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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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Stumbles and Grumbles Empty Stumbles and Grumbles

Sat Dec 12, 2020 8:29 pm
The Terumi sat alone at the bar, no familiar faces to talk to aside from the bartender. Moving the ice around his glass, just to hear them clink off the side before asking for another pour. Even without people he knew around the man could always find something to entertain him.

Tonight, he would get his entertainment through a game of poorly aimed drunken darts. A group seemed to be enjoying the game when the Nova stumbled toward them. Each had a drink of choice in hand, same as him. "Mind if I play a round?" Before they could refuse he would add "Round of drinks on me." No one would refuse an offer like that free drinks for a round of darts, it was too easy.

Akabayashi took the first dart in hand and spun it like a pen around his finger before whipping it like a senbon without looking into the center. "Oh, shit I'm not drunk enough yet." He would say laughing as the others took another chug. The next person to go also hit a bullseye along with the lady who followed. Turn by turn the scores were pretty even. The drunker the group became the worse their throws until finally someone tripped and threw their dart into someone's arm.

"Everybody run!" The Nova would yell to the group after receiving a foul gaze cast upon the grip by the injured. The group ran in different directions laughing about the guys face and how they ran away like teens through the streets of the village. 

For the night the party was done, but through the power of alcoholism they had become friends. The Terumi stumbled home with a warm heart for the friends he had made. He would see those people again some day, hopefully soon.
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Gogyou Bushuugi
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Stumbles and Grumbles Empty Re: Stumbles and Grumbles

Tue Dec 15, 2020 9:07 pm
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