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Mon Dec 07, 2020 4:25 pm
Within the treasured jewel in the harsh desert, the young hustler makes his rounds around the newly paved yellow sidewalk. Sunagakure was the talk of the talk on many minds. No longer was it the war torn lawless pit, but a bustling society with a beckoning economy to accompany it. Proof of that was the newly installed climate dome, keeping the weather nice and cool; mother nature had no sway on the occupants lives anymore. The leader of the village did indeed deserve much praise for a accomplishment like this. This village may very well be the first modernized settlement to date, with Tengakure now in ruin. It was the land of opportunity now, no matter where one was from or what was done in the past the headlines were as clear as neon. You could become anything you want, if you work hard enough to get it. There was a lot of money to be made with the right ambition. Coming from nothing was no longer an excuse any more in these parts. He rubs the plastic Id card within the pockets of his jacket, both hand stuffed snug within them.

His attire complemented it well, somewhat. Katsuragi's attire consisted of a thin black jacket, which underneath he wore a solid white shirt. His pants were a pair of black jeans. His boots also being solid black with an emblem labeled "EU", it's made of metal stitched to the tongue of the boots. His hair, still vivid, was a solid dark purple at ear's length. His tools and such were all assorted evenly along his attire, given no hint to their whereabouts.

It took a while for Katsuragi to understand this, the first few moments within the village were a bit trying, but finally he understood what many seemed to take for granted in other settlements. His walk was heavy with confidence, and rightly so. Among his recon and networking, he managed to come up with a few decent leads to get a hold of the path towards the everlasting greatness many aspired to find. A few whispers here and there, and with a little luck, the ball eventually gets rolling on its on. Along his path, he comes across a few local hole in the wall shops. All barring their own little foreign tapestries and plaques; village pride was the strongest from transplants as opposed to the natives. New beginnings for most, and same tricks for those who knew the system, quite well. The buildings and plazas he passed looked innocent to most, but they were far from it with experienced eyes.

'Oh...hey now', he pauses to see a corner unit with peculiar set ups. "Wow, I guess Snowflake was fuckin right", he said while noticing the barred windows and reinforced gated door. The shinobi Tachi, whom he met in the spire, told Katsuragi about a certain group operating in this area. It was the badlands back then, before control was restored to these parts.  He stands 5 meters away from the closed teashop, letting the few villagers pass by. This was the spot, he knew for sure.

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Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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State of Mind  Empty Re: State of Mind

Tue Dec 22, 2020 2:13 pm
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