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Trashgirl Empty Trashgirl

Fri Apr 02, 2021 5:07 am
Mission Link:

Was another beautiful day at Kumogakure village. The downpour was so heavy one would be drenched in an instant. Every drop was small yet hut like hail, falling towards the gravity. 

All the adults and children had to run straight into their homes to find warmth, even in a few local ones as well. But it didn't bother the girl, in fact it was soothing. 

Each individual drop that hit her window was another snooze button for her. Waking up she smiled, typical in the village to rain at times getting omcher ninja outfit with an umbrella and a plastic wrap she headed off to the mission area to speak with the master.

The mission area was warm, ensuring that anyone would feel right at home. The jonins were tasking the new recruits on missions despite the downpour. Walking up to a specific one. "Hello Yoriko, how'd you enjoy your first mission? He asked, smiling happily. 

Honestly. It was very hectic I didn't know if I would complete it or not. She said

"A genin must always have faith in themselves." He said, before the man cleared his throat before opening his mouth explaining her next task as a genin. 

"For your next mission I need you to take our some garbage. The village has been having a serious issue and we need someone to clean it up."

Great,more errands she said to herself as she cried on the inside. Not of sadness but displeasure, when was she gonna get to the good stuff? Like fighting rogue ninjas. 

[collr=#00008B]"You got it."[/color]

"And you'll need this." He handed her an outfit for her to wear, it was essential for the trash collecting. With a green to repel some of the smell she happily grabbed it and thanked the man. 

It was a bit weird appearance wise, but its better than getting her outfit dirtied up.

All of this trash was sickening, don't they have other people besides her to help? And why arenmt their any other genins helping here? Looks like she's the only one left it seems. Heading towards the first house she knocked oncthe door, waited a few seconds as it then opened.

"Hello there. My name's Yoriko and I'm here to pick up your trash.She would show her badge to show her legitimacy. 

Oh yes! Here ya go.

The man would have three bags worth handing them to the girl. Already the smell was atrocious. 

"And be careful of the diapers." He gave her a quick warning.

"The wha-"
The diaper would eventually slide onto her face, too which she appropriately did anything a sane person would do. The scream could be heard from across the entire village. 


The girl gagged at the smell of the trash.
She had to resist throwing up, all the food and discarded valuables would make anyone hurl immediately. But she had to remain strong...until she vomited on the ground. Like a dead body was found instead.

"Jesus christ, oh god." She looked at the small puddle of vomit on the ground. Hopefully the dogs or animals will clean it up. She had no time, the garbage was the important part of the mission. 

A bunch of garbage would spill on her, the outfit would be covered in scum and food. And a strange liquid was all over her hair, to which she pleaded with the gods above her. "Please tell me this is apple juice. Please for the love of god let it be apple juice." She would take a whiff of her clothing, the smell was definitely not apple juice.

"I'd rather deliver mail instead of this." She said, her entire body beginning to smell like garbage. Its a miracle she's even doing the mission still, one by one more and more garbage was taken and collected to be taken out in the local dumpster. 

"Disgusting. I swear I'm surprised this village ain't a dumping ground." All the garbage was eventually cleaned off the streets, people would still do it again but at least it was good enough for someone at her rank. 

The lingering smell of garbage was still on her. Maybe she'll need a long shower after this..


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Stat Page : Yoriko Status
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Clan Specialty : None
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 500

Trashgirl Empty Re: Trashgirl

Fri Apr 02, 2021 5:29 am
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