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Snjor Yuki
Snjor Yuki
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After the hunter became the hunted Empty After the hunter became the hunted

Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:24 pm
Snow and Yoi had finished off the enemy in the forest. Snow had not truly killed anyone until this day, but from now on, he would forever be a killer of man. "What did any of this mean? Did we do something that would benefit the village?" He would constantly think to himself. He liked to think that it did. He liked to think that it was a high level intruder that was coming to spy on the village. But he was sure that someone who was truly powerful would have been able to handle both Yoi and Snow himself much easier, but it was still something that Snow liked to tell himself to make himself feel better about the whole situation. 

When Snow and Yoi entered back into the village. Yoi took the body of the intruder to the Hokage's office to turn him in. Snow and Yoi both just waved at each other as they went their separate ways. Snow had thought about helping Yoi with the body when they first saw the lifeless form laying on the ground after Snow's long range attacks hit their mark after Yoi forced the enemy's body to freeze, then Yoi slit the enemy's throat. The body fell down to the floor with such velocity that it took Snow by surprise. He had very little experience with death, except for the death of his mother being experienced as it happened. 

Snow's breath began to hasten when he saw the body fall to the ground, he would remember his mother's body, with her spine being snapped directly in front of him. Her body fell to the floor and her sobs filled Snow's ears. The sound was a sound that he would never be able to forget. All he wanted to do that day was to help her, but he was unable. Him being only a child, he could do nothing but watch as his mother was brutalized to death while the man laughed, the bastard from Kiri.

Snow did his best to calm himself down while he watched the enemy's body lie on the ground, Yoi must have noticed that Snow was having a hard time, so he hurried over to the body and quickly sealed it into the scroll that he had in hand. It was a low level fuuinjutsu, simply storing something physical into a blank scroll. This wasn't the level of Fuuinjutsu that Snow was going to pursue, he wanted to go way farther than that, he wanted to learn anything and everything that he could learn to give him the edge in battle. 

Snow thought about the interesting change in his life that was the killing of the enemy. He simply did the same thing to this person, that the Kiri bastard did to his mother. Sure he didn't do it to such a brutal extent, but he still did kill someone's child, possibly even someone's lover or husband. Yoi showed that the killing of the enemy meant nothing to him, and largely it didn't either to Snow. He knew that the victim to Yoi and Snow's attack was an enemy of Konoha, but wasn't the members of Konoha the enemies of Kiri, which is ultimately why Kiri invaded, which is why his mother was killed. 

The village system, the greed of man, the lust for power and land was the reason for the violence, was the reason for the killings. What was the purpose? What was the gain? Snow questioned many things about the shinobi world, but none as much as he questioned the need for violence and killing throughout the world. There was nothing that he could do because unfortunately the world was just in that state of events, greed would always be there, lust for power would always be prevalent and there was nothing that Snow could do to stop that. 

Snow and Yoi began walking to the edge of the clearing and Snow watched as the freezing aura would go away, the effects of all of their techs would begin to fade away and the grass would return back to their original state. The puddles would thaw and would return to water. They left the clearing and they began walking back towards the village, they didn't even bother to say a single word to each other as they walked into the village. 

Snow walking into the training grounds, wanting to try and get himself one more bit of training before he went to the Kage's office the next day. He needed a slight confidence boost that would allow him a better chance to speak to the Kage with confidence in his voice and a fire in his soul. 

Snow walked into the training grounds and he pulled out a few scrolls from his backpack, he had been focusing on a new specialty that he felt was going to greatly improve his ability in battle, a field of study covering Fuuinjutsu. He had read about it in the academy and it was always something that interested him, he just hadn't looked to seriously into it, knowing that his clan had the famous Ice release that had plenty of ninjutsu created specifically for it. He had no real use of anything but Fuuinjutsu, until now. 

He opened one of his scrolls and he began reading it, this high level Fuuinjutsu involved covering the user's body with a layer of chakra that would allow him to be able to not worry about his more fragile body. It would always cover his body in the form of a seal, but should the shield be in need, then it would spread over his body and absorb the power of the technique. This was going to be something that he would desperately need when he was on the field, going against foes that could easily prove to be stronger than he was. 

Fuuinjutsu had been on his mind as of late, it was a field of study within the shinobi arts that had endless potential when applicated into battle. He had started doing some extra research into Fuuinjutsu shortly after leaving the academy, but even more so when he had seriously began considering leaving the village to go on some missions.He had been reading about this sealing technique for quite a while, but he was still unsure on just how the process worked. He had hoped that there was a Fuuinjutsu user in the village somewhere, but as far as he could find, there wasn't. He was the only one and he was just going to have to learn as he went. Luckily most of the techniques that he was looking into had plenty of literature about them within the library. 

He was mainly trying to get in this last lesson quickly because once he left the village after his meeting with the Kage, there was going to be no library for him to use, and there was going to be no safety features. He was going to be completely on his own and was going to have to fend for himself the best way that he could. He continued to read, memorizing the hand seals that were required to create the sealing technique, the sealing techniques were quite interesting. Many of the sealing techniques required hand seals, but didn't have specific hand seals, just certain amounts of them. 

Snow sat there for a few hours before finally calling it a day, he was going to have to do a lot of packing before his trip, and he was going to have to explain to his father that he was going to be leaving for a while without being able to check in with him. Snow packed up all of his scrolls and he began towards his home. When he walked through the village, he did pay a lot of attention to each and every detail that he would pass by within the village. This had been his home his entire life, his family never even dared to leave the village walls for a moment, always basking in the protection that the walls would provide. 

