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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 230150

Catching a Cat Empty Catching a Cat

Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:33 pm
Mission specs:

Stat page:

Kumogakure was quiet. Lately Ichigo had noticed the streets were not so active as they used to be and less people were around which made it seem like the village had turned into a ghost town. It didn't help that some of the forces had set out on a journey, where to he didn't know. He had caught wind of an important meeting of some sorts, but that's all he knew. After all, Ichigo had his own things he needed to take care of. The Drunk, still carrying that nickname with him, walked around town in search of something that would allow him to take his mind off of things. After a couple of minute walking around endlessly, the twenty-seven year old genin figured it wouldn't hurt to drop by the mission office in case there was anything that needed to be done. 

After arriving at his destination, the man would look around to see if there was a mission that seemed appealing to him. When Ichigo thought about it, he kind of figured out there wasn't really anything he'd like to do or find interesting. At least not when it came to missions and that kind of stuff. Not that he didn't like to put in the work, more so that it was hard for him to get motivated over an irrelevant task like most missions were about. Not finding anything for his taste, he simply took the closest to him before reading what it was about. "Not really a job for shinobi, is it?" A sigh could be heard throughout the room upon having finished reading the task. "The client has requested help to find her missing cat. Great, just my cup of tea." What's even worse was the fact that it wasn't even missing but just didn't want to be found because it didn't want to go to its annual checkup, which the cat hates. "How does it even know she has to go?" Nevertheless, it was up to Ichigo to capture the cat, and return it to the client. 

On his way over, Ichigo started wondering why the client needed shinobi help for catching a cat, but as long as he was getting paid the Drunk would suck it up and try to finish the mission as soon as possible. Having arrived at the mansion, Ichigo quickly took the time to listen to the client and if there was anything out of the ordinary he should know before he'd look for the cat. After their brief talk, Ichigo set out to find the "missing" animal. He walked around in the garden, which was way too big in his opinion but if you have the money he supposed people liked having that kind of stuff. It also made sense they couldn't find the cat in a place that big, enough room for the feline to hide. 

Luckily, and unfortunately for the cat, Ichigo came prepared. If they thought he'd let himself get underestimated, boy were they wrong. Opening a can of fish he'd walk around the garden, letting the odor fill the place. "Let's see how long you can resist the smell" the Drunk thought out loud, knowing all too well the cat would show up anytime soon. He knew that mindlessly chasing it had no sense, the Drunk figured luring would be the far better option. And soon he would be proven to be right. He could hear the sound of a meowing cat in the distance. Instead of trying to capture it, he simply sat down on one of the benches nearby, waiting for the animal to be the one coming closer to him and the can of fish. It seemed like his plan came together when the cat came sitting down at his feet. Ichigo would softly pet the feline before gently picking it up as he would return it to its owner. 

It went without saying that the client was happy when she saw her cat back again. He'd simply accept his payment before filling out and delivering the report. Seems like catching a cat was more than a shinobi's job than he thought after all.


(TWC: 693)
- 600/600 Chakra Anesthetic
- 6 stats
- Mission rewards (500 + 100 ryo, 1 AP)
Stat Page : Uchiha, Zaine
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 26900

Catching a Cat Empty Re: Catching a Cat

Tue Nov 24, 2020 3:33 pm
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