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Stat Page : Yomiko
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Village : Konohagakure
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Supplies Preparation [D-rank] Empty Supplies Preparation [D-rank]

Tue Jun 15, 2021 1:24 am

Finally! Something that makes me feel as though I am being recognized, trusted, or at least needed is some sort of capacity…

Yomiko was almost skipping down the street in her excitement as she made her way to the supplies building. She was asked to meet the director of the facility there so that she could go over everything with the young kunoichi for the efforts to get things ready for any new skirmishes with that of Kirigakure no Sato. Of course it was known, but not known, that the Leaf wanted to be free one day and what better way than to remain prepared, always prepared at that, for if any sort of uprising would occur it could go without a hitch. All she could think about was the possibility of what that would even look like; Konohagakure without the taxation and general rule of Kirigakure over them. 

Due to her pace, it certainly didn’t take that long at all to get to the supplies facility that was mentioned in her brief. Upon arriving, there was a middle aged woman already outside waiting for her. Smiling and nodding with a friendly demeanor, she walked up to the woman and bowed briefly out of respect, “Fujii Yomiko reporting ma’am. How can I be of assistance?”

The woman snickered a little bit, shaking her head and waving her hand as if to dismiss Yomiko, “Oh no dear, that won’t do. No need for the formalities.” Motioning with her hand for Yomiko to rise, she did just that and remained quiet as the woman opened the door and walked inside, beckoning the young girl to follow her. Once inside, the director led her along through the main part of the facility which looked like a routine and a run of the mill space to get things ready to likely ship out. To Kirigakure no Sato most likely. But that was until they went further back into the building, passed all of the workers, passed all of the normalcy to this place and into what looked like something a bit more haphazard and all over the place. 

Motioning to the operation behind her, the director held her arm out, pointing towards a table towards the back where it looked as though people were missing or where unfinished work had begun to start a pile. “That is where you will be for the day. Much of what you saw in the other room is the main operation of this facility, after all, we do have to keep up appearances, yes? Here though?,” The director would chuckle a little as she walked to the station she had pointed at with Yomiko hot on her trail. “This here is where we take all of the leftovers and make care packages, weapon satchels, amongst other things to help in any future efforts. After all, if we stay ready we won’t have to get ready.”

“ all of this going to be put in stock just in case of such an event, or…?” Yomiko started to ask the question but the director quickly cut her off and motioned around to the room as a whole, or perhaps she was gesturing at the entirety of the facility itself. 

“Not everything you do here will be put away for such an event. Some will also be given to other suppliers for regular mission supplies. After all, as I said, again, we really should keep up appearances, yes? Now, why don’t you go ahead and get started by going through everything that’s on this table and make some packs of whatever makes sense to you, okay? Wel, bye!” As if there were other pressing matters, the director quickly excused herself and left Yomiko at the table full of, seemingly random, items to go through, sort, and apparently bag up to make supply bundles with. 

Well that wasn’t exactly very helpful. I...I guess I better get started then, huh?

Looking around, Yomiko decided to just dive right in and begin to yank out some ninja tools and begin to organize them first. Kunai, shuriken, ninja wire, some smoke bombs and flash bombs here and there, packs of senbon. One type of item at a time she stacked a pile up of each before moving on to other items like rope, cantines, bedding and sleeping bags, before then moving on to food like dried foods, instant food packs, and then also food pills. Moving on, Yomiko began sorting through medical supplies. Most of it was mainly bandages, gauze, and some small vials of alcohol used for cleaning. The ointments to put on wounds were sparse but still enough to where it could sparingly go into more medical packs than not. 

Yomiko couldn’t help but wonder how all of this was being put to use. Would this be shipped to Kirigakure? Would it stay in Konohagakure? Or maybe it would join most of her comrades in Sunagakure? Her thoughts raced as she continued to sort through everything until they were all in perfect piles of each kind of item. That was the hard part really, cleaning up the mess of the one pile into the many smaller piles of each individual item. Looking around, Yomiko snatched up a bunch of small containers for the medical kits and then satchels to use to make larger supply pouches in general in order to streamline the whole thing a little easier. 

It took a few hours, but it all became so monotonous that it felt like it went by pretty quickly. Pouch after pouch of ninja tools and provisions were made excluding any medical supplies to start in order to be sure that each pouch was the same as everything else first. After that, Yomiko then split the pile into half before putting medical supply kits into one half. Once that was done, any leftover medical supply kits that she had made up went into more of the pouches until she eventually ran out. She kept both of the stacks separate while looking around for some tape or paper to be able to label each stack for the director or for whoever would be taking these where they needed to go. 

While she was looking for this, the director herself showed back up, almost taken aback by the sheer organization on display in front of her. “Well, er, it seems you have completed your task. Swimmingly at that. I assume there is a reason as to why there are two stacks though?” Motioning to both stacks, the director turned her attention to Yomiko who had now stopped her frantic search for labeling materials and stood at attention for the director. 

“The bigger pile to the right is the stack of supply kits that were able to have complete medical kits put into them. The others are strictly battle and survival kits. As I was putting together the medical kits, I tried seeing if there was a way to skimp on some kits to stretch the supplies out. Unfortunately, if I had done this, too many kits would have too little of what they needed to even be useful so I made the call to do it this way instead.”, She bowed afterwards, though only briefly as she remembered how the director had specifically said to not bother with formalities. “I can make more medical supply kits if you have more supplies coming back?”

The director chuckled and shook her head no, walking over to Yomiko and, like before, put an outstretched arm over the younger girl’s shoulders to begin to escort her out. “No, no, don’t worry about that. You have done us a great service here and have made it much easier to dole out everything as it should be. Now go report back with this being a mission success. Perhaps we’ll call on you again to help out with all of this.”

With a wink, the director sent Yomiko on her way as she quickly did just as the director suggested and went back to report her mission completed.

--WC 1350--
Rewards: D-rank mission rewards of 2100 Ryou and 10 AP. +Wandering Oasis (C rank) via 1000 WC. +13 Chakra via 1300 WC.
Stat Page : Howl's Fat Stats
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Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 500

Supplies Preparation [D-rank] Empty Re: Supplies Preparation [D-rank]

Tue Jun 15, 2021 1:41 am
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