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Ashie Uchiha
Ashie Uchiha
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Preparation {P,IO,NK} Empty Preparation {P,IO,NK}

Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:27 am
Ashie would up with her little tiger in her arms, twitching and purring with it's dreams. Ashie would smile and rub her left eye with her free hand. Looks like no one came home, or just jumped over Ashie's passed out body. Sitting up while holding the creature in her arms she would make the small tigress wake up and mewl at her in argument. "Now now, it's time to wake up silly I have to train today! Do you want to go with me?" The cub would look up at Ashie in thought leaning one ear to the side before meowing happily at her.

"Alright let's grab some breakfast before we go out huh?" She smiles the cub galloping into the kitchen before Ashie stands up and follows her slowly, making sure to grab her bowl off the table before going to the counter's before climbing onto them and once again grabbing some cans from the cabinet putting them on the counter so Ashie doesn't have to keep climbing up in order to reach the cabinets. Pulling the metal tab upwards before pulling open the can Ashie would dump the cat food into the can again. Sliding off of the counter and landing on her feet before placing the bowl on the ground letting her little companion eat her breakfast.

It's not going to take the little cub long so Ashie just settled from some milk and an apple. Taking the child sized carton out of the fridge Ashie would pop open the top, taking small sips before closing the fridge and going to the table grabbing an apple from the bowl. Setting down her drink she would rub the apple against her shirt before taking a big bite out of the side, grinning and utter a sound of content tasting it's sweetness. Ashie would keep taking large bites like her familiar out of the apple until she would be left with the apple core. Getting up she would gulp down the rest of her milk before walking to the trash bin, open the lid and toss her trash before looking over to see Auracle holding the bowl in her mouth in front of Ashie. "Why thank you! You are doing to good at retrieving!" Ashie would bend down and hold her hand out for Auracle to drop the bowl into her palm. Ashie would stand back up and put the bowl in the sink to be washed later.

"Alright lets go!" She smiles as she starts to walk towards the door, her little friend following close behind her. Once the two are outside Ashie would close the door and begin to start her jog towards the training fields, her companion could keep up with her this time! Jogging into the field Ashie would bring Auracle over to the tree with her mat tied to it and would point to the wooden post that it next to it to put items to hang on. "Why don't you sharpen your claws on this Auracle?" The cub would mewl at her before pouncing forward digging her claws into the wooden post.

Seeing her little companion happily scratch the post Ashie would get into her gentle fist stance once again letting her Masutaai activate, deciding to practice possible combos. If she can't hit a person her gentle fist is almost rendered a fail.
Ashie would wince feeling the mat's padding start to wear down, but Ashie would continue for this would help her learn that she doesn't have to hit hard, she just has to land the strikes. She can feel the confidence in her movements her strength and powers are growing stronger every day. Her training and coming to this world has paid off. Stopping at the one hundred and twenty-eighth strike Ashie would stop and look at left hand which was bandaged.

Maybe the cut had healed, Ashie would take the edge of the bandage and slowly unwrap it. Upon the last unroll her palm would be revealed to her, the cut on her palm had healed nicely, no scarring or marks. Sighing Ashie would think she would have to practice other things. Concentrating her chakra into her feet she would lift her left foot up hooking onto the air. Picking up her other foot the girl would begin to walk into the air and then run in circles before kicking off the air and releasing her chakra to do a back flip and land on the ground a couple feet away from her tiger who had just finished sharpening her claws.

Smiling she would go over to her little friend crouching down, "Are you ready for your second lesson today?" The little tiger would meow it's ears perking up to listen to Ashie. "Good! Today you will learn how to follow the scent!" The little cub would tilt it's head to the side. Ashie would lean her her sleeve to the cub, "Sniff this, and lets see if you will be able to find me!" The little cub would start to sniff Ashie's arm taking in her scent into memory. Nodding Ashie would stand up, "Good! Now you stay here until I call you and you can follow my scent!" Smiling the kit would sit upon the ground and Ashie would walk behind her and towards the tree and hold her hands in a hand sign. 'Transform!' she would think to herself as smoke would cover her and she would now look like her older brother Samuru. Her hair was a lot longer and she would wear what looked like his cloak but it was just an illusion.

"Okay Auracle come and find me!" She would stand still holding her form, the kit would turn around and look around for Ashie. Auracle would then turn her nose to the ground sniffing around for Ashie's scent. The cub would walk towards the transformed Ashie confused and then lean forward to sniff her ankles. Mewling happily Auracle would stand on her hind legs and lean on her legs with her front paws. "That's right good job Auracle!" Ashie would release the transformation and turn back into her usual self again to kneel down and pick up her companion. "You didn't let me fool you good job! Just remember next time it might be a little harder than that, you might have to search father than that."

