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Miki Satow
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Clan Specialty : Fuuinjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 125200

Sweet As Sugar Empty Sweet As Sugar

Fri Nov 19, 2021 11:49 pm

Lips like licorice, Tongue like candy

Konohagakure, the land of fire; typically was a warm place – not often would it get colder then a simple long sleeve shirt, or a light sweater – even in the colder temperatures Miki wouldn’t wear anything that covered her to much if she was working at the brothel – or if she was out about the town, she would wear a warmer kimono when needed. She was never one to be seen out of place – alone on her knees. Miki held herself at a higher standard then most would expect from someone who worked in such a line of work as she did. However she wasn’t one of ‘the girls’, as she was still only seventeen years old – she didn’t qualify to work like that, however it wasn’t only a few more short months before her eighteenth birthday would hit, and she would have to work as they did. For now, she served drinks, got food, sat and spoke with shyer customers. She always stayed proper, just as she was taught. Each morning she woke, she would tend the fire; prepare the meals, clean the bedding, prepare herself all before the other girls would even wake up.

Her job quickly became a helper to the owners of the brothel; and this morning was no different. Miki rose, the moon still in the mid sky, the crisp clean air, and morning dew flew through the room as she opened her windows. As she went about her day, she found herself getting a small chill; the air was a touch cooler then normal, she wrapped her silk robe around her slender and trim body as she went to light and stoke the fires for the day. A small hum escaping her lips as she worked, she quickly leapt outside with the grace of an angel some would say, only the tip of her feet touching ground as she danced through the morning light – the sun beginning to rise in the west; a glimmer of light lifting through the darkness that surrounded the brothel. Miki grabbed an arm full of broken logs, the remaining pieces of their stock pile… It wouldn’t be long before they would need to go out and acquire more. A small sigh passed through the silent dusk air.

Miki moved through the series of doors that would lead her to the fire place, as she loaded the logs into the large pit, watching the flames fill through the empty space in front of her; she could feel the warmth of the fire begin to touch her skin ever so lightly; the chill she felt earlier was almost all but gone. As Miki stood back up, turning her back to the fire; she got to work preparing the food… Only to be greeted with no food in the kitchen… Her eyes widened, she could have sworn that there was food in there just the night before… She groaned, wondering if they had been robbed; she quickly turned heel, running up two flights of stairs to the door of the owners… She never bugged them, only when absolutely necessary; as she raised her fist to the door she was greeted with it opening slowly. There before her stood a large man, he had brown hair; greasy and unkept – his was large around, approximately 300 pounds, his small narrow mud brown eyes starred at her with a hunger that was unnatural. She constantly felt uncomfortable in his presence – she felt as if in his eyes, she was simply a prize to be had… Although he had tried multiple times, he had been denied; it seemed to only make him want her more.

Miki felt disgust as the man began to speak to her, “Oh… Well… If it isn’t our little ‘princess’.” His voice was husky – as he smoked throughout the entire day nonstop – his scent was as disgusting as his appearance. His large hand reached out; pulling back several strands of hair that had fallen out of Miki’s braid, “I do have some bad news for you little one.” He laughed, or choked… She never quite could tell with him, “You’re out of a home today.” Miki’s eyes shot up, “O…Out of a home?” She attempted to keep her composure, she hadn’t once lost her cool, or acted out of turn since she was a child – but this sudden news, it could very well break her. “Yea’, as of…” The man looked down at his watch, tightly strapped to his chunky wrist. “12 hours ago. I let you sleep, but now.” The man quickly grabbed the small female’s arm, reefing her up as he walked down the first flight of stairs, down to the living quarters. “Get what you can grab, then get out.” The man spat at her.

Miki was unsure of how to react, she quickly picked herself up, tightened her robe as she rushed into her room, all of her possessions were in that room… She opened her closet; grabbing a medium sized suitcase that she had tucked away from when she first arrived at the brothel house; hearing the screams and cries of the other girls as they were informed they must vacate… She tried to stay as cool as possible as she began to gather her things. Packing up everything she could fit into that suitcase as possible. A few minutes had past, and the brothel house became quite again; girls rushing out of the doors, things being left behind, Miki stayed and packed silently. “Your still here?” She heard come from behind her, the husky voice couldn’t be mistaken for any other… A sharp inhale as she zipped up the suitcase and turned to face him. “Yes, I just finished packing.” Her emerald green eyes starred at him, narrowing into his own eyes. “Perhaps… If you give me what I’ve wanted all along… I might just let you stay.” He began to laugh as he moved closer to Miki.

I don’t think so.” She replied sharply, attempting to dodge the large man as she would slip past him—before she could quite make it out of the door, the man grabbed her slender arm, with a grip like a vice. “You don’t think so?” The mans’ voice was far louder than before, “You walk around here the way you do. You talk the way you do.” The more he spoke, the louder he became; his grip becoming tighter. “You think your just going to walk out of here without giving me what all the other girls have given me?” He was shouting at this point, he raised his free hand up, slamming it down onto Miki’s face; a large red welt left in its place; the force behind the hit enough to send her backwards down the set of stairs, tumbling out of the brothel house, and out onto the deck, her suitcase breaking open – clothing, jewels, and other articles flying across the deck and some even ending up on the street amongst the people now walking past the spectacle.

Miki felt nothing but shame at this point, brought down to her knees as she attempted to gather up her scattered clothing and jewels; the large man came out the front doors rather quickly, his face bright scarlet; “You little whore!” He shouted, lunging towards Miki; as she quickly evaded his touch, stepping towards the left as he went right. “I will leave, with no issue.” Miki spoke finally, her words as cold as ice; “However. I want my final pay before I go.” She starred at his man, she was aware that he knew all about her, her clan and what they could do to people. Her emerald green eyes starring into the soul of this grotesque man before her.

From the view of the streets; on lookers would see a slender female, her long raven hair was no longer in the braid it once was; her hair was now loose and following around her figure – the black silk robe that was once tightly secured around her was loose and unkempt; her cheeks were flush, and her eyes were beginning to well up with tears.

He snorted, once more facing Miki as he began to burst into uncontrollable laughter; “You really think…” The man spat towards her, “You’ll get a penny out of me?!” The roar of laughter made his body jiggle; just as fast as he began to laugh, his arm went up and his hand quickly came crashing towards Miki’s face one more time.

  • Health 100
  • Chakra 35
  • Vigor 60
  • Speed 25
  • Strength 5
AP 600/600

Total Post WC 1419
Total WC 1419
Total WC Needed 0000/0000
Active Skills
  • None

Active Jutsu
  • None
  • Total AP subtracted is 0 AP

  • None

Post Information
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