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Uchiha Benji
Uchiha Benji
Stat Page : Uchiha Benji
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Clan Specialty : Sharingan
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 27000

Pulling Weeds [E rank] Empty Pulling Weeds [E rank]

Thu Dec 17, 2020 2:09 pm

Konohagakure dawned on a winter sunny morning. Although it was winter, the weather did not prove it. It was pleasant, almost warm, windless, sunny weather. The village was quite busy during this period. Unfortunately due to the high taxes in Kirigakure, everyone had to work a lot in the village. So in vain it was very early, the Uchiha district was already crowded. The sounds of this noisy district filtered through the young boy's window. Although the boy never woke up to these noises. Pretty deep sleep type. If a bomb exploded next to him, he might not even wake up. So the boy slept soundly. And deep down. It was quite rare these days to be able to sleep peacefully. He had strange dreams all the time, maybe because of the stress of Christmas. The boy took good advantage of this opportunity as he slept comfortably. But then his alarm clock that he had set the night before sounded. He had a mission today. Since the people living in the village were quite busy, he was given some shinobi assignments to do the gardening work for them. More precisely, weeding. The boy slowly pressed the alarm clock and then sat up in bed. He stretched out for a long time, yawning a huge one. He sat on the edge of his bed for a few more minutes, for he was quite comatose. Then he took strength and headed for the bathroom. There he washed his face with cold water to wake him up and brushed his teeth. After he was done with this, he headed back to his room. She got dressed and then walked down to the kitchen. There was silence in their house. His father was on a mission, and his mother was shopping for lunch. And his brothers were all asleep. The boy had a look at his siblings, so he moved very quietly and was active in the house. He took out the bread, butter, and salami. He made himself a sandwich and then packed the ingredients back in place. He wrapped the sandwich in a napkin and tossed it into his bag. He then took out a bottle, lemon, sugar. He peeled the lemon and pressed the juice into the bottle, put sugar in it and then let in cold water. As the water bottle filled, he shut off the cold water and screwed on the cap. He then packed this in his bag as well. After the preparations, he even left the house and then closed the door behind him. 10 houses were assigned to Benji. All 10 houses were in the Uchiha district. Benji had already drawn the route on a sheet the night before and made 9 copies of it. He began to focus his chakra on the area of ​​his chest, then formed the hand seal of the clone and created 10 clones. There was a huge pop or smoke. As the smoke flew away, the 10 clones appeared in front of him and then they all spoke.
- What is our job boss? - asked all the 10 at the same time
- We have to help to village livers for gardening. More exactly for pulling out the weeds. I already drew the route, so you will all get one from it. - answered the boy
The boy then took out the 10 plan drawings and handed them over to the clones. He told them to divide it among themselves and start for work. As soon as they got it, all 10 set off on their business. And Benji walked up and down the houses pretty slowly, checking the work as he sipped his sandwich. After 1-2 hours, each clone gathered at the starting point and was informed by the boy that they were ready for work. The boy praised them and then recalled them. He set off for the Hokage residence and arrived there in 5 minutes. He handed over the report of the mission and headed home. He was pretty tired as he checked the workflows for hours. So as he got home, he lay in his bed. He didn't even plan on sleeping for the day.

WC: 700

Rewards from Mission:

Word Bank:

End of Topic:

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Ryouta Shinkou
Ryouta Shinkou
Stat Page : Ryouta's Log
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 71500

Pulling Weeds [E rank] Empty Re: Pulling Weeds [E rank]

Thu Dec 17, 2020 2:20 pm
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