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Jamie Delamore
Jamie Delamore
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The Lassie from the Big City (And a savior) Empty The Lassie from the Big City (And a savior)

Tue Aug 11, 2020 10:19 pm
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Jamie was walking through Loliet when the unthinkable happened!

Two kids ran up to her.

Her! Half this town feared her, she was certain.

She was the "lassie from the big city", and most people had caught on that she had some ninjutsu.

It absolutely did NOT help matters that she was pretty certain R and Levi were criminals of some sort.

On one hand... she was not sure how she felt about leading criminals to her homeland.

On the other hand.... fuuuuuuck those assholes, they needed to get whooped out of their chakra thrones as soon as could ever possibly be possible.

A small team could take out an incumbent power group where a single person would fail.

And one person could HOPEFULLY take out two if they proved to be impossible to deal with.

The issue would be in that third person... Jamie had not met them yet. For all she knew, they were an S rank missing nin wanted in twelve nations.

That... was a worry for another day. The more likely circumstance was they had died, anyways. Kinda been a long, ling time since they showed up anywhere apparently, so... Yes, she could be being lied to, but that was besides the point.

Actually, all of this was besides the point. So, kids. Kids ran up to her. Yeah, that's where the story left off.

Some kids had run up to her, and were talking straight gibberish. Pure fucking garbage, they were talking so fast and over each other.

In her... vein attempts to get them to calm down and talk slower, Jamie managed to catch "tim" and "well" and "fell" repeated a few times, though she had no idea what order they were supposed to be in.

Nor did she have any clue which child had actually said the words. At all.

But that was besides the point! Tim was a name, well was a place, and fell was an action. That was a full sentence! Basically. Close enough for Jamie to put together the likely story. She quickly made her way over to the well (well, quickly for a commoner, she truly disliked running very fast, it was weird, even if it was kinda easy... for her own version of "very fast").

So. Jamie was PRETTY sure people had figured out she had ninja training. But she was not TOTALLY sure about this. That made the situation more difficult because, in falling down the well, he seemed to have taken the entire pulley setup with him. There was no well covering and, down at the bottom of the well, Jamie could make out a face and some wood. She could also make out the screaming.

Jamie sighed. No rope, and the distance was pretty small. With a crack of her fingers she made two hand seals, and a blue disk flew down the well. Upon intersecting the boy, he would be practically flung to the surface, and into the air.

Jamie missed catching him.

[500 words]
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Ryalt’abi Shinkou
Ryalt’abi Shinkou
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The Lassie from the Big City (And a savior) Empty Re: The Lassie from the Big City (And a savior)

Tue Aug 11, 2020 10:45 pm
Either it was a coincidence that this small sleepy town had become busy at the same time that the mistfiteers arrived or they were way too lively to not even be a blip on the map. It almost reminded him of his home village but he hadn’t seen anyone practicing jutsu. The blue haired man paused for a second thinking to himself, maybe one day he’d go back and give the other Chosen One's purpose. It didn't make sense for them to hone their kekkei genkai just to never use it, perhaps they were waiting for one such as himself to lead them to glory. Of course for that to happen though he would need to get a hell of a lot stronger and even create jutsu of his own that best supports his build. Thinking about his clan being revered like one of the four noble clans of Konoha was actually exciting him though they were probably more deadly like the Kaguya clan of Kiri. Or the rogue clans, Tau and Jugo, He'd unknowingly met one of the former yet had no idea what the latter could do. Seconds later he was back in the real world and he could hear kids rushing toward his general area however their shouts sounded concerning rather than cheerful. They would reach Jamie first and begin rambling to her about Tim, well, and fell, the rest was a jumble. However, with just those three words practically anyone could figure out what happened and why they were so frantic.

Some little shit fell in a damn well. The Shinkou thought to himself either that or they pushed him and panicked when they couldn’t get him out. He sighed, without asking he knew that the woman would want to help them and he didn’t have anything better to do so he followed them. As they briskly walked?, it wasn’t much of a run or jog yet more than a walk, he watched the kids for signs of guilt. From the looks of it, they were replaying the accident in their minds and possibly getting their stories straight. That made it difficult to tell but that was their parents' job to determine. Nevertheless, the group arrived in good time and Jamie acted quickly by using some jutsu that blasted the boy from the bottom of the well. As impressive as that was the woman overshot her rescue and now the boy was free-falling, rapidly. It was a good thing the golden eyed god had tagged along, with a small step to the side he was in line to catch the kid. Ryal then placed the boy on his feet and greeted him with a “Sup” when their eyes met. The other two would thank Jamie and the blue haired male after running over to their friend and hugging him. While that had brought him some entertainment Ryal was now in the mood for some adult activities, no not those kind. So if they were finished here he’d go off on his own unless Jamie wanted to spar or something.

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Claiming: 20 ap; mission rewards; words to Chakra Suppression (1,154/2,000)
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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The Lassie from the Big City (And a savior) Empty Re: The Lassie from the Big City (And a savior)

Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:57 am
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