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Kasumi Hyuuga
Kasumi Hyuuga
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Ninja Cat?  No, Just an Elusive Kitty (Solo) Empty Ninja Cat? No, Just an Elusive Kitty (Solo)

Sat Dec 19, 2020 6:52 am

The town was in full festival mode with musicians playing music on the streets, vendors selling festive crafts, and some sort of yummy treat sold on every street corner.  There were wreaths hung on all of the doors and candles placed in every window.  Pretty paper lanterns were hung on lampposts which illuminated the evenings.  Even though a terrible storm swept through the lands of Mist and flooded them, the village, and its surviving inhabitants, had bounced back much quicker than Kasumi could have ever imagined.  Kiri was enjoying a period of prosperity once again.

It was early in the morning when Kasumi awoke.  She was going to wander the festival streets if time permitted.  Once she got dressed and ready for her day, the young Hyuuga wished to check her mail first.  She was waiting for the day that the Lord Mizukage would be back in town as she had passed all of the testing she was sentenced to.  She was allowed to walk the streets freely and even allowed to partake on missions, however she wasn't officially a Genin of Kirigakure.  Not quite yet, at lease.  Her headband still resided on the Kage's desk.  As she checked her mailbox and sifted through the usual junk, she noticed there was a mission scroll.

So much for wanting to beat the festival crowds today.  It looks like I'm to go on a mission, instead, Kasumi thought to herself as she read through the scroll.  Wait, this mission involves a cat?  Oh dear...

It was a simple enough task – all the young Hyuuga had to do, was capture an escaped feline.  However, there was a slight problem.  For whatever reason, cats did not like Kasumi in the slightest.  They were particularly elusive creatures to begin with – but for Kasumi they were almost impossible to pet, let alone pick up.  Its not like Kasumi hated cats or anything.  Far from it.  In fact, she loved cats.  In truth, it was probably something that they could sense and unanimously wished to play hard to get.

Well at least it looks like its still on its owner's property and walled in.  Cats are great climbers, but aren't able to climb vertical retaining walls – well summoned ninja cats, maybe.  But not the common house cat, such as this one, Kasumi thought.  Well, I best get a move on.

Before Kasumi left, she grabbed her wrapped parcel and slung it over her shoulders.  Tako, her octopus puppet, was finally complete after its overhaul.  She had spent the past week using an empty workshop upgrading one of its internal mechanisms.  If she was going to snatch this troublesome cat, she'd need all the help she could get.  Once Kasumi was ready, she went to the address which directions were written in the scroll.

It was a long walk to get to the client's house.  But eventually, the young Hyuuga found herself in the ritzy part of the Mist.  Houses were sprawling three-story buildings and had retaining walls around them.  No expenses were spared and it seemed like the next house tried to outdo the one previous.  As walked up the the gate, she was greeted by one of the residence's household guards.

”State your business with Mrs. Fukizawa.  She is out shopping right now.  If you wish to see her, you'll have to arrange an appointment.  You can leave a note if you want,” the guard informed.

”Oh good morning, sir.  Actually I'm here about her missing cat.  I'm told its still on the grounds, but won't come when called,” Kasumi replied.

”Oh, good.  Someone's finally been sent by the Mission Office.  Yes, Fluffers is overdue for a veterinarian checkup.  We've tried calling him and even tried to entice him with treats, but he knows he needs to go to the vet somehow and doesn't want to be caught.”

”Understood, sir.  I'll have the cat captured before Mrs. Fukizawa returns from her shopping trip.  I'll be sure to grab your attention when I have caught him.”

The guard nodded and opened the double doors for the young kunoichi.  After she walked under the archway, Kasumi spun around and bowed before heading deeper inward.  The grounds surrounding the house was huge.  You could practically fit an entire city block inside the property.  Kasumi began looking around and tried to figure out where a cat might hide.

Geez this place is so big.  This lady must have be very well off to have just a nice dwelling, Kasumi thought.

Flanking the sidewalk was a rock garden which had a beautiful spiral design.  On the opposite side, was a giant coy pond.  The pond was completely frozen over.  The fish were still stuck in place – as if time had stopped.  They were still living, their bodies could be placed in a stasis-like state which preserved them until spring.  A light dusting of snow also covered the pond.  With a closer look, Kasumi noticed there were several paw prints that scattered across the snow.

Ah, ha!  Cat tracks.  Well, suppose they could have been left by a raccoon, but, given the circumstance, I think we've found our suspect, Kasumi thought with a grin.

The girl walked closer towards the pond but stayed on dry land.  Who knew just how deep that pond truly was?  Even though the fish were frozen in place, Kasumi did not feel like testing it.  Instead, she activated her Byakugan and proceed with caution.  Kasumi looked back to the gatehouse and found the chakra signature of the guard standing idly by.  Kasumi used his signature as a base and began scanning the inside of the house.  There were about a half dozen more signatures which looked similar to the gatekeeper.  They were scattered about over the house's three floors.  Kasumi began to walk again.  Her Hyuuga site was good, but had its limits.  If that Cat was hiding, she would find him.  All she had to do, was get within range.

