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Last of the Body Training [Solo] Empty Last of the Body Training [Solo]

Mon Nov 15, 2021 11:52 pm
Zaibatsu was currently heading to the training facility to round himself out a bit. He was heading there because he felt that his body could no longer increase in power due to physical training, as he had perfected it. The perfected body he had could still be further modified, but that was for a later date. As for now, he was going to go ahead with his idea to train his mind and his ability to mold chakra. He had been learning more and more about the human body recently, in an attempt to understand himself even more. He already knew about muscle groupings, types of muscles, as well as how to control his own body very well due to his training in the Extreme Realm of Force. This was not quite enough for him, however, and he decided that eventually he was going to take up the art of medical ninjutsu, so that he could heal himself if need be. He also wanted greater control over his own body. He had been studying methods on how to strengthen his chakra network and increase the control he had over his chakra. He was at the entrance to the training facility, and was quite surprised that he had no need to bend down to get through the door. The facility seemed to be designed for anyone to enter, which pleased Zaibatsu. He was tired of having to bend down everywhere to get into places. After he got in, he talked to the receptionist for a training room and paid her a bit of ryo to rent the room for a couple of hours.

The receptionist seemed unfazed, and it was sort of like a double edged sword for Zaibatsu. He liked being an intimidating and fearsome person that most would want to avoid or at least keep an eye on, but he liked the fact that he was treated as just an ordinary ninja every once in a while. He thanked the woman and walked over towards the door that was marked for him. He wanted to hurry and get to it, and walked into the room quite quickly. This time, he had to bend down a bit to get through the door, as they were not quite as accommodating as the entrance to the entire facility. As he walked in, he was greeted by the familiar scene of a strange pod that was there. The pod was there for the facility’s main function, which was a virtual reality trainer that was still linked to your chakra network. This meant that training would produce muscle memory even though you were not the one that was actually doing it. This also meant that any chakra control training that was set up by the system was actually really helpful, as it was something that you could completely customize to your liking. Zaibatsu had never used the system before for actual training, as that mostly involved lifting weights and using the advanced facility’s gravity trainer next door, so he was pretty excited to see what this one could do.

As he was messing with the computer in the room that determined what sort of virtual simulation he would be in, he was hav ing a hard time. He was pretty smart, but he had never been good with the budding technology of the time, and so he was struggling quite aa bit with how to set up the proper training program. Eventually he just gave up and asked one of the assistants to come in and help him out. A young man came in and did so without any problems, and Zaibatsu nodded at him. He wondered if it was just a sign that he needed to come in here more and familiarise himself with more technology or something. With the young man finished setting up the training program for him, Zaibatsu walked over and entered the pod. He was surprised that the pod could fit him at all, but it could and he was only slightly uncomfortable before he put the helmet on and slipped into the virtual program that he had designed. It was a pretty simple setup, but had a complicated way of setting it up. Essentially there was a lotus pond with Zaibatsu spawning in a sitting position at one edge of the pond. The lotus flowers were simply sitting on top of the pond peacefully in a specific pattern. There was a small seed that Zaibatsu could control with his chakra, but not very well.

This was due to the fact that the seed was a perfect sphere, and the water made it so he had to use chakra to make it spin in the direction he wanted it to go. His overall goal was to get it to touch a specific little whirlpool that was moving around within the lotus field, causing the seed to get sucked down and planted itself. He had to do this without the seed touching the other lotus flowers that were already sitting on the top of the water, or else the lotus flowers would devour the seed for more nourishment. It was essentially a maze where one had to move the ball and not touch the sides, but controlled via chakra. Zaibatsu had already sat down and started looking towards the ball, testing out how much chakra he had to use to cause it to spin, and generally getting a feel for it. After he felt slightly comfortable controlling the ball with his chakra, he decided to give the maze a try. As the ball was floating towards the entrance to the maze of lotus flowers, Zaibatsu messed up by adding a bit too much chakra to the forward spin of the ball, causing it to not be able to slow down enough on the first turn in the maze, and it hit a wall, being absorbed by the lotus flower that acted as the wall of this obstacle course. Zaibatsu scowled a bit before simply trying again, another lotus seed ball spawning and floating down into the water before him. The ball spun again, but this time he was sure not to use too much chakra, and so the ball floated fairly slowly towards the first wall. This allowed him to go ahead and turn it around the corner before it hit the wall, but then it simply kept spinning in the direction.

Zaibatsu was unable to stop the spin in time, and it swerved around the corner, kept swerving, and hit the opposite wall in a spinout. Zaibatsu was not one known for his patience, and so he simply smashed the ground with his fist, sending a bit of rubble and a large shockwave of water going through the lotus flower maze, before calming down a bit. After regaining composure, the virtual scene reset itself, and he tried again. He kept getting frustrated, and if the scene could not reset itself, it would be a scene out of the apocalypse due to the number of times Zaibatsu got frustrated and smashed the ground or other parts of the environment. He finally managed to complete the entire maze, which had him raising his fist in the air and shouting. He felt he had a good grasp on the components and movements of his chakra system, but only time would tell, especially when he had no techniques that really needed a high chakra control to them. He wanted to try something however, and this would only really further increase his chakra control… and his anger. He loaded up the next portion of this chakra control training, or game, whatever you wanted to call it, which was a similar game. The lotus flowers were still there in a maze configuration, but this time they swirled around and moved on their own. This made the task of manipulating the seed in the water a lot harder, but it was good for training your chakra control. Zaibatsu noticed that when he was practicing, his time was almost up, and so he simply decided to try and speed run the obstacle course, and failed miserably a couple of times. He did not really get that mad at it however, as he knew that he was just doing this part for fun because time was up. As a small little bell dinged, he exited the pop and started to wipe it down, as even the mental exertion worked up a sweat.
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Last of the Body Training [Solo] Empty Re: Last of the Body Training [Solo]

Wed Nov 17, 2021 1:46 am
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