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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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The Fire within (P, Kinzoku) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Fire within (P, Kinzoku)

Thu May 14, 2020 7:37 pm
Kinzoku wrote:

Memorize Asahi's chakra signature
3121 words into Steel Release: Swarm (3121/3750)

7990 words banked will be used for the jutsu below (Here on stat page)
629 words to finish off Swarm (3750/3750)
1875 words into Soul Expulsion A rank (1875/1875)
1125 words into Rainbow Fort Seal (1125/1125)
1125 words into Paralysis Seal (1125/1125)
375 into Mastering Temp Paralysis for Half handseals (375/375)

Leaves me with 2861 banked words left.
Please mention that you are applying a WC discount 

Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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The Fire within (P, Kinzoku) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Fire within (P, Kinzoku)

Mon May 18, 2020 1:43 pm
Kinzoku: Approved on progress for steel release Swarm as Mizuki mentioned.

For the rest of the techniques, since those are coming from your characters WC bank I would like to see a claim on their stat page as well, thanks.
Asahi Meijin
Asahi Meijin
Stat Page : Link
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The Fire within (P, Kinzoku) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Fire within (P, Kinzoku)

Thu May 21, 2020 4:40 pm
The young Meijin was happy with the result and the fact he was being complimented by the former Hokage. Maybe his so called curse would turn out to be more of a medicin rather than a disease. It was true it enabled Asahi to have a natural feel when it came down to the element of fire and learning techniques of his natural affinity. Although he was stuck with only one it allowed him to master it to an extent others could only dream of. Maybe his hope of mastering his curse was not impossible after all. Still partially out of breath the scarred teenager already began to look forward to the next part of his training with Kinzoku.

Asahi placed his hands on his sides all the while listening attentively as the Jounin continued explaining, proceeding with the second technique he was about to show his student for the day. He made mention about keeping it at two to avoid getting drained completely. That would indeed be a wise thing to do given the fact performing Great Fireball Shower had already been quite taxing on his chakra and body. Regardless he decided to still give it his all for the remainder of his practice. For some reason a lot of fire jutsu have the words "great" and "fire" in their name. At least that's what Asahi thought when he heard the next technique the Nazar was going to show.

Great Fire Annihilation. The name itself already sounded intimidating. To annihilate someone, or something. Utterly destroy or obliterate. Would he be ready to do such a thing? Capable of doing so required nerves of steel and it remained to be seen if the young Meijin would be up for something like that. But for now he had to focus on the task ahead, which was trying his shot at learning Great Fire Annihilation. Kinzoku informed him of the difference with the Great Fireball Shower as the technique he was about to learn next came from the gut instead of the lungs. 

The Meijin watched the Nazar as he began forming the hand seals. He noticed how unlike the previous jutsu, this one required eight seals to perform. Forming the hand seals in slow succession to make sure Asahi got a good look at them, Kinzoku turned towards the river once more. Inhaling a massive amount of chakra into his gut he slowly began pouring it out. What followed was an impressive display of both power and speed. A giant wall of flames erupting, covering a large part of the river in front of them. The young shinobi could feel the heat coming from the flames as he was visibly impressed.

Next up it was finally Asahi's turn to give it a go. By now he had completely recovered from using the first technique so he figured he was as ready as he'd ever be. Mimicking the Jounin's movements he would imitate, repeat and even try to replicate each and every single one of the steps he took before successfully performing the jutsu. First he would begin with forming the required hand seals for the jutsu. Slowly, just like he saw the Nazar doing it. Horse, Dog, Ram, Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Tiger, Dragon. Inhaling his chakra deeply before letting it all out. It first spilled out as a deceiving stream of fire, but the moment it hit the 1 meter mark it exploded into a massive wave of flames. Asahi held it for a few moments allowing the jutsu to rage out over the river, its intensity evaporating some of the water below. Eventually the flames dissipated leaving nothing but rising steam from the river. 

Visibly out of breath the Meijin dropped to the ground, completely exhausted and trying to recover. After completing the technique Kinzoku informed Asahi it was time for him to go. The young Meijin would have loved to spend some more time talking with the former Hokage but he understood duty called. And it wasn't like he had much left in the tank after using both Great Fire Annihilation and Great Fireball Shower. "Thanks for all the help Kinzoku, I'll make sure to keep working on learning more techniques to prove I truly mastered my element. Til next time." And with that the Meijin and the Nazar said their goodbyes.


(TWC: 3188)
- 31 stats
- 1250/1250 Great Fireball Shower (taught by Kinzoku)
- 1250/1250 Great Fire Annihilation (taught by Kinzoku)
- 500/500 mastering Temporary Paralysis Technique
Nuraihyon Shinkou
Nuraihyon Shinkou
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The Fire within (P, Kinzoku) - Page 2 Empty Re: The Fire within (P, Kinzoku)

Thu May 21, 2020 8:58 pm
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