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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 44250

Surplus of E ranks (Solo) Empty Surplus of E ranks (Solo)

Sun Jan 24, 2021 6:32 pm
Kirigakure was a popular nation with a lot of residents and shinobi; it was one of the five great nations. With this increased amount of residents came a lot of E rank missions of people asking help for basic tasks, in fact too many E rank missions. So the genin was most of the time dealing with the E ranks while higher ranks would be doing higher risk ranks. Genin didn't tend to like these E rank missions because they were too easy! It felt like a waste of time as they could be doing something better like training.

Ban was one of these genins. She despised doing E rank missions. They were way too easy for a shinobi like her. Ban would rather be doing high-rank missions, risking her life for the line of duty, or training a new A rank jutsu. Alas, she was just a genin, so her respect for higher level missions was low. So now Ban was stuck doing a bunch of E ranks. Today was the busiest day with E ranks she was ever going to have. She had to complete 4 e rank missions before the end of the day. Today was going to suck. 

Clean up that Damn Sand

The first mission was going to the beach to clean up some sand along the long paths along and in the restaurants lining the beach. It had been a tide the night before, leaving a lot of sand and other things from the shore higher on the beachfront. It was a regular occurrence every month that genin would routinely do to help out their fellow citizens. It was Ban's turn now to clean up the mess made by the ocean. 

Ban was given a broom to use on the pathways and to brush off the sand back onto the beach. For the first 15 mins, it worked pretty well, although being very boring. Ban made her way up and down the pathways, swiping gently to get the sand off. However, she grew very impatient, as she still had about 2 hours' worth of sweeping to do and she still had 3 more missions to do that day. She needed to think of a way to get this done faster. Then it hit her. She would weave the hand signs for the Hydrofication technique from her clan. It felt weird to use this technique on some sand, but whatever worked to get this done faster, she would do. Her body transformed into water, soaking the pathway and collecting the sand and debris inside her water form. She would transform into a puddle and just glide along the pathways gathering the sand in her body. It worked! Everything would get taken into her like a vacuum. After reducing the time in half with this techinque, she was easily able to finish the task within the hour. She emptied herself out before returning to regular form. Some passersby that noticed her doing this applauded her quick work and creativity to complete the tasks.

The Mizukage Monument 

The next mission for Ban to complete was cleaning the Mizukage Monument. She wasn't very far from her task too, making it right after cleaning off the pathways of the beach. She was expected to make the statue spotless. Ban was actually more down for this mission than the other one. Ban had a deep respect for the previous Mizukage, Xyxer. They both had a deep love for the village, using intimidation as a fighting tactic and being kinsmen in the same clan. Ban visited the monument often, mostly on her off days. Seeing the mighty Kage always inspired her to become stronger and more and more like the Mizukage. 

Ban was given a bucket full of water and soap with a sponge. The monument was huge, so it would take climbing on the statue itself to clean the whole thing. Ban would soak the sponge in the warm bubbly water and start wiping down the base and foundation of the statue. She cleaned off all the bird poop that had gathered under the great Mizukage's image. There was also some sand from last night's tide that she easily wiped away. Next, she climbed the statue, wiping down the gleaming metal that formed the statue. She polished the statue until the sun climbed to the high sky, directly above the monument. The sunlight bounced off the now gleaming metal onto the village, shining on them with a warm sense just like the Mizukage it was inspired from. All the matter that surrounded the once filthy statue resided in the bucket, creating a dark brown color. Ban was happy with her work on the monument, not allowing a single thing out of place or uncleaned. She would sit down on the benches nearby just to admire both her work and the craftsmanship of the monument.

Assisting the Elderly

After finishing cleaning the monument, Ban would get some lunch at the seafood restaurant near the beach. It was the same place that Ban had taken her dear friend Murata. That was a bit of a strange day for the two of them. The next mission for Ban was assisting an elderly woman name Hirano Emiko during her trip to the market. Ban thought this was a strange task for a shinobi to get hired for, but apparently, she was wealthy, so commissioning an E rank mission was pocket money. They were to meet at her home, so Ban would finish her food and head to the elderly woman's home. 

Ban found herself at a very nice looking, wealthy home. She knocked on the wooden door to fetch the old woman. After a moment, a small woman opened the sliding door. "Ah, you're finally here." Ban was confused as she wasn't late. In fact, she was actually early for the pickup. The old woman seemed to be in her 80s, making her very fragile and shaky. Hira would grab her things, slip on her shoes, and lumber out the door. When Ban looked in her home for a brief moment, she didn't notice any other family members. The home was empty of many items, save for some photos and bland looking furniture. It reminded her of her own home. 

