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Stat Page : Ryu
Remove Taijutsu Remove Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 0

An Apple a Day Empty An Apple a Day

Sat Aug 07, 2021 12:40 pm
An Apple a Day:

The life of Ryuzaki had been stressful and full of late. Months ago Ryu and another genin by the name of Gin had traveled with the 11th Raikage Noboru Kaito to the land of Hoshi. The journey was long and they traveled across several other countries, but they had ridden in a coach making it more luxurious than normal. The next week was spent in the country with the chunin exams happening, once Ryu was eliminated from that competition and after an assassination attempt, he traveled on foot with the Raikage to the land of Wind where they met with Kenshin of Suna. Although by accident Ryu learned a lot about the history of the world and his current feeling of helplessness was only compounded by this knowledge.

On the journey back and in the weeks since Ryu had begun to build himself back up. A rededication to the village and to training. One such training session was currently in progress and nearing its end. Ryu was in a training field within the village and it was early morning, around 2 am. Ryu had been using his recent training sessions to acclimatize to his new bloodline abilities, including but not limited to the collection of nature chakra. 

Ryu closed his eyes and felt the essence of the chakra around him, his implanted DNA allowed him to produce some overtime as well. As the nature chakra settled within his chakra system Ryu opened up a trapdoor in his head, and out of it, power surged. His eye sockets changed color, becoming darker and blackened. At the same time spikey, black tendrils of shadow reached up and covered his body, including up the side of his face. Power surged throughout his body increasing his stamina and speed. This was the first time he had activated his pure sage mode.

Ryu trained further in the sage mode for several hours, activated and deactivated it. Once the morning sun had too and he was done with his day of training e decided he would use the increased power to prepare for the future. Ryu started to form handseals Tiger -> Dog -> Ox -> Dragon -> Boar -> Rat -> Tiger. Once the technique handseals were complete he added a few more Tiger -> Boar -> Dog and then he clapped his hands together activating an amplifier to increase the potency of the fuuinjutsu he had just performed. As his hands parted a seal the shape of a diamond with chains wrapped around it appeared on his left palm.

Ryu returned to his temporary apartment and showered and dressed in casual clothes, today he was going to visit the hospital and get a checkup, this would be the last step to confirm his official status as a chunin. Ryu made his way to the newly minted Ichigo Sato Institute of Medicine. He had not been here since his friend Ichigo had taken over, but it appeared to be going well. Ryu entered the hospital and walked up to the front desk, an elderly olive-skinned woman manned the desk. "Excuse me, I have an appointment under the name Ryuzaki," Ryu said in his friendly tone. "One moment sir" The woman replied in a rushed tone, she looked down and began to scan through a pad. Ryu looked around the room and realized it was very full, with a lot of people looking worse for wear. "The doctor is waiting for you Mr. Nara if you would go through the double doors to the left and into the exam room second on the left" Ryu nodded to the woman and exited the main room through the mentioned double doors.

Ryu knocked twice on the door he was directed too and after a few seconds, he was asked in by a rough voice. The doctor sat in a chair facing away from the door and was noting something down on a portable whiteboard. "Goodday Mr. Nara, I notice you are here for a physical. Excuse my rashness but we are very busy, I would like to dispense with the formalities and get on with it" Ryu nodded at the thought "Certainly". Ryu removed his shirt and allowed the doctor to take a few vials of blood. After that, he took a full workup of his vitals and other readings. Ryu mentioned that he had acquired some different forms of DNA and his official shinobi was updated to reflect them. Finally, Ryu was put through a barrage of exercises to test his physical output, which would be very high considering his ability. Ryu then sat in the doctor's office and waited for his results to come in. The doctor entered the room again this time with a folder "Very good Mr. Nara everything is in order and have updated your record to reflect this. Please come back if you need anything else." Ryu stood up and shook the hand of the doctor before exiting the room and then the hospital itself.

Ryu made his way back to his temporary accommodation, he picked up some supplies on the way home. When Ryu returned to his apartment he began to cook for the night. He made a meal consisting of pasta with cheesy sauce and some bread and butter on the side. Taco also had a slab of cooked beef. Ryu had a pint of beer to go along with the meal, he took his time to enjoy the meal before washing up all of the cutlery and so on afterward. Ryu then crashed for the afternoon, he slept for several hours until it was late in the evening. At that time he then got up again and prepared for his nighttime of training. Ryu was dressed for battle but was light on equipment due to the nature of his current training regime. Ryu left his home and made his way towards one of the training fields, he would use sage mode over and over again until it became second nature to him. Ryu would need this power in the fights to come.

Sage Mode +90 Vigor & Speed
Seal of Absorption + Fuuinjutsu Amp B = Power 155, Placed on left palm.

WC: 1005

Claiming 2750 Ryo (2000+250 chunin bonus+500 ap conversion), 1005 words for 1005/1125 for Wild Water Wave B, using 25% max stat discount.
Stat Page : An Apple a Day S02EsjX
Remove Medical Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 96000

An Apple a Day Empty Re: An Apple a Day

Sat Aug 07, 2021 8:44 pm
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