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Mitsu Hyuuga
Mitsu Hyuuga
Stat Page : Heeere
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 23

Bank Maintenance Mission Empty Bank Maintenance Mission

Thu Jul 22, 2021 2:58 am

The night was a lazy one. A humid haze over the island with the bank and financials, a salty sea breeze awash over it all. A wave crashes against the coastal rocks nearby taking Mitsu out of his working trance.

His eyes a bit bleary he looks around "How long had it even been..?" He wonders  but shrugging off the oddness he sets himself back. A wave of soapy water cresting over the mop bucket's rim as he puts the mop back. A shining spotless tiled floor covering the entirety of the floor. Working in a trance tended to be a bad habit he had, one of tuning out and letting the body run on auto pilot. An all too common event in his household. When theres so much yelling and involuntary fixing then it tended to be the easier way to deal with it. To just let the world take its course and be a passer by. But was a life like that really worth- BAH! "Stop it brain" he tells himself. "You're not making me introspect and zone out again" Focus. He needed focus. 

He takes a moment to calm, to breathe. Before activating his Byakugan to survey the area of the bank, veins protruding from his temples as he does so. Making sure nothing had happened to it while he was zoned out. Taking his time to peer through the walls, bank notes, to the perimeter of the bank. All entrances visible past his gaze. No broken windows, no open doors, all still locked, no footprints, No chakr- WAIT... wait no just a bird munching on leftovers outside.

The veins fade from his head with a sigh. Nothing. He shouldn't be sad there was no break in but there would have been something happening tonight. Something to take away the focus from his own thoughts atleast. But still his job was to stay and take care of the place for the night.

He absentmindedly lets his gaze wander over to the counter. Memories of earlier in the day meeting the Head of the bank, a portly looking man. His memories of all the people he saw passing through. From hurried academy students with their parents for the first time, elderly residents all alone opening wills, young and old, ninja and civilian.

Most people probably would have paid it no mind but it stuck with him for some reason. Seeing people of all walks of life together in such a common place. His family would scoff and say something of not needing to visit themselves and having retainers do it for them and manage their accounts. That they had better matters to attend to. They'd probably chastise him for doing such menial labor and serving nobodies and it gets a chuckle out of him. The laugh echoing into the empty bank. Once it fades he's left in his own silence again. He thinks there "I doesn't want to be like them. To look down on people when there were so many people to look up to." He smiles to himself, it was a small thing but Mitsu liked to think of it as the first step of many to being his own. But before that, he still had a job to do here tonight.

He finishes up around the bank, testing the locks, putting away all the equipment to their respective areas, giving the perimeter one last once over with his Byakugan, and finally locking the main entrance behind him with the keys. Marking off the Mission flyer as completed.

The rays of dawn mark his exit as another wave breaks against the island rocks.

Word Count [600]

1,000 Ryo & 5 AP

 +6 points  to Strength

500wc going to Gentle Fist: Vacuum Palm [500/500]
100wc going to Gentle Blade [100/2000]
Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Survived 2021
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Bank Maintenance Mission Empty Re: Bank Maintenance Mission

Thu Jul 22, 2021 3:06 am
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