Snow used to be just like them, thinking that leaving the village was something that he would never do, but that wasn't how he wanted to be anymore, now it was time to move on to the next step of his life, now it was time for Snow to become his own ninja, and grow to the shinobi that he wanted to be. He passed by the academy, he did have many fond thoughts of his time within the academy, but those memories were just that. They were thoughts that occurred within the academy, memories of a time before his memories came back to him. 

He entered into the residential district, trying to think about just what he was going to tell his father that he would be gone, for any amount of time, even forever was a possibility. Snow knew that there was no guarantee that he was going to return from this excursion, he could easily be killed the moment he stepped foot out of the forests that surrounded Konoha, but he also knew there was only one way to find out. Only one way to find out if he was any good at the ways of shinobi. He handled himself fine throughout the ranks of Konoha, but he needed to advance himself even farther, far exceeding the work that he had already performed. He wanted to come back to the village one day, being the strongest shinobi that walked the Earth. He arrived home and he readied himself to tell his father what tomorrow may bring.

He entered the house and his father greeted him with a hot plate of dinner. That was one thing that Snow was going to have to deal with, the lack of homecooked hot meals waiting for him when he would enter through the doors of his home. He accepted the meal and he sat down at the table across from his father. The two Yuki's spoke for a while, Snow exaplained that he was going to go to the Kage and ask him about getting a task that would take him out of the village, actually contribute to the village. After a few concerned minutes of talking between Snow and his father, the two Yuki's came to an agreement on Snow's traveling. Snow told his father that he would visit him as often as he could and would check in as often as he could. Snow remembered something as soon as his father had said those words. 

Snow performed the Ox, Snake, Tiger, and then Ram hand seals. He then placed his finger on his father's forearm. When Snow lifted his finger from his father's forearm, a small symbol remained. "This will allow us to talk whenever you should need me, or just want to speak with me. Just know that I am going to be busy, possibly in life threatening positions, as long as you can understand that I will keep this seal on you. This way we can always be in contact with each other." Snow would pause for a moment and watch as a tear began to fall off of his father's face. Snow smiled at his father and he did his best to console him. His father was not truly sad, or angry. He was simply concerned for the well-being of his son, which Snow did understand. His father lost his mother due to violence between ninjas so he did not want to lose his last remaining family to the violence between ninjas again. 

After Snow and his father finished their conversation and said their good byes, Snow stood to his feet and his father reciprocated. Snow's father than reached out and hugged his son as tightly as he could, knowing that tomorrow could very well be the last time he would ever see his son again. Snow walked into his bedroom and he began going through his belongings to see which he was going to take. He was only going to take the absolute essentials, being able to fit everything he was going to need within his pack. He didn't want to bring any luggage on a trip that was going to be kilometers on top of kilometers on foot. After packing his pack, he cleared his bed off and laid down on his soft sheets. He knew this was going to be the last time he would sleep in his own bed, so he figured he was going to enjoy every single moment of it until he fell asleep. 

The task of falling asleep was slightly more difficult than usual, his mind not shutting off and constantly thinking about the adventures that were to come in his near future. Would he die in his first day? Would he make it to the village and be killed on site? Would he end up killing others while he was there? So many questions would run through his mind and Snow didn't know the answer to any of them. He tossed and turned for a few hours until he finally passed out in his bed. His dreams went all over the place, much like his mind when he was still awake. 

He had dreams consisting of good and bad news. Good and bad events and situations. He dreamed that he would be killed after he took his first step out of the village gates, dreamed about being mauled by some massive animal within the forests while he slept. But each of his dreams didn't cause Snow to waiver in his confidence. He knew that his death was a possibility while he roamed the borders and Volcano country itself. He still wanted to roam the world, nothing was going to keep him within the walls any longer.

Snow knew that so many of the people within the walls grew to rely on them, this was a future that got his mother killed and his father unable to do anything about it. This future was a future that Snow was headed for, and that was something he was not going to accept any longer. His team had all but faded away to non existence, he didn't have anyone within the walls of the village holding him there, except for maybe Akira. Her playful attitude, the way that she put her all into her combat. There was certainly something there that was worth Snow's attention, but she had found other people to see her. Snow just hoped that those people saw what he saw within her, goodness. 

Snow finally woke up and he looked out the window, realizing that this was going to be the last time for a while. He stood to his feet and he performed his morning routine one last time for a while, brushed his teeth at his bathroom sink, took a shower in his bathroom shower, looked at his reflection in his bathroom mirror one last time. He looked at the knife, the hellish knife that he would use to carve into his skin so many times before. He thought for a moment, ever since he started experiencing his freak outs, he hadn't been cutting. He would always cut so he could feel something, something at all. But now all he did was feel, he felt angry, sad, depressed, and so many other emotions. He didn't feel the need to cut and he figured that was at least a benefit to himself. He grabbed his knife and he threw it in the trash, figuring he no longer would need it. 

He grabbed his backpack and he whispered good bye to his father telepathically through the seal that he had placed on his arm the night before. With that, he snuck out of the house through the front door as to not wake his father, and he headed for the village gates, so very curious to see who he would run into on the way.


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Noboru Kaito
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After the hunter became the hunted Empty Re: After the hunter became the hunted

Sun Mar 22, 2020 6:20 am
Snjor Yuki wrote:+112 towards Telepathy Seal (Completed) (Previous Progress) [Max Stat discount applied]
+1875 towards Chakra Barrier Seal (Completed) [Max stat discount applied]
+61 towards Chakra Storage Seal (61/1125)

Can you explain why your previous wordallocation is +1763 towards Telepathy Seal (1763/2500) but now it's at discount? I'm confused.
Snjor Yuki
Snjor Yuki
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After the hunter became the hunted Empty Re: After the hunter became the hunted

Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:04 pm
Edited all claims and should be good now.
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