The Hozuki would hold out her arm for the old woman to grab, which she did. In a very awkward moment, Hira squeezed Ban's muscles. 

"My word, you're so buff." Ban took it as a compliment for a moment, but the old lady continued. "You'll never get yourself a husband with arms like this." Ban huffed for a moment. 

"If they're intimidated, that their own fault." 

Ban wasn't interested in men, especially simple men that would comment that her 'arms were too buff'.The woman was clearly from a different time where strong women were not common. If women were shinobi, they would mostly be supporting roles as medics. Ban could never be a medic, she was too rough with her chakra, making it powerful and sharp rather than smooth and soothing. 

Ban would slowly lead the old woman toward the market, allowing her to take her own pace. The old woman would slowly pick up her items and multiple vendors. Getting an assortment of fruits, vegetables that were not locally grown, and some fresh fish. Ban noticed that she was only picking up enough for one person. "Do you live alone?" Ban asked in her low voice. The old woman hesitated to answer. "I lost my husband a long time ago. Then my children. They were shinobi and died in the line of duty..." her voice shook as she answered the Hozuki's question. Ban's respect for the woman rose at that moment. "I'm sorry to hear that." Her voice was firm and formal. "Would you allow me to pay their respect?" Ban asked. The woman was shocked for a moment before she nodded. 

Once the woman and Ban returned from the market, the woman allowed Ban to enter the home. In the front room, there was a table with the picture of her children and husband with burning incense next to them, common practice for grieving families. Ban got on her knees and prayed to them in respect. The woman hummed ceremoniously. "You've lost loved ones too, haven't you?" Ban nodded. "You certainly are wise. Yes, my mother and father both died in the line of duty." The old woman closes her eyes in sorrow. "You've been alone, haven't you?" Ban nodded, holding her head proudly. "I took care of myself in place of my parents to honor their legacy." 

After their exchange, Ban would get up. She had completed the mission. "I hope you visit sometime." The old woman told Ban. She nodded. She respected her elder, perhaps she would be able to help her cope with the loneliness. "Us lonely women have to stick together." The old woman laughed. Ban laughed as well.


Last mission for the day. The sky was orange and pink as dusk settled in. Ban knew that by the time this last mission was over, it would be night. The daylight on the island would get shorter and shorter as the winter season made the sun want to hide more often. Ban would want the light for this last mission as it was yet another cleaning mission. This time it was at the bank The mission explained that the bank had hired some Shinobi to upkeep the maintenance of the bank. 

She arrived at the bank right as they were starting to close the bank up and lock the capital in the safe, as their security protocol called for. Ban would be given the key to the doors for her to lock up later, as that was part of the mission description. She would also be given the cleaning supplies as well as a description of everything that needed to be done. Floors would need to be swept and mopped, counter surfaces would need to be wiped down, checking the perimeter for security risks, and finally locking the doors. After giving the information, the bankers would clock out and leave Ban with their duties. Great, Ban thought, I love doing these jobs that other people SHOULD be doing.

Ban started with counter cleaning, finding it to be the easiest thing to do at the moment. She wiped so down the marble counters with the rags and soap she was given. Then she would move on to sweeping the dust and dirt that was dragged in my people making withdraws and deposits into a dustpan and throwing it outside- where it belonged. Finally, the last thing she did inside the bank was mopping the floor until it showed brightly under the lights of the bank. 

After finishing the less fun cleaning tasks, she would move on to patrolling the perimeter. She would check around the building for anything that was suspicious or security concerns. Everything looked fine and in place. The garbage that would normally be home to some scavengers looking around in the trash on the side of the building didn't seem to show anything harmful. The back entrance of the bank was for employees to enter through was locked and secure, the locks being in prime condition. Ban would quickly finish her patrol with nothing to note, locking the doors after turning off all the light is it the bank. 

After a long day of doing, what felt like pointless missions, Ban was finally done. It started with cleaning off the sidewalks of sand from the previous night's tide, then it moved onto cleaning the Mizukage monument. She then meant and helped an old widow that turned out to have more in common with Ban than originally thought, making her an unlikely friend. Finally was the bank, making that four mission in the span of one day. She went to the mission building to get her reward and then returned to her empty home to rest the right of the night off. 

WC: 2006
claiming all four missions: 
4000 ryo (plus 400 ryo for genin bonus)
20 ap 
20 stats
753 WC towards  Water Release: Great Water Arm Technique (2500/2500) ( continuing off  this)
462 WC towards Earth Shaker (1750/1750) (continuing off this)
527 WC towards Jab (1000/1000)( continuing off  this)
donate the rest lol
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Familiar : Archie the Bear
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

Surplus of E ranks (Solo) Empty Re: Surplus of E ranks (Solo)

Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:26 pm
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