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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Genjutsu Sound Adaptation V7 Empty Genjutsu Sound Adaptation V7

Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:57 am
Skill Name: Genjutsu Sound Adaptation
Appearance: -
Genjutsu is the art of using one's chakra to gain the control of another's senses. One lucky shinobi discovered this skill by infusing their chakra with their favorite instrument, they could cast Genjutsu on their opponents by simply playing a song.


The user infuses their chakra into a piece of equipment that is used to generate sound. When the sound is generated, the user’s chakra is applied to the sound, allowing it to be used as an alternative method to ensnare their targets in a Genjutsu.
This skill grants the user the ability to utilize the sound generated from special applied equipment (Ex: an instrument or a weapon that generates sound when used) as a Genjutsu trigger catalyst for one of the Genjutsu the user knows. Using this skill to trigger a Genjtusu requires a flat payment of 20 AP per use in addition to the AP required to cast said jutsu.
Range of Sound = Range of Genjutsu 

Speed of Sound is = Power of Genjutsu  

This skill may only be used to trigger Genjutsu of A-Rank and below.
The sound generated when utilizing this skill is only visible to chakra seeing dojutsu.
When utilizing this skill, the user will not be a able to utilize the Genjutu's original trigger in the same cast in the case the Sound Adaptation Trigger fails.
Targets may resist via:
-Normal Genjutsu Resistance/Breaking Rules
-Completely Deaf
-Utilizing a technique with a higher power than the Genjutsu used that specifically protects/blocks one's sense of hearing.
-Utilizing an armor with a health higher than the Genjutsu used that specifically blocks out sound entering their ear.
(Ex: Ear Muffs/Head Phones/Ear Plugs- masks/helmets do not apply unless specifically stated in their application they block out the wearers sense of hearing.)

Wordcount Training: 2,000
Character Exclusive: No
Bonus Requirements: Genjutsu Specialty, Weaponry OR Puppetry Specialty, Chakra Infusion, An Approved Equipment to Generate Sound (Ex: Crystal Singing Blade, Tayuya's Flute)
Ishimaru Shinkou
Ishimaru Shinkou
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Genjutsu Sound Adaptation V7 Empty Re: Genjutsu Sound Adaptation V7

Wed Jan 06, 2021 1:26 pm
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