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Hachiro Sato
Hachiro Sato
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The Bender Empty The Bender

Tue Mar 30, 2021 4:04 am
Two years. 

Two years since that faithful day in that tavern, where he met that mystery Kuniochi. The woman, no the shinobi, whom peeled back the shallow world he lived in and revealed the depths that human greatness can achieve. In his pursuit of power. In pursuit of his potential! Hachiro  has abstained from worldly pleasures. No drink, no women, and certainly no greasy ramen. Living as such was a struggle for this bandit/ migrant worker turned ninja. Now, a newly graduated Genin; he was ready to submerge himself in debauchery! 

Well, at least until his next goal. Whatever that may be after the events of the next night...or nights. 'Yeah! This is probably what monks or something do. I'll certainty know what comes next...' He thought to himself. Deep within himself he has lost his direction. Sure he is a ninja now. If he could hop in a time machine and meet his past self, he could kill his said self over 3 times and eat the heart for courage or something. Was he physically stronger? A bit. What changed was strategy, the very concept of Chakra. Hand eye coordination, ease of movement, body awareness and balance. 'I could turn back now...' He thought. His mind wandered to his life as a farmer, a bandit, a builder. All of these he could master with ease now. Avoid the world opened up to him. Turn back and start a family perhaps...

Instead he stood before "Kamikaze Ramen" tag line: "Ramen so good, you'll crash-n-burn." He stepped into the garish booth. Lots of neon. A plane, which probably don't exist in this universe, crashing into a battleship, which definitely don't exist. All illustrated on stop motion lights, ending in a kaboom. "Alright! First thing's first! Need some grease!" He exclaimed to himself, perhaps too loudly for the other patrons taste.
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