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Haruka Hyuuga
Haruka Hyuuga
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Enter the Gentle Fist Art(training/Solo) Empty Enter the Gentle Fist Art(training/Solo)

Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:46 am
Haruka had woken up at exactly eight in the morning, getting prepared for her training. She was told that she would be starting her training in the Gentle Fist Style - a type of Taijutsu that only the Hyuuga utilize. She had actually seen her father perform it to a small degree. Once she had quickly gotten fully dressed for training, she had walked out the door, not even addressing her parents before she had left with her instructors. Even though Haruka had never met them before, she could tell that they too were also members of the Hyuuga Clan. She had silently walked with them to the training grounds at the Water Gardens. As soon as they had reached their destination, one of the instructors had begun to speak. "Alright, today is the beginning of your Gentle Fist training. However, before we begin, show me your Byakugan," He asked her. "Yes sir," She had said, she had closed her eyes and then after a few minutes of waiting, she opened, releasing her Byakugan. Her blue eyes were now a featureless white, with the exception of her veins around her eyes now being clearly visible.

The instructor had nodded with a solemn expression on his face, clearly pleased with Haruka's progress. "Now, tell me what you see while looking at me," He had said, not changing his stance nor his expression. Haruka had not been able to her eyes off the man, already focused on what she was already seeing. It didn't look like she was amazed, however, Haruka was good at hiding her own true feelings. She believed that showing such emotion in this situation wouldn't really benefit her, so she had decided to stay with her own unpredictable self. "I see your Chakra Circulatory System ... and, there's something else," She had said, paying rather close attention to certain spots that could be found practically all over him. Haruka had then turned her head to look at the other instructors that were silently standing there, who also had the same thing. "What you saw were pressure-points, otherwise known as Tenketsu. You also may have noticed that these pressure points are also found around vital organs as well as other areas," The instructor had paused, explaining to her little by little. Honestly, she had simply wished they could get on with their training, however, such behavior was not only unbefitting of her, but it was also simply rude to act in such a way.

"They are crucial to the Gentle Fist Style, as they will be your true targets when in battle. There are many techniques pertaining to the Gentle Fist Art, however, you will be starting at the very bottom of your training by learning the first technique of the Gentle Fist Art - Eight Trigrams: Thirty-Two Palms," The instructor had said to Haruka, who had just silently given a small nod. The instructors had begun to then form a line and then had begun to perform the shadow clone jutsu, creating a total of four shadow clones of each instructor. "Today, you will face off against our Shadow Clones all at the same time. You also must defeat them by performing the thirty-two palms technique," He had stated. "In order to land blow after blow, you must figure out a way to pace yourself in order for you to successfully execute all thirty-two strikes," The instructor had said, slowly beginning to nod at the shadow clones who had now gotten into position, circling Haruka, who had calmly gone into a defensive stance. They are much faster than I am, so I will have to outsmart them another way... Perhaps, I can use this technique by splitting the strikes between the four clones, executing the thirty-two palms between all four of them, She had thought to herself. as the wind had begun to blow around them, the head instructor quickly dropped his hand and said "Begin!" As expected from Haruka, they had begun to quickly charge from their positions, however, Haruka was ready, activating the Divination Field, which had shocked the clones.

"Eight Trigrams!" Haruka said, dodging the clone's fist that had come at her in the diagonal upper left corner, using her height to her advantage, as well as utilizing her Byakugan simultaneously.

"Two Palms!" Haruka had shouted, while striking the clone she had dodged with both of her palms flat, striking one after the other in the clone's lower and upper chest area, she had then swiftly spun around, making sure that she did not stop, knowing the other three clones were still gunning for her. Once she had turned, she eyed the third clone, bobbing to the left slightly as she spun, her hair being the only thing that was grazed.

"Four Palms!" Haruka had continued, slapping the second clone's shoulders in the same way she had hit the first clone. Haruka was beginning to understand how this was supposed to work after only just starting, and presumed, now beginning her assault on the other two clones.

"Eight Palms!" Haruka had said, still eager to continue, although she was still expressionless as ever. She had slapped the two pressure points within the same area as she had done to the other two clones before. She was getting tired, however, she kept pushing herself to continue.

"Sixteen Palms!" The small female Hyuuga had said, beginning to consecutively attack the four shadow clones one after the other, delivering two strikes two each of them, while also making sure to target different pressure points at the same time. Despite being tired, Haruka was almost there, and she had kept telling herself to keep going.

"Thirty-Two Palms!" She said, now, going in for the killing blow to all four clones at once, delivering four blows to each one. As she delivered the four blows to each clone, they had all disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Haruka had panted while deactivating her Byakugan. The four Instructors had stood there, not saying a thing, and what had surprised the young Hyuuga was that they began to clap, while having proud expressions upon their faces. "Job well done, young Haruka! You have been able to perform the very first Gentle Fist style technique," The head instructor said. Haruka had nodded silently once again. Even though it didn't seem like it, the young girl was happy - happy that was able to do her clan proud. However, she knew that she would have to get stronger, as this was only the beginning of her path as a Shinobi of Hoshigakure. Haruka had then been guided back to her house, where would then begin to have free time to herself, changing out of her training clothes, into her dress that was comprised of the same exact colors, beginning to read a book of hers on her shelf, enjoying the peace and quiet.

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+5 Chakra, +5 Speed, +1 Vigor

Roy Goka
Roy Goka
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Enter the Gentle Fist Art(training/Solo) Empty Re: Enter the Gentle Fist Art(training/Solo)

Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:51 am
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