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Moyasu Nokoribi
Moyasu Nokoribi
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With the Rain Comes a New Power Empty With the Rain Comes a New Power

Sun Nov 07, 2021 11:28 pm
It was yet another day in the Hidden Cloud Village as the streets atop the mountain peaks were being soaked by a heavy downpour that was affecting the people of the village as well as the shops and restaurants that were serving hot food and beverages. Entire lines were flocking outside these areas, people dressed in long rain coats that did their best to keep the people from being waterlogged, as they waited solely for the opportunity to get good and hot food in their system to fight off the cold as it was entering through their jackets and into their bodies. As the sounds of the slurping of ramen bowls, the sizzle of BBQ grills, and the roasting of fish over a fire filled the air the many different delicious smells that travelled with such sounds pierced the torrential rain and made their way across the streets and hills reaching the ears and nose of a particular individual who was sitting in a rain coat himself along the far edge of his usual large training spot. He was in the middle of his meditation, trying to control his latent large amount of chakra inside him as his concentration was interrupted by the smells of the food that was cooking just a few meters below where he sat. The rain that washed over his coat dripped down onto the streets from above as he watched each individual droplet as it fell several meters to land on the streets as well as any passerby walked past.

After a little bit of time concentrating his latent chakra Moyasu took a deep breath as he reached up and patted the bandage that he had put over his right eye in an effort to quit using the eye as much as possible. It wasn't really of any necessity for him as his eye was fine but he did find it better, if at all through paranoia, that it was better to keep his eye resting after it had just been through surgery. It was quite surreal to find that his eye was the same as the one he had gotten rid of even though it was someone else's. For now he would keep the bandage fast and tight over his eye as he got up from his seating position and took out his gloves in order to keep his hands warm. He looked down at the street below and wondered if continuing his training was the right path. So far a majority of the ninja he had met in the village seemed to be in the whole gig for their own desires for power and glory. Could he match against such ambitions when his own wasn't at all so high? It was a question that would have to be discovered later as Moyasu turned around and felt his right eye suddenly start to act up as he put his hand over it wincing at the sharp pain. He could feel it starting to absorb some of his chakra as he tried to calm himself down and keep his chakra flow at a minimum.

He knelt only the ground as he could feel the pain ebbing away slowly but surely as he looked up and slowly opened both of his eyes as the chakra within his right eye started to take effect onto his environment. He could see from his normal eye that the entire field around him was changing, the dummies turning into coat racks before switching into rocks and boulders, as then there was rubble falling down from the side of the entrance towards him before disappearing as he shielded his eyes in defense. As he brought his arms down upon feeling that he hadn't been crushed he looked again to see the world going haywire around him, his right eye too undisciplined to hold it's power back as his left eye was watching the world switch over and over again before him, as he closed his right eye behind the bandages and he watched as the world went back to normal. He concentrated his chakra once more as he tried to halt his chakra flow and he opened his eye up once again to watch the world start becoming affected by the eye's powerful Genjutsu abilities. After a while of watching and getting used to the effects, watching as even people he knew were starting to enter the fold of his illusions, he took in a deep breath and closed the eye that was doing all this and the training field settled down once more allowing him to sit there alone in the downpouring rain.

As the sounds of the rain hitting the stone and marble reached Moyasu's ears he took a moment to take in his surroundings and assess what was real around him. He got to his feet as the rain continued to drip off his coat and he looked around at the dummies to see that they had reverted back to their normal selves. He walked over to one of them and touched it, feeling the straw and leather run through the lace of his gloved fingers, as he could tell that it was all real as the rain ran across everything and fell down to the ground into puddles that ran off the edge of the field and down below. Everything here was real but when he opened his right eye the world went haywire and started creating things or rearranging things into others that weren't real. Moyasu knew what this was due to his time in the academy as he took to focusing on his chakra once again in order to halt it's flow inside him completely and he could feel the chakra going into his right eye being more controlled before stopping entirely. He experimentally opened it back up as he could see that the dummy he had been feeling and testing was still the dummy and he breathed a sigh of relief as he walked away from it and looked up to the sky in order to see the rain as it fell on top of him and everything in his surroundings.

