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Ikari Senju
Ikari Senju
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Stone to Water Empty Stone to Water

Wed Mar 04, 2020 9:03 am
"Train. Train. Train. Train. Train. Train. TRAIN. TRAIN. TRAIN!"

Two hands, one rock. That was all he needed. Looking at this massive boulder up and down, he was hyping himself up, as if he needed it. He placed his hands on the boulder, digging his feet into the dirt underneath him. He visualized, he visualized, and visualized again. He gripped onto the boulder, and he readied himself. The boulder was the just shorter than he was himself, and was about three times as wide as he was. He grasped the rock and rested his head against the rigid surface. He made his first attempt, he dug his heels into the ground, pushing his legs up, leaning backwards trying to get the rock off of the ground. 

His body and rock itself would shake, vibrate almost. He would let out a loud exclamation, hollering out to the sky as he could feel the stone begin to leave the sandy surface beneath it. As the stone began to leave the ground, the raging ginger felt his legs beginning to give out. He held on as long as he could, but the stone's weight was too much for him to be able to get completely into the air. The stone fell out of his grasp and onto the ground. 

Frustrated, he yelled at the stone, giving it one solid blow to its face. "Damn it!" Ikari turned around and leaned his back onto the stone he had just tried to lift. His legs were still shaking slightly, so he decided to do some jumps to get the nerves worked out. He turned back around and faced the large boulder once again. He remembered one thing that would help him accomplish his goal. He focused inward, visualizing his chakra. He rarely actually thought about his chakra for he never liked or cared to use it, only when he had to like in the academy. 

When he thought of his chakra, he wasn't entirely sure as to what he should picture. In the academy he learned that his primary chakra nature was water, so he knew at least what type of thing to visualize. He walked over to the railing that was at the end of the quarry, and took a look at the waterfall that spewed water off of the cliff. While he was in deep thought about the waterfall, a spark came into his mind and he knew what he wanted to visualize. 

He turned away from the railing and he went back to the stone that stood before him. He gripped the boulder and dug his heels into the dirt below. His eyes closed, he began visualizing his chakra becoming a gyser, and explosive surge of water coming from the ground and into the air. Much like what he was trying to do with the boulder before him. He got low, squatting down digging his heels into the ground. He felt his chakra flow into his legs, his power swelled in his mind. He took in a deep breath, and as he let it out, he grunted as he lifted the stone out of the ground. 

the stone came out of the ground slowly, at first. After only a few moments, Ikari let out a loud growl at the boulder, slinging it directly out of the ground. He held the stone over his head with pride, he had completed his goal and he also created a new goal to reach. He slammed the boulder into the ground and completed a post workout stretch. Feeling the fire burning within his legs, he kept feeling like he was missing something. While working out his body was certainly an important aspect to the shinobi’s arsenal, a ninja was also required to have mastery and full control of his chakra. 

He walked out of the quarry and he began jogging through the grassy parts of the training grounds so he could keep his body warmed up as he tried to think of a way that he would be able to start training his chakra more so than his body. His primary chakra nature transformation was water. But he wasn’t entirely sure how he would be able to actually train himself when he had no clue as to how to use it in the first place. He figured he could work on his chakra by simply visualizing his chakra performing a simple matter of coming out of his mouth in the form of a small stream of water.

He stopped in the middle of a section of the training grounds and he thought for a few moments, trying his best to have the visual in his mind. He pictured the water exiting his mouth and landing on the floor, but he felt no different. His concentration quickly turned to frustration, wondering why it wasn’t wanting to work. “What the hell!” Ikari’s chakra began to flow out of his body the more excited he would get. His chakra swirling around his body as his frustration grew more and more intense. Finally he would picture not a small stream, but a massive wave. He would imagine his chakra being trapped inside some sort of container, then allowing it to explode into the training grounds around him. 

His chakra would be exploding from his body, an inferno swallowing him entirely. Ikari let out a loud yell, feeling his chakra rage within him. The water would explode from his body, shooting the water in all directions around his body in the form of a tidal wave. The water would continue to flow, reaching twenty five meters from his location. Ikari had never felt such a power before, no matter how many stones he had lifted or how many fights he had won, this was the moment that he felt his most powerful. He was realizing just how powerful his chakra could be, far more powerful than his regular strikes. Upon the water ceasing from leaving his body he would drop down to his knee. A new training avenue had been awakened within him and he was ready.

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Stone to Water Empty Re: Stone to Water

Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:29 pm
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