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Blaisa Sarutobi
Blaisa Sarutobi
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A Watcher in the Wind Empty A Watcher in the Wind

Wed Dec 09, 2020 8:15 pm
A Watcher in the Wind Rsz_sa10

Walking through the streets of Konohagakure, Blaisa was on her way home back to the Sarutobi District in order to drop off some groceries that she had picked up from the southwestern Marketplace.  ‘Man...  We’ve got some good stuff for tonight!’, she began to think to herself in silence as she joyously approached her front door.  Upon opening the door more widely, the young Sarutobi began to sense that something was off.  Instilled with an immediate surge of adrenaline, Blaisa dropped her bag of groceries and rushed inside her home in order to investigate the mysterious presence.  Being greeted with nothing but a gust of wind, the Sarutobi sighed in relief before turning back around to pick up her groceries.
Closing the front door and turning back around, Blaisa became overwhelmed with a sensation of fear as she stared face to face with an unknown, shadowy individual who had been standing right in the middle of her living room.  A chill would graze down her spine as she could recognize the chakra emitting from the strange figure – almost as if she knew exactly who this person already was.  Seemingly frozen in time, Blaisa stood still with a look of shock as the individual slowly came out the shadows in order to fully reveal his identity. 
R-Ryuza-?!”, Blaisa shouted as she stared at her long-lost brother, absolutely horrified.  Dropping the bag of groceries once again as they spilled open down on the ground, tears began to stream from both eyes of the Sarutobi’s cheeks, unsure of how to emotionally cope with this unsuspected revelation.  Ryuza’s face stood still and silent, not saying a single word or making even the slightest expression of emotion.  Dropping her knees down to slam on the cold, wooden floor, Blaisa threw her hands in her face in order to wipe the tears and cover emotion.  “This isn’t real….”, she began to quietly speak, “What kind of nightmare are you putting me through!”, she finished off by screaming. 
As the young Sarutobi maiden continued her cries, they would suddenly stop as Ryuza began approaching closer to his beloved sister.  Blaisa’s hands would suddenly drop down to her sides as she began to look up into her brother’s eyes in a state of extremely vulnerable fear.  “Who…. are you?”, Blaisa would ask her brother in a frightened tone, still not completely believing what her eyes were portraying to her.  Staying silent, Ryuza began to approach her younger sister closer and closer, before placing his hand on her shoulder.
You’re not alone, Blaisa.”, he would begin to speak in a monotoned voice while still absent of all emotion.  “I’ll always be watching you.”, Ryuza continued, “I’m impressed you learned something such as the Rasengan at such a quick pace.”.  The young Sarutobi switched her emotion of fear into an emotion of being comforted as she placed her hand over Ryuza’s.  Still letting out tears of sadness, they quickly turned into those of happiness.  “Why did you leave…”, Blaisa began to ask her brother in sorrow before raising her tone to one of loud, nervous concern, “And where is Mom and Dad?!  What happened to them!!”. 
Keeping a calm, composed, emotionless face, Ryuza looked down at Blaisa with a blank expression.  Unsure of how to break the devastating news to her little sister, the grown Sarutobi male looked to the side and scoffed.  Reminiscing the times of the Kirigakure invasion while Blaisa was still in the Academy, he couldn’t help but finally show an emotion – one that displayed an immense amount of anger and hatred.  The fate of the Sarutobi siblings’ dear parents was a fate that Ryuza notoriously despised thinking about. 
Peering his eyes back to Blaisa, he formed an expression of warmth accompanied by a smile, looking down at her in order to connect with his sister without needing to say the words.  Not being able to build up the courage to tell Blaisa the truth, he began to enact in a plan that served as the whole purpose of him showing his face once again.  Forming the Seal of Confrontation, Ryuza closed his eyes for a brief moment before extending his right hand.  Wasting no more unnecessary time, he put his hand on the back of his sister’s neck, placing a seal that resembled the infamous Flying Thunder God’s teleportation technique. 
Still on her knees in a state of confusion, Blaisa paid no attention to her brothers placing of the seal as she was simply frozen in a state of deep shock.  The seal would glow in a hue of light blue before settling into her skin, completely disappearing with no trace left behind of it ever being placed.  Ryuza would then look back into his sister’s eyes before continuing his smile, only being thankful that she was safe and thriving.  “Now, I will always be with you.”, he began to say to her before raising his right hand above her head. 
I already know what you’re going to do.”, Blaisa would say in rebuttal, taking note of the raising of her brother’s left hand.  Blaisa knew that her brother was preparing to knock her out, as that was his favorite way to display his brotherly love during their time as children.  “You couldn’t answer it – could you?”, she would ask Ryuza, resting her head towards the ground.  “The fate of our parents.  Where you’ve been.”, she continued, “It must be something that I’m not ready to hear.”.  Blaisa’s words caused Ryuza to hesitate before making his next move, being overcome with a look of immense sadness.  Although his younger sister had the whole thing wrong, Ryuza knew that she was smart enough to know that there was more to the story.  “Like I said.  I’ll always be with you.”, he would mutter under his breath before striking his hand down horizontally across her neck, causing Blaisa to be rendered unconscious.
As Blaisa began to fall face down to the ground, Ryuza would kneel in order to catch her within both of his arms.  Picking up her dear sister and lifting off the ground, he would walk over to her bed in order to place her within the safe confinements of the Sarutobi District.  “I’m so proud of you – knucklehead.”, the Sarutobi brother would speak in a whisper, mimicking the final words that their mother spoke to Blaisa before defending the Academy valiantly against the Kirigakure invaders a few years ago.
Sliding open the window that would be leading out of Blaisa’s home, Ryuza once again formed the hand seal of confrontation before utilizing the Flying Thunder God Technique in order to teleport back to the top of Konoha’s Great Stone Faces.  As he completed his teleportation, he swiftly landed on the top of the Great Stone Face of the Third Hokage – Hiruzen Sarutobi.  Taking one last look back at the Sarutobi District, he let a tiny smirk out of the corner of his face before returning to his second, but now primary home - the Anbu Black Ops Headquarters. 


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Roy Goka
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A Watcher in the Wind Empty Re: A Watcher in the Wind

Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:45 pm
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