With a happy meow from the kitten Ashie's tummy would give a loud growl of hunger causing her to blush lightly, "Woops! Looks like that apple wasn't enough! Lets go have some lunch now huh? I think we definitely deserved it!" Earning another excited meow from her little furry friend she begins to walk with Auracle in her arms. Humming softly as they walk she feels so tired and that she hasn't done a whole lot. That's how her mother trained though and another ninja in father's books had trained that same way as well. There was a powerful technique that the girl had developed when she was still a young ninja. Ashie hopes that she can unlock that power and become as strong as her brother. Auracle would pur and rub it's head into Ashie's chin to get her to cheer up. Giggling Ashie would look down as she walks home, "Thanks Auracle, I think I can do it!" Ashie wasn't as sure as her words let on though, she didn't know who she was fighting, what if it was her own brother or sister, or worse her friend? How she missed him and his bear that was kind enough to protect her and pay for her lunch! Ashie would have to visit him once the exams were over. If Ashie had any pride left after it. Reaching her home she would open the door and walk into her home with her cub in her hands purring contently.

Letting Auracle down she would run round the living room again as Ashie closed the door. Looks like Ashie would have to give her some treats too since she did such a good job showing confidence when sniffing her for a cub. A dog would've been confused. That's how Ashie felt anyway, She would walk through the living room with Auracle running circles around Ashie. Walking into the kitchen she would go for the treat draw where she puled out a couple and set them on the floor for Auracle to munch at so Ashie could make something to eat. Reaching into the fridge Ashie would see some red jello which is her favorite flavor. Pulling the bowl out of the fridge she would giggle and go back to the drawers to grab a spoon. Picking a spot at the table she would begin to dig in, her stomach was too empty to say itadakimasu! Auracle in the mean time would run back into the living room to find her pink ball and whack it around the room. Watching her Ashie would giggle and enjoy her jello as it made her feel full.

Finishing her jello Ashie would go over to the sink to set the bowl and spoon to be washed. Stretching out her arms she would think that it would be time for a nap. Walking into the living room she would see her baby tiger on the floor passed out and sleeping adorably. "Awww so cute, must've tuckered herself out." She would whisper softly walking over to bend down and pick up the still sleeping tiger. Ashie would pet her soft fur as she brought both of them up the stairs and into her room which is across from the stairs. Walking into her room she would go over to her bed setting the sleeping tigress on her covers. Yawning herself she would get out of her training things that she was in since yesterday and grab some new garments and some nightwear. Once she was finished dressing she would sit at her vanity and grab her hair brush gently running it through her tangled locks since she had neglected to do that this morning. Yawning again she would walk out of her room to go to the bathroom which was down the hall from her room, peeking into her families empty rooms she would sigh.

She really did miss her noisy siblings and her calm father, she wished mom could come and live with them as well. Walking into the bathroom and up to the sink she would grab her light blue tooth brush and the tooth paste putting a thin layer on the bristles she would run the brush under the water. Then she would begin to brush her teeth sighing softly as she zones out to the sound of the bristles running against her teeth. She missed not having any worries, perhaps she could make a trip back to Asgard with her siblings to see mother. Mother was probably really really lonely without them around. Once her teeth were done she would brush her tongue and remove the brush from her mouth leaning to spit into the sink she would rinse the brush and grab her cup and fill it up with water and bring it to her lips to sip and rinse her mouth out. Pouring out the water she would put the brush in the cup and put it back on the sink.

Rubbing her eyes she would yawn again feeling so tired from training herself so much. Walking back down the hall she would feel like everything is in slow motion around her. Reaching her room she would look at the window the sun still high in the sky, but Ashie really didn't feel like arguing with herself about sleeping. She still needed energy for her exam, so to bed she will go. Going into her her room she would climb into bed and pull her little tigress close to her as she pulls the covers up and over them she would snuggle close to her fuzzy tigress. "Goodnight Auracle." She would mumble feeling her eyes give up staying open feeling her exhaustion take over her.

{Exit via sleep and Closed Topic}
{FWC 2020 for 10 stats and 20 JP for Auracle and Ashie}

Kalsu Yuki
Kalsu Yuki
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Preparation {P,IO,NK} Empty Re: Preparation {P,IO,NK}

Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:30 am
Nope o:
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