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Nova Tsuba
Nova Tsuba
Stat Page : Stats
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 0

Doing some stuff [P] Empty Doing some stuff [P]

Tue Jul 13, 2021 4:56 pm
Nova sighed as she looked at the sheer state of her flat; books, washing, kunai, and other bladed weapons were strewn about everywhere. There was even a shuriken that had somehow got itself embedded in the far wall, and she had absolutely no idea how it had gotten there. In a brief moment of suspense, she looked under her sofa cushions and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that all her Ryo was still safely stashed there. She didn't know if the current state of her apartment was due to a break-in or just her general uncleanliness, but something needed to change. She needed somewhere to keep her Ryo safe, somewhere no one could ever get it...

Of course! Nova performed a few hand seals and sent all her Ryo into her storage dimension, and then the 3 military ration pills she had been keeping in her kitchen draws followed. They were probably slightly moldy by now since they hadn't even been refrigerated for all this time, but we don't talk about that. She then put all her slightly duller kunai in her Bands since she didn't have much of a need for them anymore. Her flat looked a bit cleaner now, but she still had some housekeeping left to do.

She dusted her hands together and looked around her now spotless flat with an appreciative look on her face. She did good work when she put her mind to it! She sat on her bed and pulled off her overcoat to look at the shoulder where she'd placed the Chakra Storage Seal. Her chakra potency had come along slightly since she'd first applied it, so she redid the hand seals and placed the fuuinjutsu seal over the old one. It was a shame she couldn't apply two at the same time have more chakra stored, but she was used to being disappointed with things in life.

Finally, Nova put a Mark Seal on both her sets of armours so she could summon them to her when she needed to. With housekeeping over, Nova laid down on her bed and had a nice afternoon nap. When she woke up, Nova realised that she was close to figuring out a new type of fuuinjutsu seal that had been troubling her for a few months! She shot up and got out of bed with a renewed sense of vigour. Nova wasn't an academic type, you see, and these breakthroughs didn't come often to her. Once again, she applied the seal to her left shoulder, the opposite shoulder that had her Chakra Storage Seal. Didn't want to give her opponents an easy time breaking them both now, did she?

WC: 425

All Ryo and 3 Military Ration Pills in Storage Dimension
5 50 health Kunais in Ninja Tool Sealing Bands
8 AP
400 words into Chakra Barrier Seal to complete it, other words trained here
Also putting a Mark Seal on Elegant Garb and Darkened Skies

45 power Chakra Storage Seal on Nova's right shoulder (60 - 30)/2 + 30 = 45
50 power Chakra Barrier Seal on Nova's left shoulder (60 - 40)/2 + 40 = 50
Stat Page : Doing some stuff [P] S02EsjX
Remove Medical Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 96000

Doing some stuff [P] Empty Re: Doing some stuff [P]

Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:28 pm
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