As she began to walk beyond the coy pond, Kasumi found herself standing in the middle of a cherry orchard.  They'd be beautiful in full bloom, but not in December.  The trees were barren for the time being.  As Kasumi walked between the trees, she noticed a much weaker signal than before.  It was coming from up in the branches.  Kasumi raised her head to get a good look at what it was.

Is it a squirrel or is it a raccoon? Kasumi wondered while she looked skywards.

It was neither.  But it shouldn't have been a cat, either.  It was massive!  Kasumi couldn't believe that the branch it sat upon could support its weight.  There, up in a cherry tree, was Fluffers just laying about, licking its front paws.  A smug look was plastered across the fluffy cat's face.  After a moment had passed, the cat stopped and looked down – suddenly curious to what its new on-looker was doing.

”Yeah, I see you, Big Boy,” kasumi muttered under her breath.

This was it.  What how could she catch him without getting away?  He was sitting relaxed up in a tree, but for how long?  If Kasumi tried to use the Wall Climbing technique, the cat would likely jump down.  Suddenly Kasumi's lips curved upwards into a smile.  She knew what she had to do.  Kasumi set her parcel down on the ground and unwrapped it, exposing Tako for the first time since its overhaul.  As Kasumi got him ready, Fluffers was very interested in what was going on underneath him.  His pupils were heavily dilated as if suddenly he'd pounce or run away.  When Tako was free of its wrappings, Kasumi attached her Chakra Treads and began to manipulate the octopus.  She slowly maneuvered it to the opposite side of the tree.  So far so good.  The cat, while very much interested in the Hyuuga's puppet, did not yet move.  Kasumi began to make her puppet climb the trunk of the tree - ever so slowly.  The cat cocked its head to try and figure out just want Kasumi's contraption was.  From his perspective, all he could see were Tako's wooden tentacles gripping and moving up the tree. Getting closer to him!  This was not an ideal situation to be in.  He was not going to get caught today!  Fluffers turned his head back around and stood up.  He was getting ready to make a glorious escape, but Kasumi was ready.  Her brain was going over the hand seals required to do her next jutsu.  As soon as she say the cat's butt wiggle, Kasumi began to form the handseals - “Tiger”, “Ox”, “Dog”, “Rabbit”, “Snake”.  The cat had spring-boarded into the air and over the kunoichi's head.  But as the cat passed, Kasumi clapped.  A surge of wind natured chakra erupted from the girl's hands.  She made sure it wasn't going to kill the furry animal, only enough to subdue it and change its trajectory.  The cat rocketed upwards into the sky.  Poor Fluffers.  He was turned into baseball and was a high drive up into the air.  But could the kunoichi, standing in right field, make the catch?  Kasumi reached out her hands and remained as calm as possible.  She did not need to look up in the sky.  Doing so might temporarally blind her as the sun was raising.  She just needed to know the cat's chakra signature.  The cat was now falling, and falling quickly.  Gravity was pulling it down, and because he was knocked out, he was falling on his back.  If Kasumi didn't make the catch, Fluffers would need more than just a checkup.  Three meters to go, Kasumi adjusted her position.  She stood directly underneath the cat, now.  A second later the cat was in the Hyuuga's arms.  Kasumi made the catch!

”No home-run for you, Fluffers.  Not today.”

Kasumi held Fluffers in her arms as she began to walk back to the gatehouse.  Tako floated just a meter off of the ground, just as merrily as a puppet could be.  Before long, Kasumi found herself back on the side walk and was walking towards the guard.  Kasumi was right on time.  Standing with the guard stood Mrs. Fukizawa.  Kasumi closed her eyes and dropped her Hyuuga eyes as she approached the two.

”What have you done with my baby!?” Mrs Fukizawa demanded.

”Don't worry, ma'am.  Fluffers is quite alright.  He's a pretty and fluffy boy!  He may have had slight flying accident.  Luckily I was there to catch him.  If you say he doesn't like seeing the vet, I would suggest you take him as soon as you can.  He'll wake up soon enough, and when he does, I'm sure he'll as ornery as ever.  Now if you'll excuse me, I will leave him with you and be on my way.”

Kasumi handed Fluffers to Mrs. Fukizawa and bowed.  She was quite relieved that this cat encounter went without a hitch.  Perhaps her all of her training and past missions were panning out after all.  Kasumi hurried on over to the Mission Office to report that the task was complete and to receive her reward.

(TWC = 1832)
(Claiming 18 stats, Mission Rewards: 500 Ryo & +1 AP, 1832 words towards Chompy 4131/7400 new total)
Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Ninja Cat?  No, Just an Elusive Kitty (Solo) Empty Re: Ninja Cat? No, Just an Elusive Kitty (Solo)

Sat Dec 19, 2020 10:58 am
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