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Mailwoman Empty Mailwoman

Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:26 am
Are you the new genin they sent? The mailman asked, his frame slender and face was almost child-like. Maybe he got that from his mother, who knows. 

"Yes. the girl wore her standard outfit, sure it had a few modifications due to her preferences but it was effective none the less. She was eager to know more about the predicament the mailman was in. 

"I was tasked with sending mail across the village. Problem is.." the mailman would point at his bag full of unsent deliveries. Several bags could be seen, most were either for taxes, cards, or whatever else people put these days.

Yoriko looked at the mailman and simply nodded. He was a young man but he didn't have any training so it'd be hard for him to do it on foot. "I'll do it."

"Thank you so much. Now I need you to send these to the rougher part of town."

"Why?" she asked, almost baffled at his response.

You didn't expect me to go their did ya? The mailman would smile happily, she wanted to punch him in the face but considering she wanted to become a chunin she had to control her anger.

Yoriko would sigh, holstering the bags over to her shoulders. Before leaving off with a quick dash, house through house she'd deliver the mail to the recipients. Some mail she accidentally forgot while others she lost..most scattering in the air before falling down. 

She headed to the first house and knocked on the door. 

"Hello? Yes sir, I'm here to give you your mail.
"Wonderful. I'll can finally pay those bills."
The man would smile, a new genin huh? They needed more of those, after all the rebuilding of the village does take some time. Maybe more protection would be good. 

"Here ya go si-"
Oh no! Where's the mail?![/color]She rummaged through the bag and pulled out other peoples mail. Some fell on the ground and others blew away in the wind.

"Eheheh. You'll laugh at this, apparently I don't have your mail sir." She said, the man wasn't having time for jokes as he clinched his teeth yelling at her.

How am I supposed to pay my bills without my mail! Typical Genin's always messing up the simplest of things! I'd rather have a dog than you. Goodbye"
She would slam the door right in the girls face, heading back into the house with his fmaily inside. His wife would appear and comfort his husband, while she looked at the girl with a glare.

"B-Bu"she would hear the door slam right in her face. Adjusting her mask she'd look through the window to see the man's movements he'd shut the curtains as she watched. Besides it wasn't nice to just snoop on somebody. 

A tear dropped on her face, her first mission and she's already screwing up. 
"I-I didn't know.."

"Oh god no!" She picked up each individual envelope, only for more to pop put from the bags. This was harder than she anticipated. A glim of anger stemmed from her her face, grabbing a piece of mail in utter anger. 

"Okay thats it!"

A puff of smoke would appear next to the girl, as it cleared a duplicate of herself would appear. "I want you to carry this other bag for me." She would unholster the bag over her shoulder and hand it to the clone. "Right." the clone said, the two of them would get to the local villages and give them whatever mail they needed. It was much faster than doing it alone, though she did wonder if this was technically "cheating" would take a couple of hours but they went from house to house delivering mail to the right amount of people. Double-checking and making a list of who got what, 

I did it... her breath was ragged like she was going to faint. Wonderful! The mailman happily exclaimed shaking the girls hand. "As a reward for your efforts I'll give you some ryo. You earned it" the man would rummage through the bag and hand it to the girl. She smiled.

"Thank you so much sir." she would then head off, adjusting the headband on her head. 

720 words

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Mailwoman Empty Re: Mailwoman

Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:40 am
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Mailwoman Empty Re: Mailwoman

Fri Mar 26, 2021 2:06 pm
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