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Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
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Traiiiiiniiiing Empty Traiiiiiniiiing

Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:31 pm
It was just another, usual day of training. The mountainous region that the village Kumogakure sat on was rather quiet today as well. Too quiet, almost. If Hiroki really wanted to, he would be able to hear a pin drop. However, it was still rather beautiful out, so the 18 year old just went about his day as normal. To commence it, he made his way over to the training ground for his normal daily routine at this point. The only way to get even remotely better and to reach his goals of becoming the Kage, Hiroki Shimada would have to thrive for greatness, and keep up with his relentless regimens.

As he was walking over, the boy couldn't help but think of ways to switch it up somehow though. Doing the same thing day in and day out tended to just get extremely boring. Yawn. If there was any word in this world that Hiroki would not use to describe himself and what he did, it would most certainly be boring. So upon this realization that he might be turning into some drab wallflower, it only invigorated him to make things more exciting. The extremely reckless thought of using pre-set explosive tags to simulate combat had crossed through his mind, however he also knew that this would almost certainly not end well. Hell, it would probably end with people accidentally assuming that the village was under attack, which wouldn't be the case; but still, people would probably think it.

Before he even realized it due to being consumed by his constant overthinking, Hiroki was at one of the several training grounds. It was finally time to actually get started now. Making sure the area was clear first before actually entering to train, he noticed that it was indeed, clear of people. Thank goodness for that too. Although, he definitely should start working with others soon as teamwork was the key to success in most of these missions. Just like everything else, teamwork was also a skill that needed to be worked upon in order to actually improve it.

To start, he did his usual warm up routine; several sets of push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, stretches, etc. Heaven forbid if he pull a muscle if he didn't do the latter. Now that would be something to overthink about. After doing these, Hiroki did some easy work: simply throwing kunai at the training dummies. Making sure that his aim was precise, he then made the decision to try and one-up this. To add some flare and excitement, Hiroki pulled his shinobi headband down around his eyes. Imagining where the dummy was located within his mind's eye, he began throwing. One after another, they all, unfortunately, missed the intended target. Two had landed on the ground in front of it, the other one hitting the wall behind it. Upon retrieving the kunai though, he noticed something. It had appeared that the ninja actually managed to graze the dummy. Not a complete miss after all. This was good. This was progress. You never know when the situation would arise, and be blinded in combat by whatever means. Without a sensory type, it would pretty much all have to be done while blind as well.

After retrieving the throwing knives, he then repeated this simple process for about 10 minutes, with the end result being a direct hit! This was awesome! On the flip side though, Hiroki knew that this was far from actually being something to use in combat as there were many factors to contribute with hitting someone while blindfolded. The fact that the dummies weren't moving was the biggest disadvantage. But, nonetheless, that didn't entirely mean that this portion of the training was a complete fail. It deviated from what he normally did for training, and it was, to simply put it, building blocks in which he could add upon later.

Moving onto the next portion, it was one of Hiroki's favorites. It was time to practice a new jutsu. The one he'd be working on would utilize part of the throwing and aiming the kunai. Placing his focus within his hands, the shinobi formed the seals; ram then ox. Then, with a raised hand, Hiroki said [/b]"Thunderclap arrow!"[/b]

And...nothing happened except some sparks barely shooting out. Damn it! He was sure he already had it down. Where did he go wrong? Hiroki knew not to let this get trip up get in his way though, it was just the first attempt after all. Once again redirecting the flow of chakra down towards his left palm, he kept it there this time for a moment. Making sure to feel the energy within his palm. After being certain it was enough, Hiroki formed ram then ox again, before letting out "Thunderclap arrow!" Winding his arm back this time, that's when he felt it. A transparent bolt of electricity, 50 cm long had formed. Getting caught up in his excitement though, the focus on the flow of chakra diminished, causing it to fizzle out before throwing it. Normally, this would have made Hiroki mad, but he couldn't help but feel elated as it still somewhat worked.

Maybe third time's the charm? Shaking off any doubt, he decided to push his pride aside for once. Come on Hiroki, don't think just do. He already knew the steps, it was time to just- ram ->ox, he pointed his hand while focusing his chakra "Thunderclap arrow!" Then boom. A transparent bolt consisting of electric energy shot forth towards the dummy which was 5 meters away. Luckily, the dummy didn't catch fire. Unluckily, the dummy had been fried, and it was now unusable. But hey, Hiroki did it!

WC: 944
Words to Jutsus: 500/500 to Thunderclap Arrow
Stat Claims: 9 total, 5 to Vigor and 4 to Chakra
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
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Traiiiiiniiiing Empty Re: Traiiiiiniiiing

Mon Oct 18, 2021 2:15 am
Approved, but you have 444 WC remaining. Please see Discord response. thank you!
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