Now that he had a better handle of his new eye's powers he felt now was probably a good time as any as he reached up and started to unwrap the bandages over his eye. He could feel his chakra starting to slowly go back to it's normal flow as he put his water soaked bandages into his raincoat pocket so as not to litter. He knew better than to leave a mess. It just wasn't polite. As he put the bandages into his pocket he opened his right eye slowly back up as he looked around and he could see that the world wasn't going crazy as it was before. This made him feel better about his control as he looked around and took a seat in the middle of the soaking field in order to close his eyes and concentrate on the sounds of the rain once more and the smells of the delicious dinners that were being cooked underneath him once more. He would allow the sounds to help his focus on his chakra as he knew from his time in the academy that the best way to control Genjutsu was having adept control over his chakra at all times.

This was proving to be a pretty simple matter for him, however, as he could feel his chakra was bending to his will rather simply and he felt good about his control. The rain helped him in his meditation as well as he opened his eyes slightly to watch as the pools and puddles of rain that was filling the field of stone made it's way through the cracks in the field's bricks and made it's way to the edges of the field in order to fall and keep the field from flooding from all the rain. Rain always calmed him down as well as his mind and this was no different even though he was in deep training with his chakra and the flow of his inner power to specific parts of his body. He had to keep training his mind in order to get used to the new eye so that he would be able to summon forth the power of the Ketsuryugan whenever he wanted and also whenever he didn't want as well. This was proving to go well so far as he could see that the world around him wasn't going crazy against his will like he had been facing last time.

He took in a deep breath as he concentrated his chakra into his right eye once again in order to activate the latent power within as he could feel his eye change. Before his eyes the field transformed into a broken and rubble filled mess as he looked around at all of the damage that had been done and he could tell that none of it was real. Being that his eye wasn't quite as trained all the items on the field that was making it look like it had been attacked by a bomb was flickering rapidly due to his eye not being trained in it's chakra. He wasn't very well tuned in the art of Genjutsu so there was the problem with that as well as he had trained his chakra to be more in tune with the Meijin chakra inside his body and how to utilize it as best as possible. He thus allowed his chakra to relax and after a few minutes his eye went back to normal and everything that had been flickering upon the field disappeared.

He stood back up to his feet, taking a deep breath in order to calm his body and clear his mind, as he looked over to the edge of the field and walked over in order to sit down along it and look down at the streets once again below. He could see that the streets were crowded with people still as they were going into restaurants and he could also see that kids were playing in the rain, jumping into puddles and splashing the water into their parents and siblings, as he couldn't help but feel nostalgic due to his time spent with his father when he was alive. It was because of his father that he took a liking to cooking in the first place and smelling all of the foods down below was reinforcing his desire to one day take up professional cooking himself in any setting that he could find. After all he liked it when he could serve food to any random person and, upon seeing them eat his creations, watch as their faces developed the biggest and brightest of smiles. He watched the people walking by below him for a bit longer before he got back up one more time and made his way to the exit of the training field.

He made his way through the tunnel like corridor that lead back to the streets below and he made his way slowly past the heavily crowded streets in order to get to a restaurant that he could enjoy for the night. He didn't know what he was feeling for the night whether it was for BBQ or ramen or maybe even sushi or flame grilled fish. Everything smelled quite delicious as he made his way past an open mirror that was set on a street stall as he ordered some fish to start out his dinner tour for the night and he looked into it in order to observe his right eye. Just as he had hoped for the right eye had completely reverted back into his normal looking orange glowing eyes thanks to the Meijin disease that ran hot within his chakra network and blood veins. He took a deep sigh and concentrated as the eye instantly shifted for a second as it showed the same bloodshot look with a thick white line going through for a pupil before he released his concentration and his eye shifted back to it's original look and color. After waiting a while for his food to prepare he was then given a fully cooked fish that was stuck on a skewer and, upon paying the woman who had prepared it, he left the stall with it in hand and was gnawing on it all the way to the next stall that came to his mind. Today was going to be a good day for him no matter how hard it rained.

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With the Rain Comes a New Power Empty Re: With the Rain Comes a New Power

Tue Nov 09, 2021 1:14 am
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