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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 16800

Suimin Guard Duty Empty Suimin Guard Duty

Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:52 pm
Mission Name: Guard Duty: Initiation 
Rank: D
Type: Guard Duty
Character Requirements: -
Mission Location: Village (or neutral town if missing nin)
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Challenges: -
Repeatable? Yes
NPC? -
Reward: 1000 Ryo, 3 AP, 1 Kunai
Task: Being a guard is one of the most basic tasks that a ninja can do but it is also one of the most important. Guards are often the first line of defense against any potential bamboozlers. From time to time you’ll be assigned to many different guard duties in your ninja career. 

A local weapons shop is receiving a shipment to replenish their shelves overnight. Your task is to guard the off loaders while the product is safely transported into the shop. The task shouldn’t get violent but this is an opportunity for you to hone your skills. The shop owner will give you an added bonus of a brand new Kunai for your work. 

You may create an adversary for this mission if you wish but their stats/abilities are a non factor.

He wakes up extra early and hops in the shower he takes a nice long bath in warm water and just sits there for a while enjoying the feeling of warmth that came from his bath and wrapped his body and a soothing embrace. He often enjoyed that he lives alone because more often than not he got to have moments like this where he got to have peace, quiet, and tranquility. It was beautiful he just wished he could do it everyday. After an hour he began to clean his body and hair and he then realised he was running low on shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. “Well I’ll buy more sooner or later.” After he’s done he starts to brush his teeth making sure to get every spot in his mouth, he uses the bathroom, and gets dressed wearing the same thing he wears everyday. A simple black robe with nothing under covering his abdomen and pants. He gets the milk, and orange juice from his fridge and cereal that rested on top of his fridge. He sets it all out on the table and before he prepares his breakfast he decides to make a quick trip to the Kumo shopping mall to pick up a few things before departing to the Raikage’s Office and getting a Mission. On his way there he couldn’t help but notice the way the nice cold brisk morning air felt against his skin as he just took a nice warm shower. It felt amazing, a truly spectacular feeling that he wished he could experience more. After getting some of the supplies he would need he heads home and proceeds with his morning routine. After finishing his breakfast he grabs the rest of his things for the day and proceeds to head out but not without saying goodbye. He turns to the photo he has of his brother he keeps by the door and says “Hey I won’t be gone for a long time. I’ll be alright, I shouldn’t get hurt or go too far. So there is no need to come with me. I'll be back before you know it alright. Love you.” He heads out of his house making sure to lock his door behind him. He doesn’t have much of value but he doesn’t want to risk anything he does own getting stolen. He begins to head out to the Raikage’s Office to get a Mission for the day. Once he arrives at the Raikage’s office he takes a look at the mission board there's quite a few here wow. He sees an interesting one and while reading the name of the mission file he begins to think. This one should be nice. Guard duty is not bad. He heads to the Weapons shop to let the owner know that he will be by later that day for the guard duty. After he did that he headed to one of the training grounds to train while he waited for night to fall. He continued with his day occasionally taking breaks to rest and to eat. After night fell he headed towards the weapon shop where he was informed of when the package would arrive and what to do. He went on top of the building to patrol it from above so he could see farther. As he was patrolling for quite a while he noticed that the shipment was coming in he jumped down from the building to greet the delivery crew. As they were approaching a smoke bomb hit the ground covering the area in smoke. Suimin jumped back on top of the building coughing as the smoke had already made its way into his lungs. He activates his sharingan to see if he can pick up any movements or masses of Chakra. He checks looking around and he can’t see a thing due to all the smoke. “Damn what the hell is this?” He sees someone leaving the smoke attempting to take off with the goods. He begins to weave hand seals TIger, Horse, and then the clone seal as he creates two shadow clones he gives one the keys to the shop with the command of stay out. The other Shadow Clone along with Suimin chase after the perp. The clone takes to the rooftops as Suimin trails the perp from the ground. They follow him as best as they can trailing him as closely but the perp was fast. Suimin weaves another hand seal Ram and uses the Body FLicker technique to try and close the gap between them and it worked. He then weaves some more hand seals Snake, Horse, Ram and as his hand lit up with red electricity as he hits the perp with it. As the perp went flying from this attack the Shadow Clone jumps down from the building and uses Mist Servant. To hit the perp then they retrieved the stolen merchandise and returned he didn’t use any time to turn in the perp. He headed straight back using both him and the clone to help carry the merchandise back to the store. After putting it back the workers carried it inside the store. After delivering it he signed the papers guaranteeing they delivered it. After doing so he headed back out to see if he could catch the perp taking his second shadow clone and leaving the first to stay and watch over the store. He rushed into the streets using his sharingan to see if he could find any masses of chakra. After a while he found a mass of chakra that seemed to be in an ally. He followed it and found the guy upon seeing him he threw a punch towards him at full force and speed. The perp jumps out the way and responds with a kick that is blocked by Suimins shadow clone. Suimin forms the hand seals Boar and Rat as he uses Mist Servant to punch him. He then grabs him with his clone and brings him to the Kumo Police department and he informs them of the events that transpired and headed back to the shop.

TWC 1025
1000 WC to Rashomon
1000 WC to Strength
1000 Ryo 
3 AP 
1 Kunai

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Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 500

Suimin Guard Duty Empty Re: Suimin Guard Duty

Thu Feb 18, 2021 7:49 am
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