odd what an old lady was doin here, out in the middle of the jungle with al l these shinobi running around. “What you doin out here? You seem lost lady?”, he said while eyeing her wares. He came across a scroll with a weird fruit emblem. “Yo, what’s this?”, he pointed to the scroll in question.

“Ahh, a scroll I picked up from the tropical islands of the mist village. It contains information about a element that is said it be rich in power as it is sweet..”

“Yo, whatever you on, I want some, you talkin crazy woman ahahah”, he laughed.
Dropping the act, she spelled it out bluntly for him. “It’s a training scroll for lessor known jutsu. It has it all right here. 1500 ryo, you gonna take or not?”

“Hmm, shit I…I aint got anything else to do today. Fuck it, run it”, he hands the ryo over, and the scroll he grabs with interest.

“Oh wait, it also comes with this”, the lady digs deep under the lower part of the cart and takes out a small wooden box which contained a fruit. “You must eat this in order to learn from the scroll, something bout it being very high I sugar. I bite per session. Not the whole thing”, After she counted the money, she left with a smile.

“Hmmm”, he pours through the scroll and takes a bite of the fruit. He makes the seal of confrontation, and channels chakra into it, like the seal said to. Katsuragi wasn’t really educated in the arts of the shinobi. So, it took him quite a few tries until finally, he notices something quite strange. He looks down at his feet, revealing the image of his boots covered in a creme colored thick sticky substance. “THE FU- WHOOOOOAH”, he checks back with the scroll quickly, realizing what happened was supposed to happen. Upon further reading, he came across other finds that proved to be quite interesting. “Oh shit…, ok my I might fuck with this after all”. Katsuragi is seen leaving the training grounds.


Exit, Word Count :1100 plus using 900 words from my word bank to claim Mochi Release. Also claiming 22 ap.
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It's cause I'm on a visa aint it? Empty Re: It's cause I'm on a visa aint it?

Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:24 am
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