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Kintaro Raitenno
Kintaro Raitenno
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 500

Rhythm & Beat  (Advance Training)  Empty Rhythm & Beat (Advance Training)

Fri Nov 19, 2021 9:48 pm
Rhythm & Beat

The advanced training ground was new, state of the art and well-spoken of as the newest place for shinobi to properly train. Technology and jutsu were used to help bring out a person's strongest potential. The large building while shielded and obscured was state-of-the-art scientific ninja tools to simulate all kinds of environment and training tools to help a shinobi grow stronger.

Sadly for Kintoki-- or Kintaro as his childhood name, he didn't want to be there and was dragged there by his older brother. The two Raitenno /Raiu brothers were the two stars of their clan. While many other members existed, the two were akin to how Fujin and Raijin were as brothers-- both powerful, but different. Gintaro, or Gin as he was called for short-- was the older more mature of the two. He was calm, stoic and resolved. He wielded swords and was skilled in swordsmanship, following the path of Fuujin that the village represented. Kintoki was a fan of the Raijin style of things, using raw strength and taijutsu. The two were complete opposites but co-existed together. But it was often Gin's job to drag his brother away from his vices... drinks, dancing, rapping and women... how he graduated and became a genin was beyond him.

"Brotha-- don't be hatin! You could of let me finish that one drink i was sippin! " Kintoki blurted as he was dragged by his brother, making a rather awkward scene for those they passed in the hallway. Gin dragged him by him of his pants--since Kintoki barely wore any, while he wore a light blue vest. Though Gin was considerably thinner than his brother in muscle mass, he still dragged him as if it was nothing.

"Will you act your own age for once," he sighed as he dragged him through the halls. " You said you would take your training seriously, and I am gonna be damn to let you backslide into habits. "

"Boy, yo being a killjoy, fool-ya fool!" Kintoki griped as he tried to break free, but his brother held fast as they got to the room. Kintoki broke free for a moment, but his brother soon had his neck in a head-lock, elbowing the door open and dragged them both through the doorway.

The training facility was well built. This setting was almost natural, making a very rocky area with surrounding waterfalls and a circle stream around the central training area. It was relatively empty, not in use by other shinobi at the moment. There were training dummies made of stone with targets on them, as well as large 2 meter high rock outcroppings scattered around the inside of the circle. An ideal training place for ninjutsu and taijutsu alike.

WIth a push and drop, Gin put Kintoki down as he fell on his hands and knees. "YOu're not leaving here till you actually improve a bit. No more slacking off, bro... Now get in shape before I give you a whoopin you won't soon forget."

Kintoki soon stood up and brushed the dust off his pants. "So lame, your always the same..." Kintoki grumbled.

Gintano let out a breath as he turned. "If you spent half your time training your jutsu than just your rhymes, you'd be a worthy shinobi already. " With that the swordsman left the inner ring, going to observe from afar or practice by himself. Either way he left Kintoki by himself for the time being.

The grumpy dark shinobi looked over a pile of nearby training gear, including training gear, practice wooden swords, and a few sealing and technique scrolls-- containing training essential tips. Further, on the far side of the training area, was a panel with a few key directions, stuff that perhaps changed the terrain or changed training challenges.

Still, while eager to train and get stronger, Kintoki was slow at what to do... not really knowing where to start.

WC: 660

Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
Stat Page : Mementos of Noon - Hiroki Shimada
Mission Record : Hiroki's Mission Log
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Mementos of Dusk - Ki Shimada
Familiar : Shichiro
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 150580

Rhythm & Beat  (Advance Training)  Empty Re: Rhythm & Beat (Advance Training)

Sat Dec 04, 2021 7:43 pm
Psssssst went the sound of a spray paint can. A light pastel yellow mist came furling forth from the nozzle of which with speed and intensity, coming to an immediate halt upon meeting with the slate gray, cobblestone wall. Swift, yet sure motions, flicks of the wrist threw it about in a circular motion. After a moment or two, there was a stop in the hissing sound. The can ran out after some touch ups with various, meticulously made up lines which sprouted from the edge of the previously mentioned circle. Only a small portion, a mere 4-5 slabs, were tagged with this color. Wouldn't be the biggest piece of work, but time was ticking away, rapidly and ever so carefully; racing towards the potential situation of an unnecessary outcome.

Hands shifting over to another can, lid popping off symbolizing it was still fresh, hadn't been touched before this. And once again, the hiss was made, but this time the color was different. It had turned into a majestic, deep shade of purple. Not so dark that it would be considered indigo, but it wasn't a pastel like the yellow. A perfect and harmonious merge of a dark color being quickly etched over one that is a stark contrast; in mere seconds, two x's and two somewhat drawn out u shapes were created in the center of the bright circular graffiti. Just like that, the piece of art was finished.

A devilish smirk was being worn upon the face of Hiroki Shimada as baby blue eyes peered onward to the newly marked wall. The site specifically was that of a sun that had a smiley face, tongue beaming through the one side of the arch which formed the mouth; two diagonal lines were seen a few inches above this, replacing what would be, the eyes on the sun which shone bright against the dull palette. In the artist's minds eye, this was such a nice addition to the whole thing. However, the owner of the building, probably wouldn't be in the same realm of thinking as himself. This theory was proven to be right indeed, as a shouting was now heard coming from the graffiti-ers left hand side. Being too caught up in his own work, the words which sprang forth at him with a rage as hot as lava were rather unintelligible and muffled. The only reaction given by Roki was a turned head, a wink, and with ease, he had begun to scale the wall opposite of the one just tagged.

Climbing the wall was rather easy, and the most sane route to go. Knowing the target wasn't a shinobi like himself, there was no way that he could be followed up here on the rooftops. But even while the short climb up was being made, it had appeared the owner still wasn't happy. Being extremely persistent on catching the salt and peppered hair ninja, a rock was thrown. To no avail though, it was a huge miss. He had already climbed too high for the pebble to gain the necessary distance to make contact with his toned body. Upon reaching the top of which, an impromptu moment happened as this same body turned to sit on the edge. From his smirk, his tongue peeked through it. Eyes now closed, two fingers raised up to a peace sign; mimicking the artistry of the tag. This was done so in a somewhat mocking manner. It's been way too long since the boy has had some fun, so what better time to than now? After this rather intense series of events, the Shimada shinobi made his hasty getaway, making sure there was plenty of distance between himself and that other guy now.

Without even a moment to catch his breath, the Kumogakuren's ears were hit with a wave of noise. A shouting coming from one of the nearby buildings, the walls of which forming a courtyard like appearance. Eyes fixated on what was possibly going on down there, someone had stormed out of the place. They seemed to be rather frustrated, but luckily this anger wasn't because of him. Surely it couldn't be at nothing either? So, jumping 5 meters, latching onto the edge of the outer wall to where the man had just emerged from, Roki hoisted himself up, and made a sort of, perch atop it. 15 meters below him, and about 10 meters inward, there was another ninja standing there. "What did you do to pass him off?" His voice rang out to this mysterious shinobi, with a certain playful curiosity to it's tone; a nice throw back to the previous prank.

WC: 772
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